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Suggestions / Dragons theeth
« on: 03-05-2014, 13:05:59 »
Dragons theeth on Westwall defensive maps - they where a important part of the defense

on the Picture you can see a  Bunker that Looks like an normal house but behind the fake door is a at gun hidden (5 cm maybe) it was part of the Westwall devensive in 1940 and was reactivated in late 1944

maybe you can use this Information to create a new defensive Position (maybe with a movable door for surprise attacks)

the foxholes and small wooden bunkers are good defensive  positions in my eyes so their potental could be very usefull in normandy maps btwees the hedges of the bocage where tanks can find them and the infyntry have ti fight their way thru

and we all know the meaning of the Gi's in normandy when they said that every field was under fire of enemy weapons - but in fh2 they all are just small field to easily run over

they would be good for small defensive positions (maybe infront of germeter at the hurtgenwald map or near the at gun at the railroad on Good wood)
and if you attach some smal bushes you could be also create a Position that can not so easily spottet by other weapons

Suggestions / moved to feedback
« on: 02-05-2014, 12:05:50 »
can be deleted

Suggestions / equipment switch in class menu
« on: 02-05-2014, 12:05:33 »
i want to suggest that the normal infantrymen could Switch his Equipment  like the commander/squadleader can do just even for the Equipment

Engineer: AT Mines or AP mines
(remove the ap mines from the spotter - the laying of mines should be the work of the engieer class like in real)

Grenades or Rifle grenades

At gunner (example for the germans)
hafhohlladung or Panzerfaust

just examples but maybe you could think about such a System
it would be make each sqaud more suitabel for each mission

Suggestions / new Totalize map
« on: 02-05-2014, 12:05:14 »
i noticed that the Totalize map is not a "selfmade" map for fh2 ist more a convertion of a bf2 map
so i would to suggest a new one
where the tank warfare would be better suitable

i attached some Pictures how i could be look like

Suggestions / new tank view position
« on: 02-05-2014, 11:05:09 »
i noticed that the Position of the "outdoor camera" could be better positioned in my view

for example
the tiger camera is alway positioned right in the middle of the turret - this coukld be moved to the commanders position to the left

btw the panther camer is at a good Position but its on the wrong side - i should be on the left also
and maybe the camera could be positzioned more near the Roof - to to degrease the sights of the Crew and make them more vulnurable to infantry near the tank


the 3rd Position in a tank is on the commanders cupola with the ability to spot vehicles to Support the gunner - but not for artillery! - could be a littlebit too much work for the 1 or 2 artilery pieces when every commanders spots for them..

and i dont meanthe Position like in the firefly tank - i mean it more like the stug one - just for all tank
it would give the Crews more chances to work together

Bug Reporting / WTF?
« on: 03-11-2010, 22:11:00 »

can the brit now cap our tanks?

how is that possible? (he sits in a 25 pounder and i killed him?)

Suggestions / Captured Enemy Vehicles/Tanks
« on: 23-10-2010, 14:10:52 »
the next scenario in FH2 will be BotB so i have to ask

Waht do you think about if the germans get American Tanks or armoured vehicles?
(at operation Greif the germans used alot of Enemy equipment)

waht i think
+ a new feature
+ Interesting Battles ( sherman vs sherman)

- More Teamkills (but that happen too if a own team menber uses a Bren carrier or a HT)

and maybe this one....

Tactics & Tutorials / the Wespe
« on: 13-10-2010, 20:10:22 »
i have Problem with the Wespe

everytime i try to take a postion on the field a take ing a spot the vehicle moves slowly to left or right so its not possible to fire correctly

i have to stay on Roads to Fire with high Precision but then im a good Target for Jabos (Specially on Totalize)

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