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Suggestions / alternative attack routes
« on: 11-08-2014, 10:08:17 »
when i played Gold beach a few days ago ive seen the possibilty of bloweong up the concrete barrages and i thought maybe the mappers can add this to other maps for flanking out machine gun nests - only on specific Points 

i like this idea and maybe the mapper can add some Variation to the maps

Suggestions / AT/AA/machinegun movement
« on: 07-07-2014, 19:07:52 »
 i noticed that the Flakvierling got a different type of movement - when you move the mouse the gun moves slowly to the spot where you looking - indirectly

on the other gusn like the pak 40 or other stationary weapons its allways that your Controlling the weapon directly

i would like to see the indirect movement type more often on other guns
maybe the tanks with turrent can use this Feature too if the camer will be relocated to the commander cupola the Player can look around qick and the gun/turret moves to the spot where hes pointing at then he can klick the x button and aim directly like in the flakvierling gun the
the Player has a bigger field of view and can look faster like a infantry man that take a fast look over the shield of the pak to spot for targets (but the gun still moves slowly)

waht do you think?

Bug Reporting / Mareth Line 88 AA shells bugged
« on: 07-07-2014, 18:07:27 »
i had a round on mareth a few minutes ago and i noticed that the AA Shell (or time fuse shells) are pretty bugged

they were flying throuhg the plane and didbnt explode even when i was firing on slow flying planes
and if im firing on on planes flying away from me (which should be pretty simple to hit) the Shells exploding before the reach the plane

so i fired all of my 62 time fuse Shells and only hit planes...

im playing the aa mostly on all maps but ive never noticed so much missifing on other maps than on Mareth
so i think These are bugged

btw: if i was shootiong friendly planes accidently the Shells allways explode near the plane and damaged/destroyed it - that nearly never happened on enemy planes...

Suggestions / aa gun precision and damage
« on: 20-06-2014, 16:06:29 »
the flakvierling
fire is very accurate which make it not Very effective against planes that flying right on your Position
damage is ok but the accurance could be lower to make it better against planes that attack the aa directily

and even if you see the enemy plane (which is alo difficult because of the protection shields+ the optics)
there are only 2-3 seconds left to aim on it and the low spread of the projectiles makes it even more dificult to aim a plane that only Shows you his front

planes that are flying by are easy targets but
if there is a 1on1 duel between the flakvierling and the plane the plane allways wins
and even the plane will get shot down the wreck still crashes into the aa gun and kills it
(only the 88 has a chance to win if the first shot hits )

the american quad 50 have the right bullet spread but the damage is much too low
the Chance to hit and kill the Pilot is much bigger than destroying the plane itself (and only if the plane is flying away)

Suggestions / aa projectile + smoke
« on: 17-06-2014, 11:06:48 »
waht would think about a Change of the aa projectiles?
right it is only a big Long Flash - maybe it could be changed to a better viewing bullet like the  machinegun of the stuka or the bf109 with a  smoke trail

and can the smoke of exploding aa Shells longer be visible?
i think could be a nice view with more aa grenade smoke in the air on maps like Crete

Suggestions / AT/AP mines and recon kit
« on: 16-06-2014, 01:06:48 »
1. can you make the markers of teh at/apmines mor visible?
(maybe like the yellow mine flags just the yellow mark - because the dark red can maybe not be seen so well)

2. is it possible that the mines like the german smine can be positioned more Underground do only the head is visible?
ive noticed that the mines will ofte be detected by the enemy when they layed on Stone ground or something like that

3. can the mines only be used by the sabbers (together with the detector maybe)
because ive noticed that the recon squad will be often only used because of the mines
so These will be much often used for the role - recon and not laying mines for defense
for the sniper is it ok because hes often alone for securing his back

4. if this not succeds - can the recon kit maybe limited to the number of artillery  available on the map?
 (example: one mortar 2 spotters)

Suggestions / Stug control and winter Camo
« on: 05-06-2014, 19:06:47 »
a Thing that i nearly forgotten because ist so Long ago that it was inverted in the game

first off im playing with arrow keys and several Version ago it was made that the arrow Buttons can not used for vehicles like stug or Jagdpanzers  and bren carriers also for example (i think it was the botb update)

so can you please make that the arrow Buttons can be used for all vehicles?
(everytime i try to Change it the game say that These Buttons will be allready be used for tanks)

i noticed that ive never seen a Stug on the BotB maps
so is it possible to create a camo for it and put it on some BotB map too?

