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Off-Topic / Re: Reenacting Thread
« on: 30-01-2015, 16:01:35 »
Some people expressed their interest, here are my two vehicles for re-enactment. Recently joined a group in sweden outside of Göteborg. The VW is still under construction. (Yeah i know the side windows are way to big. no big deal.)

I am allso kubelwagen driver in sweden.

Off-Topic / Re: Reenacting Thread
« on: 24-01-2015, 19:01:12 »
I have become a kubeldriver these days, getting the manual and so on to read up on it so this will be great fun!

Now, no one wants to dirty up our dear uniforms in grease and oil, what alternatives have i got for a german mechanic impression? now, this is just for the impressions sake and for me not to wear modern clothing, just because i dont want to.

I am having a hard time finding pictures of a german workshop in the field, i assume they used jumpsuits of some kind like the luftwaffe at these workshops? be it factory or in the field, or is my assumption completly off the scale?

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 12-01-2015, 01:01:12 »
Indeed, the real deal.

Dont mind the chrome, its grey now.

Allso there is no split window in the rear yet. Buying a cutout in a few days from an original Split bug.

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 12-01-2015, 00:01:20 »
Sorry for late reply.

My VW bug takes up most of time these days i am afraid.. Making a Type 82E replica, like the one ingame without the sunroof and dak scheme :)

Off-Topic / Re: The Great Firearms-Thread
« on: 04-01-2015, 01:01:34 »
Correct, They could get the scopes in the field (ZF4 or ZF41) but it is doubdfull they could get the scope mounts for the weapon.

According to army tests the MP 43 was good for sniping upto 600m, but according to airforce tests that was only 300 meters and thus optics where deemed not necessary. (please note that the army made this series of weapons, but the airforce tested them also to see if it was better then the FG42, it was not so they did not adopt it at that time)

Snoox, is it funny that you point out one of the positive points according to official airforce tests as a negative one. I will quote a book for this one.


Turned out to be a funny discussion anyway.

Now if you reread what i wrote, it says nothing about support, singleshot or auto.
What it Does say, that its dreadfull.

I and many more have a hard time getting a good sight picture, you dont get good cover while proning, its uncomfortable. It truly is what it is, an assault rifle. Not really designed for proning.

And how many times havnt such tests said this and that, and the users in the field dont agree even the bit?

Now i am not saying "everybody hates that long mag", but such a statement is user based and cannot be argumented against with some test notes :)

Either the users of the short mag didnt like the longer ones, or they made them shorter for practical reasons. Who knows?

@snoox: The tiger I replica at the fury premiere?


@Siben, there are enough evidence of field made ones, and obviously it makes quite allot of sence. Ever tried laying down with a stg and 30round mag? its dreadfull.

No face this time, but its me. And thats a Tiger I replica. In the middle of Oslo.
(No shit, its not a panzer uniform but the panzer guy was on brake and i was the only one with a mütze besides him)

Not sure what to say, i like rebuilding old stuff. This is a 1959 vw bug.

Still trying to figure out what pouches where used with the shortened stg mags (obviously field made is my guess), yes they were real and No i am not going to discuss it.

Off-Topic / Re: Airsoft
« on: 20-12-2014, 16:12:36 »
The lafette is getting somewhere!

Boy these things are annoying to pull apart.

Off-Topic / Re: Airsoft
« on: 10-12-2014, 19:12:09 »
most airsoft alloys will react to cold bluing chemicals, giving it a... sort of... in a way.. "blued" look that will fade with time and get ugly.

The alloy used on the viva does not react on cold bluing chemicals at all, i have no idea what alloy/metal/alu the thing is made of.. i guess my hunt for some rifle paint continues!

Off-Topic / Re: Airsoft
« on: 08-12-2014, 18:12:28 »
My mg34 needs a refurbish in a way like this, but not matt. Anyone know any good riflepaint etc i can use to get a nice black metal finish? the alu used on the Viva mg34 is really crap looking with the green tint on the bluing or whatever they used.

Modding / Re: Hungarian Front 2 (still alive)
« on: 24-11-2014, 23:11:00 »
I have allways had a thing for those Horches! Nice nice nice! Donate it! Now!

Off-Topic / Re: Airsoft
« on: 21-11-2014, 15:11:21 »
Proper in what sense? I am not familiar enough with the Garand to pick out smaller details that may be wrong

^ this (is not how you load the M1).. en bloc or bust!

Neither do anyone have a proper 98k, Nagant, Springfield and so on and so on. they are all loaded this way. with the exception of those few models using shells, though again these are Not usable in a skirmish or anything better than hanging on a wall.

Remember this is an airsoft, and it is a proper Garand for airsoft.
You can bet the producers have tried making it load like a garand and obviously that isnt possible yet because no one knows how, or its just to complicated and idiotic to do.

Suggestions / Re: Are infantry machine guns useless?
« on: 12-10-2014, 17:10:17 »
Hell i can put 10 rounds at a target 400 m away with an M4.

Everyone can hit a target 400m away with an M4 platform weapon.... Try hitting a head sized target that is to some extent "camouflaged", or hell. just a head without anything with an 7.92mm weapon. Now i dont belive you will.

Now at the same range, a human sized target, most likely moving. Now i really dont belive you will. So all in all its a bad argument you served us.

Btw, it is sort of hard to even get your sight corrected at a human sized target at this range aswell.

Off-Topic / Re: Which kind of music are you listening to?
« on: 10-10-2014, 11:10:55 »
Good swedish thrash/industrial, a bit of a special voice this guy has but it is all in all quite badass!

This whole Pansargryning album is quite good.

Off-Topic / Re: Airsoft
« on: 08-10-2014, 11:10:49 »
I'm still waiting for you to post photos of a brand new Matrix Mg-42 Sn00x. I know you'll end up picking one up  ;D

Allready got one, though its at my friends place since we bought it co-op! (He's my wingman in the sidecar of my motorcycle)

We allso got an original mg53 with shoei internals, that thing is a beast.
Some of the other lads got an RS brengun rebuildt to AS.

Latest project is an actual M2A1 howitzer from 1942. It belongs to the salut group i am in within the army, though negotiations have begun to see if i can borrow one for our re-enacts/airsofts. Ofcourse building a 40mm system that can be installed and removed at will on the howitzer.

Ofcourse we got an 1944 GMC truck Airborn model to tow it! Fun fact; for those we dont know what the airborn gmc version is, it can ble split in half and dropped in parachutes and assembled on the ground again.

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