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Mr. Ivanwazowsky, You are the first successful map creator to make playable CMP maps, and I am very grateful for your work. Keep it up. ;)

EDIT: After update Tulagi 64 crash when i start a round.

Hi Kandel. I updated the download link. Because i forgot to put coop files. please redownload the pack. It should work now  ;)

Tulagi 64p works:

There is an update: Now Tulagi 64p is playable. You can download it from the link in first post above. Please read the readme.docx again!

Ivan, once again wonderful work on the navmeshing. Played them all and I am thoroughly impressed.

These maps were all designed without AI in mind, and you may have no interest in changing any of the dynamics, but if you are open for it, here are a couple gameplay design suggestions.

Wake Island:

This map easily plays best of all, and is great fun. To play as the defender however can become quite stale:

A: The Japanese will not really man the cargo spaces of the the landing crafts and arrive in small numbers at a time, also leaving their boats in the open and slowly (very slowly) moving a long way to the shore. The MG emplacements make it far too easy to mow them down, so removing some of them could be a way forward.

B: The Japanese will throw all their forces at the CP at the tip of the island, and end up fighting the rest of the round for the bridge-chokepoint. I adjusted the the Japanese to have twice as many men as the US side, and they still didn't stand a chance. If they would perform landings at other objectives from the start of the mission, a more dynamic flow could be established.


I would love to see how a beach landing plays out here one day with fixed behaviour templates or whatever is needed. The 16p layer unfortunately is not very exciting, since it will always develop into a slugging match on a thing strip of beach. Adding an Airfield CP and opening some of the barriers, assigning neutral CPs to the Japanese side and creating a push-mode where the base can be captured would go a long way to make this map worthwile.


This map plays fine, but could benefit from one or two more CPs, a push-layout and a capturable base CP. Moreover, from an aesthetic point of view, the map either needs a fixed watershader or a different skybox and sky variables. Water and lighting clash quite a bit, and the oversaturation is irritating at times. Great for screen-archery, not so much for fighting.


Wake Island does not have a loadscreen-soundtrack. Some of the UI doesn't fit in well with the FH2 quality standards. If the CMP guys allow you to change this, it might be a good change to have your work blend in, if you care about such things, that is.

That being said, keep up your good work as a doctor first and foremost and thank you for making these available as they are right now.

Thanks very much Darman for your detailed views and attention. I totally agree with the views you mentioned above.  ;). btw I saw your pm message. But i couldnt reply. Because i cannot send pm. i'm getting error messages after every pm attempt.

Hey Darman, how are you? Glad you joined us!

Insteresting... I sent a PM to Ivan with some observations/opinions, and they almost match all of yours! Looks like I'm on the right path of "reading gameplay", with my observations close to yours, that are highly regarded!  ;)

I think Ivan is doing such a great job with this Pacific stuff, and with a couple of tweaks these COOP's will be kicking ass! On all of 3 maps I think a Push Mode would be better for playability, on both sides. And of course it would match the real battles, that were all annihilation to the last man. Plus some additional, well emplaced CP's would have a great effect, mostly on smaller layers, specially, as you said, on Tarawa 16.

One thing that bothers me greatly are the CTD's related to Japanese armour. I'm just trying to understand how AI templates work, but the fact is I got CTD's 100% of times on Tarawa (32 and 64), all crashes related to bots crewing something at some point. What do you think?

Ivan, sent you a PM.

Warmest regards,


Thanks batistadk. But i couldnt solve that problem with sending pm yet.  :-[

Thanks batistadk for your views and attention. Btw i cannot send a pm for some reason. i'm getting errors when trying to send pm.

Awesome work! Thank you so much! Will give them a nice spin this weekend. Also I thought, about the maps that need the bots to land on the island, isn't it possible to just change one flag on the island as if it has already been captured and force the bots to spawn on it? This way we can keep the fighting on land only.

Yes this is my future plan. If I cannot solve that amphibian vehicle problem, I will change the flag configurations as you said above.

