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Which are your maps?
I'm polishing up Operation Dynamo the Dunkirk map as we speak.  Maybe I can do another for an upcoming event.
A good Dunkirk map would be great & with the new movie out, it's a great time for it.

Snoox, where the hell did u go? The Devs could definitely use your help now more than ever. Its looking like another 2 years before we will see anymore official maps from the current understaffed line up.


Sorry but my way of doing things just don't cooperate :/ Allso RL have been eating at me for the last few years. Not much left of the gamer or modder inside me anymore. I do miss the modding and not to mention playing this mod, but i just cant find the motivation for it.

So after all these years, this grumpy Norwegian is still alive. Less grumpy, but alive!

I have gotten a few requests over the years about my maps, and i am so sorry they never really got to see the light of day as they should have.

Anyway, this post is to make it clear that all my maps/content are free to use for whatever anyone wants to do with it. No need to ask for any permissions. :)

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 02-08-2017, 00:08:39 »
Sorry, but its dead. I sadly struggle with finding the motivation for mapping anymore..


Well, atleast my roads and flags are still the same :p more or less (y)
This is for the better.

Oh how we had fun

Off-Topic / Re: Colourising History
« on: 05-03-2015, 14:03:20 »
I have done some work on it, and I will send it to you when it is done but it's not an image which interests me greatly so It is harder to work on it for prolonged periods of time, also i'm not going to remove the water marks - they were put there for a reason.

Weee  ;D

Nah they wernt allways, obviously mr NAC dont own nor take this pitcture from the 1930's, the watermark is just as legit as the watersmarks on pictures from ww2. its just really annoying and screwing it up :p But hey, youre the boss man (y)

Off-Topic / Re: Colourising History
« on: 04-03-2015, 00:03:09 »
where is my motorcycle picture :(

General Discussion / Re: Are we getting French Army?
« on: 01-03-2015, 15:03:47 »
creating an army: 3 month
creating a map: 1years 1/2

Well depends, Dukla Pass took slightly under 5 months from start to showable in News update.

Or a week if yer a editor junkie.

Off-Topic / Re: Colourising History
« on: 24-02-2015, 22:02:45 »
No idea to be honest, for some reason i suspect the charriot in the front has some gold and red on it. Only the imagination sets limits here!  :D

Off-Topic / Re: Colourising History
« on: 24-02-2015, 17:02:27 »
How do you even..? I dont even.. I like this.

But could you color this?!  :D And possibly remove those filthy watermarkings in the corners.

Off-Topic / Re: Militaria
« on: 19-02-2015, 02:02:23 »
Badass AN/PRC-77, gonna be awesome to use this to communicate with the other cars on our Germany/Netherlands trip this summer!

Uses 14v batteries (wich i got tonns of), though its gonna be hooked up the 12v output wich works just fine on these radios.

Not sure how i want to do the antenne yet, inside or outside.. decisions..

For some reason, the german camo on that Somua really reminds me of something Rad would have made.. a real tribute to this mod.

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 05-02-2015, 09:02:42 »
The water bit as absolutly something that needs change yes, on the other hand i rather Suck at editing the water.

Changed the light settings a bit on the other hand though, made it a tad brighter and colder look to gain the feeling of a cold wet forest and combine better with the skybox, yet good looking. Atleast thats my opinion. Ill see if i can post some pics later on today, its workshop time today..
Gotta fix the ignition timing on a VW type 3 fastback, really hate thos engines considering the distributor has to be placed allmost 180 degrees wrong because of the cooling system, cramp space and wierd wiring.

Modding / Re: Map. (teaser)
« on: 04-02-2015, 23:02:08 »
I actually worked on it for several hours today, its starting to get to the point of the "iron curtain", the point where a mapper gotta sink into himself to figure out what to do how, the point where he looks over everything and thinks "this and that doesnt really look that good, it needs changing". yeah the boring period.

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