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Nothing like hiding the Tankette up in the second floor of the BF42 vanilla building in Eastern Blitz map near a flag, so you could park yourself facing a doorway and still be in capture radius. Then you get these germans coming up and enter the doorway only to see a lean mean killing machine waiting for them.  ;D

is very fun :)

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Requirements
« on: 06-11-2009, 00:11:52 »
I have a a lenovo N 500 laptop and was wondering if i'd be able to play FH2 (so bf2 as well i guess)

It has Pentium(R) dual core CPU T4200 @ 2.00 GHz 2.00 GHz
3.00Gb Ram
I think graphic card is Mobile intel 4 series express chipset family
1292mb total memory(?!?)

I would like to know before I buy the game

neumont uni? if so yes....

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Bf2 Problem, windows 7
« on: 06-11-2009, 00:11:17 »
As far as I know, you need to install 1.41 and then 1.5. It's an incremental patch.
Have you tried deactivating that UAC for win7?

Never deactivate uac all older programs seem to stop functioning......

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Bf2 Problem, windows 7
« on: 05-11-2009, 01:11:19 »
trouble shoot with compatability to win7 and admin rights, it works fin for me after i learned for 1.5 you need 1.41 :P

hmmm.. i have almost everything down just need to establish a day and figure out how much longer i should wait for teams....

Off-Topic / Re: Forgotten Hope on Folding@Home
« on: 28-10-2009, 05:10:01 »
i shall fold over night to keep me warm :D

How long does a work unit take to complete, and more specifically 1 point of a work unit?

I depends on which work unit, how fast your computer is and few other factors.  If I remember correctly, one took me several hours, but the next one I was given estimated itself at a few days.

should my roomate and electrical bill allow my i7 shall fold for FH!

FH2 Help / Support / Re: 2.2 not installed correctly
« on: 26-10-2009, 16:10:41 »
I recently downloaded the 2.2 patch for forgotten hope 2 and went through the install process of both files, Then when I launched the FH2.exe and got to the screen just before the menu it showed the Normandy Background. But When I do get to the menu it prompts me to download 2.2, Also I only see single player maps from the previous version of FH2.

I used the torrent version of the 2.2 patch, Before installing I deleted my "mods\fh2" folder.

I'm not sure what I did wrong, but help would be much appreciated.

there are only 3 normandy maps on single player

Yeah, I think its a memory issue, the 1.5 was supposed to allow bf2.exe to use more then 2gb but it did nothing.

I used to get random crashed all the time when playing PR/ sometimes FH2 when loading maps or randomly ingame

try this

see if it helps. Since I think i have only crashed a handful of times in about 6 months.

hmmm... this looks very familar, this bastard ripped me off....

Ummm.. xp compatablility mode with admin.

2. bf2 1.5 patch(you also need 1.41)

3. Are u useing the fh2 .exe?

Why do you need to redo the entire model... Isn't it just one animation for each of the models.. ie. Brithsh, Canadian American and German - Doubt the Italians will ever need animation unless you consider AT guns

ie. a model holdng the gun in a leaned position which moves its legs when in motion? Maybe, I'm not seeing the full picture

But with that huge thing at the back that isn't absolutely neccesary (Since the one in the refs dont have it), I'm begining to believe or WANT to beleive that its tow-able...

devs? BTs? Anyone?

lalalala it is towable...not listening to you

General Discussion / Re: King Tiger
« on: 26-10-2009, 05:10:30 »
The whole reason I almost never play armor is because certain people think they are entitled to tanks and they will camp there all day if they have to. I would like to try playing the Panther or King Tiger, but if I ever tank I'm usually stuck with whatever dredges are left.

For that reason I have more respect for some of the weaker tanks in the game. It takes a lot of work to get kills with a Panzer II in a tank battle when your fighting someone who can often one shot you.

I am entiled to all the tanks, kits and planes in fh2 muhahaha!

Suggestions / Re: German Shovel
« on: 26-10-2009, 05:10:01 »
Axes for the win!

Suggestions / Re: Napalm
« on: 26-10-2009, 05:10:13 »
Napalm 4 the win!

Sweet towable aa????

Community Polls / Re: supression effect
« on: 22-10-2009, 17:10:37 »
I believe that 2.0 suppression was almost perfect. It added a lot more immersion. 2.0 was a wee bit extreme but now i never notice any suppression. Also i agree with donutz

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