Thanks for your comments guys. I hope you enjoy.  ;)

I intentionally didnt add AI spawnpoints to see vehicles in Tarawa 64p and Tarawa 32p. because bots will spawn in vehicles and they will not move. At least you can enter a sea vehicle and so bots can spawn on you as a squadleader. So you can reach to shore by leading the bots and you can capture a flag by leading the bots. I hope someone can make a correct ai templates for lvt vehicles. lvt vehicles are not landing crafts. They are amphibian vehicles.

I am planing to improve tulagi 64p in the future. Bots can use lcvps in tulagi 64p. But some weird things causes random crashes. Anyway We have a perfect Wake island 64p. This is a good thing.

Have a nice day...

New Update!! (CMP Berlin SP-Coop Support)

Hi Fh2 Community. After a long time, i made a new sp map. Now it's time to share with you. This SP support is for CMP Berlin. I hope you like it!

All layers:

CMP Berlin 64p
CMP Berlin 32p
CMP Berlin 16p

are SP-Coop supported.

All layers work fine. But also i would be happy, if you give me your feedbacks about the 64p layer.


Hi Fh2 community. I've been dealing with making navmeshes for Cmp pacific maps for a long time. Finally i share my work with you. This map pack contains three maps:

CMP Wake island: 64p, 32p and 16p
CMP Tarawa 64p, 32p and 16p
CMP Tulagi: 64p, 32p and 16p

All layers of the Wake island, Tulagi and Tarawa maps work fine. Pacific vehicles have AI templates in all three maps.
*I decided not to deal with navmeshing for a long time. Nowadays i’m too busy because of my job. I’m a medical doctor. So it is not easy to get too much free time to do sp things. I do all sp things voluntarily. I hope you enjoy this map pack.
Have a nice day.

Updated Download Link for the CMP Coop maps:

**Also cmp minimod must be installed in your levels folder. Here is the link for cmp minimod download link: (only required if you haven't already downloaded already)

!! the download link above also includes Tali and Ihantala coop maps.

I updated the download link due to update 2.57v. Check the first post. You must redownload the pack in order to play.

Download link has been updated. Some broken files are fixed now. This is my bad. :-X  I'm sorry for that. Pls redownload the pack!!!!

Fantastic work Ivan, I am delighted to see a continuous community effort to bring Bot support to the great Eastern Front maps!

A couple things I noticed: The navmesh on Ihantala needs adjustments for the vehicle pathing. Russian armor will almost inevitably get stuck after the first objective - maybe you will have to modify the map and remove the trenches that cut through the roads or get rid of a couple trees to fix this. I also noticed little to no effort by the soviet vehicles to move towards the second objective (they were stuck of course, but still), which might indicate the AI is not even seeing a possible way to get into the capture zone with tanks.

Unless it is intentional to prevent bot-blobbing at flags, the strategic zones should be set up in a way that will not allow the AI commander to issue attack orders onto non-capturable base flags. On Ihantala, the Finnish AI will in the beginning try to assault the Russian base (impossible to accomplish), instead of digging in around the objective.

In general, it is a good idea to create _coop clones of the maps and vehicle files instead of overwriting the original FH2 files and folders. This will ensure multiplayer compatibility for those who care.

That being said, impressive work so far! I look forward to your work on the Pacific Maps, something I was never able to tackle.

Thanks for your kind words and suggestions, Darman. Non-capable flags should be one-way neighbourhood. i will fi it. Yes vehicles are getting stucked even if i put many vehicle waypoints on the navmesh area. i will try to improve them.

******  i updated the download link due to a crash problem. it is fixed now.

I tried all 4 maps and everything is working alright! The gameplay is just fine, no crashes at all.

Ivan, you should consider exchange the Russian tankist kit on both maps for the standard engineer kit, with the Mosin Nagant M38. This way Russians can have more firepower in their infantry. For now, a considerable number of them are going to battle with just their old Nagant revolvers.

You did such a great work on these maps, well done! Thanks again!


yes i can do.