FH2 Help / Support / server has closed the connection
« on: 03-06-2014, 18:06:45 »
as i mentioned it eralier in this thread -
i have the Problem that the Server is closing the Connection randomly after the game
and if im reconnecting the graphic Setting are set to low and will be reset after a restart (the ingame Options and launcher Options are untouched)

General / more maps like omaha
« on: 29-05-2014, 18:05:16 »
in my eyes Omaha is one of the best balanced maps in fh2 because simply 4 reasons

1. not too much tanks - tanks are too commonin fh2  that makes not Special so the Players are more used to waste them - because they allways spawn evry 2 minutes
on maps like ramelle there will be used with more care because the Players know that there qwill be no Tigers if they will be destroyed - and the Sappers will also take more care of them then on other maps

2. good Balance between tanks and At weapons - ist not very usefull to drive a tankwhena bazooks wait behind the next Corner/hedge and on Omaha ist good balanced becaue the at have to be there where the tanks are and not just sit and wait for them because the at kits are placed all over the map

3. capping row - the most important hing is that the have aclear frontline with open field were a single infantry man will never be able to cross it without getting seen and thats good in my eyes - too much maps are available were every Player wants to sneak thru the enemy lines and lay AT mines on the roads or AP mines in spawn buildings - you cant not watch every angle of the map and that makes Omaha different you have to Fioght your way to the flag and not just sneak around

4. not reccapable flags - if the first 3 flags are taken the enemy have to withdraw from the flags to defend the last 3 oney and that Ends this boring Cats-and mouse game like on Copra where the Crossroads flag will be retaken after the first 2 minutes after the amercians have caprured it
and if an american come back to recap it thegermans just sneak around them and take Trainstaion back  and than they repeat the process - or they come from chruch or airfield to Retake it
thats not possible on Omaha because its big enough for flanking botit doesnt leave thechance for sneaking around because of the open fields on both sides
and makes this map the best balanced map in fh2 history for me!

Suggestions / deckungszielgerät for spw mg
« on: 25-05-2014, 15:05:14 »
i  found a Picture of a spw Crew which Shows a nice view of an mg 34 which can be used from under cover
maybe you can use this for the mod

Suggestions / AA gun concentrations
« on: 24-05-2014, 22:05:50 »
I noticed that the aa guns are allway lone wolfs - and that's why thei are not a big danger for planes who are targeting them

maybe you could bring up 2 or 3 aa gun for covering a area  - just an area and not the whole map...

I attached a picture of an aa battery in Germany in 1945 (and in this small area are up to 8  aa guns)
this would be to difficult for the fh2 ok but like I said 2 or 3 in one area or around one town would be good

or maybe a map were the allies only have planes and the germans have to man all their aa guns to cover their own movements?
 to make it moe difficult for the allied planes...

General / useless aa positions
« on: 24-05-2014, 22:05:18 »
 I noticed a thing that makes more suiceds than  it helb the player
talking about the sandback positions on el alamein for example

when you try to fire an enemy on the ground - only 50% field of fire
if you try to hit a low flying plane - you get killed by your own shell because it explodes on the sandbackwall and kills you - just stupid if you follow a plane with the sights

so I hope these will be removed or modified

Suggestions / Maps for 100 players?
« on: 07-05-2014, 14:05:13 »
the 2 most popular Servers are 762 #1 and#2 and both of them have a amount of 100 Player Slots

so maybe im wrong but is it really good for the mapbalance that they are made for only 64 Players?

maps like
Point du hoc
Operation hyacinth

seems to be much too unbalanced for 100 Players in my eyes

on the one Hand: the game is made for 64 Players but the fact is that a game with 100 Player is much better

Suggestions / unrealistic
« on: 07-05-2014, 14:05:24 »
maybe im wrong with this  but i just want to waht do you think about that the moving Speed of  the figures should be made more realistic when the moving Speed of the camera would be made better

i mean how realistic is a 0,025 sec turn of Player ingame when a normal human can't do that?

and if you try to make the vehicle movement more realistic why shouldnt you do that with the soldier itself?

General / ammo Belt length of the mg 42 and mg 34 drum mags
« on: 07-05-2014, 13:05:19 »
the lenght of the mg 42 Belts are much too Long
1 ammo box held 2x 150 rounds and not 2x 250...
so maybe 3x 150 rounds (450) would be ok for one mg gunner

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