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Hoorai! The day finally arrived! People SEEEED  ;D
Here in the States I'm going to bed now but I'm leaving my computer on to seed the torrent.

It will FINALLY be nice to see this mod take off in the States(and Canada), which I do think will happen now that Normandy is here. I'll probably be on wolfgaming which has been somewhat keeping the mod alive in the states with their FH2 thursday nights(which I'm guessing are going to be FH2 Monday through Sundays now  ;D). But I definitely welcome other full North American servers so that we have an actual choice of servers without having to put up with European pings.

WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ;D

General Discussion / Re: FH2.15 and BF2 1.5
« on: 03-09-2009, 01:09:49 »
Nobody will wait months around here
Hallelujah  ;D

General Discussion / Re: FH2.15 and BF2 1.5
« on: 03-09-2009, 00:09:15 »
They won't do (for 2.15).  It's unnecessary. "Hslan" stay as it is - on 1.41 til' release 2.2
It’s unnecessary if you only play FH2. There are plenty BF2 haters here (weird, without DICE, they wouldn’t even have gameplay model that we all love), but there are still plenty of people who play vanilla and/or, other mods. I too shall update as soon as PR releases the hotfix.

The last thing this mod (or any other) needs is to needlessly split its small player base because of incompatibility issues. Everyone should be on the same page.

So, then, nobody is willing to give up when 2.2 will be out, but there has to be some sort of ball park. If it’s couple weeks, we can wait, if there’s still months of waiting, then absolutely there should be a hotfix.


General Discussion / Re: FH2.15 and BF2 1.5
« on: 02-09-2009, 19:09:01 »
Now for the big question for the devs:

Will you be releasing a small hotfix for FH 2.15 so that it works with BF2 patch 1.5 or are you just going to make 2.2 compatible with it? I guess this would come down to just WHEN you expect 2.2 to be coming out(and on how 'simple' this fix would be) as to whether a small patch that updates/fixes 2.15 would be worth it.

Edit: I guess my vote would actually be for you guys to ONLY work on 2.2 at this point. Even though I'm enjoying playing 2.15 right now and I think many will update and reduce current player base...I wouldn't want ANY more delays for 2.2 coming out and a 2.15 hotfix would take some work and time.

General Discussion / Re: Why did you choose your nickname?
« on: 29-08-2009, 00:08:31 »

I Was trying to come up with a nickname for an FPS(vanilla BF1942 at the time) in which there'd be LOTS of killing. Just seemed like a natural  :D

Wonderful update devs! Nice tank and grenades and beautiful looking map. And congrats to the new member of the dev team. The BEST part of course was "Our final item of today is seventh and last map of Forgotten Hope 2.2. There are, of course, many more maps being worked on, but they will not be ready in time for the coming release."

With this news, now when we see the teaser "2.2 coming soon" when loading the game, we can believe it.

I just came off a round off "Battle Isle" on the pixel-fighter server and I gotta say: PUMP SHOTGUN = AWESOME!! About only weapon in FH1 that frequently beats the knife at close range :-)  And gotta love the japanese suicide kit on that map... ** enter room full of americans.... **BOOM**

And so many other maps and moments and fun rounds...where do I start. Running through pavlov's house with knife/shovel at the ready slicing and dicing through opposition on the way up to the flag. Playing hard fought infantry battles on tobruk between the bunker flags....dodging italian tanks and putting satchels on them  **BOOM**.  Cursing aussie's and Italians with feathered hats and more fun combat for infantry than in just about any other FH1 desert maps...God i LOVE tobruk.  

Oh and when I'm german on Seelow Heights I love being the one hard to find PITA hiding in the flag area of the first flag, making it impossible for the russians to cap it. **Russian chat: "WTF is wrong with this flag?" .... "Idk, why won't it turn?" - LOL** Of course if they have too hard a time I will pull back anyway at some point cause that maps only really fun when fought over more than just first flag. And I have even more fun on this map as the russians. i find it's usually more fun to be the attacking team. Oh and russian rpg43 AT grenade FTW!!

Liberation of Caen is a blast for me on either side. When german I love "kubel-satcheling" the canadian tanks and when canadian I love being an engy to satchel enemy defense to clear way for our tanks(e.g. driving in on flank to south river flag and satcheling the two pak's there, and after that's capped, getting across river and satcheling 88 and pak guarding bridge.

That's it for now, but so many good maps and so many good times and the good times are still rolling on for me. I play FH2 when wolf is occupied but I'll also play FH1 as long as there are still others online playing it. ;D

Wow...all the detail in the town shots...awesome stuff!

General Discussion / Re: Fh1
« on: 28-07-2009, 20:07:08 »
Well you are of course exaggerating just a tad....banned for "mentioning" FH2...LOL. And I can't remember the last time I saw someone beach a carrier on Midway(and I play both PFC and TDP servers quite regularly. But yes many in the Fh1 fanbase are very defensive about their favorite mod(too much so if you ask me) and lash out at anything that would threaten to claim the mantle of "mod awesomeness" from it. And yes there is an especially vitriolic outburst of "FH2 SUCKS" whenever that's brought up. Too bad really; their loss as far as I'm concerned. I love both mods. There are things in FH1 that will keep me coming back to that for a while(unless 2.2 makes a liar out of me on this point and keeps me glued to my computer screen like a porn addict) but I also appreciate lots of things in FH2.15.  

It's been a back and forth ride for me with Fh1 and FH2. When FH2.0 first came out I was turned off by some of the same things that a lot of people were(overkill suppression effect/ lack of map variety) and found myself back in FH1 pretty quick. Then FH2.1 hit and quite frankly that didn't do it for me either as none of the three new maps were above my favorites from the first release. The 2.15 release was the first one that saw me still regularly playing FH2 even several months after it had released. I loved whatever tweaks/changes they made and I LOVED the three new maps(well... LOVED fall of tobruk and tunis). As most who have played either mod with me know, I'm an infantry guy, so that release was like candy for me. I of course still play FH1 regularly too, but I notice more and more that an FH1 server has to be running a map I really like in order to get me to play now. I can only imagine that as new releases come out I will be spending increasing amounts of time on the FH2 side of things. It's all good...

Nice looking Map!

Welcome to the new mappers!

General Discussion / Re: Whats youre favorite map?
« on: 06-07-2009, 20:07:13 »
My favorite maps are Fall of Tobruk, Giarabub and Sfakia. Fall of Tobruk is always such an epic battle. And it's hard not to appreciate that awesome fortress city that is giarabub. Sfakia especially has withstood the test of time. It was in the original 2.0 release and I still find it both beautiful and fun to play.


::Casually side-steps the shit-pile that is most of this thread::

Great German player models! Awesome work zero.

First! Goodwood! That should be sweeeeeet! That is one of my favorite maps in FH1.

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