Thanks for your comments guys  ;)

Excellent work Ivan!, I was testing the two maps and no errors, Except Tali32, That error that you said appears when you want to board the Finnish T34 that regenerates when the last flag is conquered, The game closes instantly, But after the Tali 16, A show!, Dan fight the Finns haha!  ;)

I will try to fix it as soon as possible. thanks a lot for the feedback. it is easy to fix.

Have a nice day

Hi FH2 community. I have been dealing with making navmeshes for Ihantala and Tali maps for a long time. Apart from that, i’m also dealing with making  navmeshes for CMP pacific maps.
Unfortunately, the navmesh i've done for the Tali 64p layer did not work properly. It took 6 days to make a navmesh for Tali 64p. But despite many efforts, it didn't work properly. It was giving me an error that I didn't know exactly and couldn't figure out the reason.
The name of this error was "circular heritage" error. I do not know exactly how to fix this error. It would take me a week  to make  this navmesh  again. Also, even  if i do that navmesh again, there was no guarantee that it would work. I stopped making navmesh for  the Tali  64p layer  for a while. These troubles in Tali 64p prevented  me from making  navmesh for 64p  layers. . It is difficult to navmesh for maps that are very complicated, large and filled with numerous static objects such as Tali and Ihantala maps. Notice that desert maps are the best maps to make navmesh.
Then, instead of doing navmesh for 64 layers, I did navmeshes for both Tali and Ihantala 16p and 32p   layers. It only took me a day or two to do these navmeshes. Of course  i’m very happy to see that the navmeshes which  i’ve  done works very well. In a short time, I created the necessary AI files for these  layers. After testing these navmeshes for a week, I wanted to share them with you.
I will not do navmeshes for tali 64p and ihantala 64p layers. My next goal will be to make navmeshes for CMP pacific maps. I am currently making  navmeshes for Tarawa, Midway, Raid at cabanatuan as well as Berlin map too.

***I would be happy  if you give me feedback on these sp maps which i made.
Have fun…
Edit: Some new features and fixes added.

***Updated Download Link :

!!the download link above also includes the cmp coop maps.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SP/COOP issues on 2.56 update
« on: 11-06-2020, 19:06:22 »
Hi guys,

I am new here but i have been lurking here for many years since FH 1,ever since BF 1942 enabled you to offer us that first great Mod.

My name is Peter and i am 54 years old and i am from Holland.

I am orginally a table top wargamer,and  i have only been into computer war games since about16 years for the sole purpose of trying to relive and replay realistical historical battlefields as good as it gets, and FH 2 is among the very,very best out there in my opinion!

Let me start by saying to all developers that as a history fanatic ,i can only say a million times thank you for the FH WW 2 experiences that you bring !!

Let me now get to my question:

This time i have encountered a problem that i can not fix without finally loggin in ,and asking for some help.

We all know about the Bren carrier issues on the Normandy based battles and i have subsequently downloaded the Bren carrier fix from this thread and the object vehicles fix from Discord just now.

But now i have no idea how to handle these files to fix the issue.

I have tried to just unpack them into the FH2 folder but no luck.

My Gold Beach for example still CTD's when i want to start up the battle from any spawn point.

Can someone please explain how to go about with these fixes after downloading them to my computer?

Thank you very much in advance.

hi morgan. i uploaded whole "" you need. just copy paste this file into fh2 folder. replace with the older one. dont extract anything. you dont need to install anything.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SP/COOP issues on 2.56 update
« on: 25-05-2020, 18:05:18 »
Well the crashes keep coming. My game crashes on Villers-Bocage on loading screen in co-op.

Edit: Singleplayer crashes too. Tunis crashed too on loading. Hmm so issue seems to be on my end as all maps are crashing. This issue did not appear a couple of days ago though. Ok, so the repair option from the launcher fixed the issue. Strange. The crashes apparently started happening after adding the bren fix and a soviet plane fix for seelow in the objects_vehicles_server achive.

Ok re-installed only the bren fix and game works fine. Gold beach is playable too.

hi oberst. did you install the fix files correctly. i have no crash problem. what crashes do you have with seelow coop. can you post error message. btw you should backup your game files before installing anything. if you still have a problem you can send me pm. i can help you.

il_2 works without any crash :

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