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Latest version is available through the CMP Updater now as well.

Thanks very much, Radiosmersh. I updated the download link

I wrote an article about these maps ... "Coop Support for CMP Pacific in Forgotten Hope".

Thanks very much Michael Freeman for your attention and article  :) . I will try to improve the cmp coop maps. if you have ctd problems, just post here some screenshots about ctds. so i can help.

Been away for a while and we got new updates. Awesome thanks a lot Ivanwazowsky!

Thanks very much for your words, Oberst  :)

Hello everyone. There are new updates for the cmp coop maps. here are the some updates:

1- Berlin univermag building has an itself navmesh. so bots can use the building.

2- Now Tarawa 32 and 64 are playable. you can play those layers without crash.

4- Turtlemines problem is fixed now. Turtlemines can be used effectively by bots.

5- AI templates and aifixes are created for those vehicles:

Vehicles:   Lvt-4, lvt-5, lvt-4_flame, lvt-5, lvta-4_flame

***Download link is in the first post of this thread!

Stay Healthy...

Hello again! I made a building navmesh for Univermag building and i patched that navmesh into the whole berlin navmesh. It works, but needs more fine tunning. at least in one month it will be released.
Stay Healthy...

Note: Navmesh source links have been removed due to using without permission (rip off) by some people (especially by the chinese author of ogledow coop).

Hey Ivan, once again fantastic work!

Just played the 64p layer of Berlin and had a ton of fun.

Here are some issues I noticed:

For balance, I would consider replacing the MG-42 with something less powerful. The map is full of open and narrow lanes and playing as defender it is very easy to lock those down even when greatly outnumbered. I had the same issue on Seelow and found the static MGs already placed around the map bad enough, so I chose to hand out MG-34s instead.

The strategic areas need to be looked after to adjust spawn behaviour. Early on, German AI will never spawn near the Tiger tank while as the game progresses into the center stage, Soviet AI will completely ignore its own tanks in the base and instead spawn near the frontline.

Edit: Is the Tiger supposed to be static? Will AI ever spawn into it because so far I have't witnessed it.

As usual, I would suggest to bring the UI experience in line with FH2 vanilla by changing map names, load screens and so on, also remove bright blue ammo stash markings on the minimap.

And finally, cloning the map is always a better option than overwriting an original as it keeps things smooth and compatible ;)

Keep up the great work!

Thanks Darman for your views :)  Yes, there are 2 static tanks. i didn't put ai spawnpoints for them. Those static tanks can cause random crashes. In fact, the big problem is Univermag building in the store flag. Univermag building has no itself navmesh. i will try to patch (a navmesh patch) that building into the whole navmesh manually. But i cant promise any date for this. if i can do this , it would be very nice.

Ivan, Thank you again for your continued effort in these Coop maps. Much appreciated.

Thanks Greg for your attention :)

After a long time i decided to revisit Tali and Ihantala coop maps. I added some new features and some ai fixes. Here are:

1-) Some statics are removed  (to help bots) from finnish mainbase in Tali 32. This removing procces is just for AI, it doesn't affect your multiplayer gameplay.
2-) Now arty guns can be used by AI effectively.
3-) new fixed files for both Tali and Ihantala

Have nice day...

*** New download link:

Thanks to everyone for attention to my sp things which i did  :)

Great stuff. This could bring back to FH gaming ;D

Which maps are stable ? Nothings worse for me than getting really stuck into a game only to have a CTD half an hour into it.

Hi Michael. I know you are interested in sp-coop things. good to see you again  :) . All maps are stable except Tarawa 32 and 64. I mentioned about Tarawa 32 and Tarawa 64 in the first post of this thread.
If you have ctd problems with my coop maps , just give me a detailed error report with some screenshots so i can help you. i am trying to fix those various ai issues (not only for my sp maps) as much as i can. btw I will not do any sp maps anymore. i can only fix some things for my sp maps. 
Have a nice day.

There are some updates with CMP Berlin Coop. Here:

1- That Volkssturmkarabiner K98 problem is fixed. now bots can use this rifle properly.
2- Unfortunately i had to replaced is-2 and isu tanks with T-34 tanks. Because bots tend to get stuck with those big tanks.

*You can find the download link in the first post of this thread!

New Update!! (CMP Berlin SP-Coop Support)

Hi Fh2 Community. After a long time, i made a new sp map. Now it's time to share with you. This SP support is for CMP Berlin. I hope you like it!

All layers:

CMP Berlin 64p
CMP Berlin 32p
CMP Berlin 16p

are SP-Coop supported.

All layers work fine. But also i would be happy, if you give me your feedbacks about the 64p layer.

*You can find the download link in the first post of this thread!

Many thanks to CMP Team and special thanks to Radiosmersh and Stubbfan. Now you can download cmp coop maps and the other coop maps by using cmp updater or downloading the cmp map pack manually. Here are the download links:

***links temporarily removed due to some crash problems. Use the links first post of this thread.

This is much apprciated, its fun to chill and mow down bots.  I would like to suggest adding an ammo kit to the russian main base on Tali 16.  Today I played using the SU-152 and ran out of ammo with no way to refill.

Hi Chad. There is an ammo kit at portinhoikka. But i can put an ammo kit or ammo truck at the russian base and the finnish base. thanks for your feedback. 

Flagpole correction for Tulagi 64/Coop


Search this Entry:

Code: [Select]
   rem [ControlPoint: Sasapi]
   Object.create Sasapi
   Object.absolutePosition 112.103/110.352/376.140
   Object.layer 1

Replace with this (taken from Conquest 64):

Code: [Select]
   rem [ControlPoint: Sasapi]
   Object.create Sasapi
   Object.absolutePosition 112.103/100.352/376.140
   Object.layer 2

This should fix the floating Pole position.

Thanks for your feedback. i updated the download link.

I updated some things;

*new sampan ai fixes,
*new vehicle positions in Tulagi 64
*some ai spawnpoints added for sampans in Wake Island 64

Ok. it's a fact that those japanese tanks (Type95_Hago and type97_chiha) are causing random crashes. I intentionally didnt remove those tanks from gameplayobjects.con. Because i wanted to see if other people would have such random crashes. it was a test. Those crashes are very weird. no matter how good you make correct ai templates, there may be such random crashes. it is not easy to find the origin of random crashes. When creating those sp maps, almost none of pacific vehicles had ai templates. i made ai templates for them.  i'm trying to improve tulagi 64p as much as i can.  it is not easy to create perfect singleplayer maps. To my opinion tulagi is not a suitable map for tank battles espacially when playing singleplayer.

NOTE: i updated download link. sorry for redownloads. but this was needed.

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