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Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SP/COOP issues on 2.56 update
« on: 24-05-2020, 20:05:45 »
we are working on fixes for these issues internally, we will release hotfix in near future to include them  ;)

Glad to hear that!

Unfortunately, Gold Beach crashes after the map has loaded and I try to spawn into the game (Offline COOP). This was a favourite of mine :-(

Check my post. it will fix that crash problem.


hi all. i fixed IL_2 plane crash problems in Seelow heights for eastern coop map pack.


Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SP/COOP issues on 2.56 update
« on: 23-05-2020, 16:05:38 »
I fixed bren carrier problem for singleplayer and COOP.


Edit: i uploaded correct link.

Announcements / Re: The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.56
« on: 23-05-2020, 12:05:40 »
Hi nysä. nysä,  I could'nt understand exactly what you want. If you can elaborate on this issue a little more, I can help you.  ;)

Have a nice day

Announcements / Re: The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.56
« on: 20-05-2020, 12:05:20 »
Thanks for your kind words, Batistadk ;). İf a map has navmesh, it is easy to create sp for 16 and 32 layers. i also made sp maps for the new cobra 16-32 and sidi rezegh 16-32 layers. i will share them with you in a couple of weeks. because i need to change spawn positions of some tanks.

i am also dealing with creating a navmesh for ıhantala. but so far all attempts failed. my bf2editor crashes when every time creating a navmesh. i use that singleplayer editor tutorial to create sp maps : . i hope Darman may help me about how to create navmesh. probably i miss some things.

Announcements / Re: The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.56
« on: 16-05-2020, 15:05:24 »
nowadays i am dealing with making singleplayer maps and navmeshing. i also have a plan to make a navmesh for ihantala. almost one week ago i shared  a singleplayer-coop map with people.  I also will make singleplayer  bot support for new cobra 16-32 layers and new sidi rezegh 16-32 layers and share them with you in the coming days. but nowadays i have no free time due to my job.

*by the way my singpleplayer map pack includes those maps:
lebisey 16
anctoville 16
operation goodwood 16
port en bessin 16
giarabub 16
mareth line 16
mareth line 32
alam halfa 32
purple heart lane 16
purple heart lane 32
sidi rezegh 16p and 32p (i fixed some bugs in sidi rezegh 16p and 32p layers)

 thanks for replies  ;)  sometimes it is very enjoyable to play in singleplayer mode ;) hopefully one day singleplayer mode will get better like other bf2 mods.

... have a nice day.

in singleplayer maps, you cannot repair vehicles anymore once they got destroyed. those vehicles vanishe permanently. why? it is   too weird. i guess those vehicles have a particular spawntime to respawn. can i fix those problems.

2.nd question: some sp maps are really different than multi ones. for example mount olypmus. do we have a chance to play multi maps as in singleplayer mod?

3.rd qestion: in some sp maps, the vehicles' locations are different multi ones. even in some maps at guns  dont exist. for example Labisey 64.

best regards  ;)

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