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Modding / Re: What have you modded recently?
« on: 24-09-2014, 02:09:03 »
wat is dis.

No offence intended.

Suggestions / Re: Map suggestions
« on: 24-09-2014, 02:09:51 »
I like the Omaha map... From the german perspective.  :D

Omnomnom, run before my machingun.

Suggestions / Re: Map suggestions
« on: 22-09-2014, 22:09:20 »
Ill tell you now the friendly way before the horde reaches the frontline.

No. That map will never be in FH2 unless as a custommap.

Why? Because it is not to the FH2 standard -at all- and there is allready a map made from a realistic and historical standpoint. Wich the fh1 map, is not.

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 19-09-2014, 12:09:47 »
16000, yes.

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 19-09-2014, 00:09:50 »
I keep getting a CTD without error at 14 %, checked mapdata, replaced with known working version no change.

resaved overgrowth in editor, no change. Replaced with known working, no change.

Checked gameplayobjects, replaced. No change.

out of ideas here..

Maybe presume it jumps to 15% and try failchecking at this % ?

Off-Topic / Re: Militaria
« on: 18-09-2014, 21:09:42 »
The rebirth of a Lafette. (yugo)

Got a lafette a few days ago, in bit of a.. not to good condition, though this is about to change! Everything works on it. Atleast after i went over the parts.

Theme will be early war grey & brown. We got an original in our group that have this theme under the green repaint.

Modding / Re: Hungarian Front 2 (still alive)
« on: 17-09-2014, 15:09:28 »
I fail to spot something new though, IIRC all of that is posted earlier, maybe the handgrenade and smg is new though

Off-Topic / Re: Airsoft
« on: 16-09-2014, 22:09:25 »
My good 'ol Viva Arms MG34!

Cant wait to get my beauty tried out with the newly arrived AA sight this weekend, we allso got the AA tripod, though not at my location.

The lafette is an postwar one and i am currently stripping it for paint and fixing it.

Modding / Re: What have you modded recently?
« on: 16-09-2014, 02:09:11 »
Very nice!

Make some german styled houses, townbuildings, villagebuildings, etc for the invasion of germany!  ;D

Modding / Re: [Files] Forgotten Hope 2 Mapping Files
« on: 16-09-2014, 01:09:58 »
You can also make your own predefined object spawners. Go into your editor folder then mods/FH2/Leveleditor and open the ObjectSpawnerDef file. There you can add any kit combination in the limits of the mod.

Pretty useful aswell. You see, different people, different workflows. See what fits you best.  ;)

Found an old ObjectSpawnerDef from 2.2 i belive on one of my hdd, now i know this worked before as it was when i made eppeldorf among other maps, though now the editor does not seem to load in any kits, i get them in the list and everything seems fine, but no models show up, it is more like the editor does not load the model files. Anyway, all folders are correctly unzipped and havnt had this issue before.

Modding / Re: [Files] Forgotten Hope 2 Mapping Files
« on: 15-09-2014, 22:09:48 »
Any objectspawner links that are not broken? I would so like to place some kits :)

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 15-09-2014, 21:09:40 »
Yeah, ill look for it :)

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 15-09-2014, 20:09:10 »
Not m3 tank, White scout car.

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 15-09-2014, 19:09:31 »
You are using two different versions somehow, look at the teams on your pictures. British and Canadian? v2 doesnt contain canadians, nor the "cabin" flag. Thus some of your bugs are not there anymore :)

As flippy said, that was to my understanding aswell about the sherman. the M3 was used slightly on the westfront, allso by british forces. Now i cant help that there isnt an westfront texture for it :)

Minimap fixed.

ABC fixed.

Metal fence at bunker fixed.

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 15-09-2014, 18:09:51 »
version 2.0 is out, in this version those who want to take their time and go bug questing, i would be more than thankfull. :)

Things i want opinions on, capture times, capture value (bleed) if possible, balance of gameplay content, general bugs and issues with aestetics

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