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For the most part, the armour has the slop built into the thickness, so the front slope of the T-34 would be 90mm (80mm ingame currently, going up to 90mm in the next version).

Completely separate to this, shots landing at very shallow angles will deal reduced damage.  I can explain this more by request.

Thank you for the brief explanation. So the T-34 in game is coded as 80mm@60°? Given that the slope does not increase armor thickness but only reduce damage? Additionally, if I were to position my tank on a slope as seen in the situation depicted in the following picture (terrain slope should be 30° instead of 60°), I will be given an unrealistic buff. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Also, if I angle my tank so that the round is not coming straight at my hull, will the angling also be taken into consideration for a sloped amour?

Many thanks for the elaboration.

Hello all,

Can someone please inform me how FH2 treats inclined armor on tanks? For example, the T34's hull is 47mm@60°. Does the inclination helps ricocheting or is it treated as 94mm@90°?

Thank you

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 16-12-2018, 18:12:45 »
    After playing it on Saturday, I found this map very fun. I can see it has great potentials! I have some recommendations:
    • I liked the large number of enter-able buildings, it makes the map into an urban combat zone. It would be better if you can add even more ;).
    • With that being said, I think it is going to be hard for the Russians to capture 2 flags at the same time (especially the hospital) in order to move on the next zone. Why don't you make it so that each flag is not recappable by the German?
    • In addition, I would love to see more Panzerschreck. I was only able to find one.

    Nevertheless, thank you for the efforts!

Mine also crashes at 62% even if i have the minimod installed.
However, moving the contents in the levels of the minimod zip to the root fh2 folder solved this issue

General Discussion / Re: Effectiveness of angling armour?
« on: 28-11-2018, 19:11:19 »
Thank you for the info! @nysä @Leopardi

General Discussion / Effectiveness of angling armour?
« on: 26-11-2018, 06:11:49 »
Can someone please tell me if angling a tank can help its survivability in FH2?

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