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General Discussion / Re: FH 128 hosting
« on: 12-03-2011, 18:03:01 »
On the old server I also got kicked several times because of a md5mismatch. Never happened on other servers and I'm certainly not using any modified files. Will join the new server in a couple of minutes and see if the same thing happens again.

General Discussion / Re: FH 128 hosting
« on: 12-03-2011, 17:03:06 »
And with my little donation we hopefully make 100.

Community Polls / Re: What 5 maps would you miss the least?
« on: 25-01-2011, 23:01:01 »
Keep up the good work mappers and ignore this thread.

Don't worry. Most mappers are aware that not everything they ever did was gold.
Of course it might be a little shock for one or another to see their maps leading the list.
But most mappers can take that and can even get a clear input where they need to fix things.
Like said earlier this poll actually was made out of my personal interest. Personal interest that got created by all the other polls that have maps with very low number of votes even though I can't imagine nobody likes them.
With the "best map" poll a map that actually is not bad might end with only one vote just because nobody considers it to be one of his favorite maps but nobody would consider to not like it.
Vote for the maps that I created and of course I'll be a bit dejected, but then I will try to make them better.
On most maps there is not much to fix. Anctoville for example gets many votes because the start of the map doesn't really work out as it is now. But the mapper knows that it is not a bad map in general and needs a small fix only to make it rank high in the next best map poll.

Community Polls / What 5 maps would you miss the least?
« on: 25-01-2011, 21:01:08 »
This is the opposite to all the "Favorite Map Polls".
A easy question and I hope to get many honest answers.
Also I would like to know a little about why you have chosen your maps.
Give me a couple of headwords for each of your choice.
Don't fear to hurt anybody.

Please note that I made this poll out of personal interest only. Please don't interpret any bigger meaning to it because of me being a Developer.

General Discussion / Re: Going to Play FH2?
« on: 31-12-2010, 12:12:01 »
I'll join.

Yet those who know about it can even nowadays pretty frequently find original uniforms in that pattern for sale.
I don't have any numbers about how many were produced and used back then in WW2. But when you compare photo coverage(most of the times hard to figure out the exact pattern though) and availability today, it becomes obvious that it was used in big numbers and for this reason deserves a place in FH2.

So why the heck add something that rare? I WANNA SEE A GREAT COAT!
No even better a Fallshirmjager smock over a great coat!
I wonder if we will ever see some camo smocks in FH2

Because it is a easy reskin and not much work is needed to add it.
And rare is relative. Yes that camo pattern was rare in comparison to other patterns, but it was frequently used!

Suggestions / Re: Alma Halfa Allied bleeding
« on: 29-12-2010, 12:12:26 »
Then something is not working like it is supposed to be. From the code there shouldn't be any bleed. Maybe messed up serverfiles? I don't know.

Suggestions / Re: Alma Halfa Allied bleeding
« on: 29-12-2010, 12:12:44 »
Are you really talking about the 64 player map? Even though it has been changed by somebody and is quite different from the map I originally created, the code tells me Germans should need to capture 6 flags to start the British bleed.

It actually is not so much different from the original one, accidentally looked at the Singleplayer version. But it still is 6 flags you need to capture. Even the 32 player version shouldn't start a bleed capturing 2 flags.

Well, I finally give up on you. It has been posted by me that you should look up what reversed Splinter is, it has been posted by Ts4EVER that it had something to do with reversed Splinter and if I remember right I never ever said it was supposed to be Tan and Water. All I said is that it is not postwar BGS pattern and that somebody who knows what he is talking about should be able to see it.

And if you look at what I wrote, I wrote that according to the people I've spoken too, that render was the incorrect one, and that it HAS been fixed internally.  Knoffhoff then came in and started saying that I'm wrong.

And the reason I do sometimes talk to much, and have a bit too big of a mouth, is because when I KNOW something is wrong, I point it out.

