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Suggestions / Re: Some thoughts about mines in FH2
« on: 27-12-2010, 13:12:53 »
In my opinion AP mines don't belong in the game.
AP mines were normally not used by regular infantry units, only by pioneers to block entire passages that were known as minefields to all friendly units. Not to block a stairway or a house entrance so a sniper sitting there is better protected (What is a s-mine doing in a sniper kit anyways?)  The selfish habit to place those mines in friendly territory to protect oneself is a real pain for any other friendly soldier who unexpected runs into them.

Unless the mod at some point would reach such a tactical level that designates pioneer units can block entire passages with a minefield and force the enemy to slowly clear it or take a alternative route, I see no  appropriate  use for them.

I'm quite surprised that the documentary "Restrepo" hasn't been mentioned here yet.
A journalist and a filmmaker followed a platoon of the 173rd Airborne Division for one year on deployment in Afghanistan's Korangal Valley.
Absolutely worth to watch.

So I learned something new again. A offensive grenade that is much easier to carry than a stickgrenade is mostly used in defensive positions. Who would have thought that.
So you suggest we should replace most of the stickgrenades on maps that feature germans being attacked in their positions?

A few questions tho. When will this new German grenade replace the stick grenade ingame? (I'm not sure how common it was)

It was never as common as the stick nade.  Up to the devs on how to use it, but it would be nice to see on some maps in scout kit or pick up kits.

Also, on the update, great work!  Great to see the cute little 250 ingame now!

Production numbers say something different. ;)

General Discussion / Re: MOTY 2010
« on: 21-12-2010, 13:12:04 »
We can still win, can't we?  :D

General Discussion / Re: The FH2 Wiki: Community Help
« on: 21-12-2010, 11:12:01 »
There has been several reviews in game magazines. Unfortunatly I don't have any or remember much about it.
Searching through the old forums I found these:

- PcGameplay (Dutch/Belgian)  july/august 2008

- Games for Windows (US)  february 2008?

- Games for Windows (US) january 2007

- PC-Format (UK) january 2004 (nr.157)

- Gamestar (Germany) april 2007 ?

- Gamestar (germany) june/july 2006?

- Pelit (Finland) spring 2004 ?

- Micromania (Spain)  n 122 - March 2005

- PC ZONE (UK) April 2005

- I'm sure there was a quite big article in PC-Action (Germany) don't remember the date and I guess even some smaller reviews of various versions of the mod.

- Aviation History Magazine (non gaming) august 2004? whats up with this?

Online references:

- Gamespy Article

- Moddb Interview

- MOTY 2009 Honorable Mention FH2

- MOTY 2008 Honorable Mention FH2

- MOTY 2007 4th Place FH2 Best Mods of 2007 Released

- MOTY 2006 2nd Place FH2 Top Unreleased Mods for 2006

- MOTY 2005 2nd Place  FH2 Top Unreleased Mod for 2005

- MOTY 2004  FH 3rd Place Best Model Textures

- Best of 2004, FH  Most Realistic Mod and Best Sound in a Mod (unfortunatly doesn't exist anymore)

Additionaly FH was featured at lest twice on TV

- Featured on Giga TV (german tv channel about computers) on May 23rd 2008

- Featured on Giga TV with two formers devs (ACES and Armin Ace) being part of the show March 1st, 2004 ?

Would be cool if anybody who still has those articles could look up the exact release dates (issues of the magazines).
Also it would be cool if we knew what the show on TV was called and when exactly it happened.

General Discussion / Re: MOTY 2010
« on: 20-12-2010, 11:12:17 »
Site down?

General Discussion / Re: FH Fan Map Pack #6 Unreleased
« on: 09-11-2010, 15:11:02 »
The link is not working for me.
Is this the version of Fall Rot that is insanly big, has superb ground textures and has been created by Sacred Lizard?

Download was finally working for me.
It is the insanly big map (55 sec from one end to the other in a BF109), that had superb ground textures for bf1942 standards 4 - 5 years ago and has been created by Sacred Lizard. Surprisingly it even is the last, most stable  version that was used to find problems with random crashes. Maybe time (and better hardware) has fixed those problems.
Would love to finally play this on a server unfortunatly you'd need many people to play a nice round on this one. Even with 64 you might feel a bit lost.

Suggestions / Re: Looks behind the sences
« on: 15-10-2010, 18:10:31 »
Overgrowth setting: Normal Scale 0  ;)

Suggestions / Re: Looks behind the sences
« on: 15-10-2010, 17:10:55 »
I'm not really working on FH anymore, but I'm still doing some stuff from time to time. I actually wanted to do something like a dev diary all the time but never really found the time to do it. I take this opportunity to show some FH2 related pictures I uploaded the last couple of months. Enjoy and remember everything is WIP.

Off-Topic / Re: Militaria
« on: 11-09-2010, 22:09:04 »
Do you?
Just kidding let's stop the OT.

Here is another pic I have lying around.
Two mittens in different camouflage patterns but most likely belonging to each other.
One in reversed splinter the other in sumpftarn. On the sumpftarn one the thumb is also made reversed splinter material.

Off-Topic / Re: Militaria
« on: 11-09-2010, 21:09:52 »
Why do you keep a male mannequin in your house?

For my purposes a male mannequin is what I need. If you want to do other stuff than show off ww2 uniforms you should of course go with something else, maybe a sheep mannequin is what would suit you best.  ;D

Off-Topic / Re: Militaria
« on: 11-09-2010, 21:09:18 »
Earlier today I stumbled over some imageshack links with pictures of some of my winter gear. Now I stumbled over this thread and thought I'd share them.

Off-Topic / Re: 1944: D-day Operation Overlord
« on: 01-09-2010, 10:09:32 »
More than 5 years ago a website popped up that promised to develop a D-Day game, It is a shame that I can't exactly depict what their announcements and especially their donation policies looked like. But to anybody sane it said something like that:

"We create a own game with 200.000 different units, 50 weapons, and 200 vehicles. Because it is so easy, while doing that we also create it as a mod for BF2 and Half Life. The game features everything you were ever dreaming of, just suggest it and consider it to be ingame. To get insight in what we do you can get a unrestricted forum account that lets you post whereer you want  and even gets you access to some special parts of the forum, you just got to pay a little money. To additionaly get a place as a betatester (when the first beta will be released) you just have to pay a little more money. You can also have the full betatester package including the final game when it is finished, you know it already it is just some more money we want from you now. You can also have the special package including limited merchandise and shit, just some more bucks. Or you can have the super duper package that even gives you access to our alphas, but this really will cost you some money."

At first I doubted that they were actually working on something because everything they showed on renders you were able to buy on Turbosquid. I considered it to be just a big scam to rip off credulous people.
Meanwhile I think they really want to create a game (if it will ever be finished we will have to see) , but I think the methods they used and probably still use (I didn't visit their site or forums since at least 2 years, so everybody interested should check it out for themselves if it still is the case) to advertise and finance the game are shady.

Off-Topic / Re: Mafia II: Guns, Booze, Demo!
« on: 28-08-2010, 01:08:27 »
Good game, but I was kinda surprised that it ended so fast. 12 hours of playtime, story over, 72% game progress. What can I do now? Collect more Playboy magazines?

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