I never said you were were wrong that the pattern is not a accurate ww2 pattern and I agree that it has be fixed. I internally was trying to get it right done for the renders but I failed.
But what I say is that the pattern on the renders is not the postwar BGS pattern. And my honest opinion is that you don't know much about what you are talking about if you claim it is. And if you really earn money with that knowledge, I'd advise the one paying you to ask to get his money back. I'm sorry if that hurts you, but it's my honest opinion. You should remember that you will never know everything and you can always learn new things. And sometimes admitting that you are wrong might make you much more likable.

Here are some photos of camo patterns of german winter jackets that I personally own and are no cheap reproductions but the original thing.

First I want to show you the most common Wehrmacht camoflage pattern:
The pattern is the Heeressplittertarnmuster 31.

Second I want to show you where the pattern on the renders is coming from:

Again the pattern is the Heeressplittertarnmuster 31.
Outstanding is that in comparison to the best know variation that is shown above the colors are switched. Green parts are brown, brown parts are green. Color shades were different depending on the manufacturer (like with all camo itmes). However, the most common color is similar to the color of the postwar BGS pattern. Collectors use to call it reversed Splittertan. Items in this pattern are rare but still they were frequently used. This was intended to go into the mod on a very limited basis (Squad leader only). But it originally showed up on the render. 

Compare the original render:

And at last I want to show you the Sumptarnmuster. Originally called Wehrmachtssumptarnmuster 43. Collectors sepreate the 43 and 44 pattern, but originally the name has never been changed (to my knowledge). This pattern with the regular Heeressplittertarnmuster was the most used on the winter uniforms. The jacket I own shows the 44 style of the pattern. I would have loved to see it on the renders, because showing the reversed Splittertarn without having Sumpftarn is just wrong.

Now to dissolve how those renders  originated here is the story:
The first render showed the SS stuff and regular and reversed  Splittertarn. I said we need Sumpftarn, the reversed Splittertarn can't go without Sumptarn.
We got a edited reversed Splittertarn that was identical to the postwar BGS pattern. I said,no way, we can't show that.
Then we got what we see on the renders now. Reversed Splittertarn with blurred edges that was supposedf to go through as the 44 Supftarn pattern. I don't think it deserved to go on the renders but couldn't say anything because I'm not online 24/7.
But for once and all the renders don't show the postwar BGS pattern.

And what are you trying to tell me with this?

Your pictures of the "war time pattern tan/water camo" are pictures of cheap reproductions that look nothing like the real "tan/water" camo. You want the uniforms to look like that? You have to be nuts.

Nice that you own a BGS tunic. Those are getting sought after lately. But when you have the privilege to own one of these, you should actually take a close look at them before you make silly comments on the forums.

Of course I can follow how you come to the conclusion that on the render you see a post war camo pattern. Pattern is similar, colors are almost the same, they are easy to mix up for somebody who doesn't know much about it.

I have a little task for you. Try to find out what the reversed Splittertarn pattern is and with a bit of imagination you might be able to figure out how a render of pants in a pattern that is a mix betwen reversed Splittertarn and Sumpftarn occured.

edit to Mudras edit:
I'm not talking about trousers. Just the pattern.


As for the post-war trousers, I have it on good authority that they are fixed internally, and that they just aren't gonna replace the renders that were in the update, as it would be too bothersome to do it for all the news sites it got posted on. :P

Post war trousers? I knew that something was going to come about this trousers that not really have a accurate ww2 pattern. I hope they will be fixed. But I'm sorry. You calling them post war trousers once again shows me that you talk loud and know little.

Here is some postwar:
The one who knows what he is talking about will clearly see the difference.

General Discussion / Re: Going to Play FH2?
« on: 28-12-2010, 03:12:10 »
3 hours late?

Off-Topic / Re: The Official Babe Thread
« on: 28-12-2010, 02:12:00 »
If this thread is not all about jerk off pinup girls there is a little contribution of me.
Meredith Metcalf:
Singer of the band Bodies of Water, incredibly nice and good looking.

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