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Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 30-09-2010, 11:09:07 »
wiki says this to 500th ss fj bat:
Published photographs show them to be wearing Luftwaffe standard jumpsuits complete with Luftwaffe breast eagles, although these were often removed, and the Luftwaffe fallschirmjager pattern steel helmet. It was worn with the standard fieldgrey fallschirmjager trousers with either front lacing paratroop boots or cleated mountain boots.

the guy with the cap does not wear the luftwaffe eagle - pos a member of another division -

like the new way of how the BAR fires - makes much more sense !

i have a little question:
"....and Bar1918 to use M1 Garand's animset + FG42 deployed fire only
    when prone "

 do the deployed weapons only fire when you are lying down? - would make sense

bar 1918 - garand animset = ?

congratulations to the working SP!
and a austrian irish style "thanks folks" to the devs for their work!

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope 2.3 with Team Exavs
« on: 29-09-2010, 18:09:52 »
yeah i always commit teamkills because im such a angry sad teenager, which has no idea how to spell the word teamblai

no more words to you -  i dont waste any comment on you !

and thanks to the good words of the players which are known well in the comunity
see you on friday :)

no bipod at the BAR?
the last image looks kinda weird

love to the petrol bomb :D will be fun, hope it works as good as I think it will :)

and juhuu finnaly we will see the canon in a map.

thanks for giving the update to friday so i can play all friday night :d

ps mooooore images please :D

everday 5 would be cool to feed us trolls with food :d

if you are flying a plane you have to slow down with the plane before you can jump out

you cant get out of a tank if you are standing under a doorway or such things - you need the space to jump out -

i think you mean the tents at l├╝ttich where the tanks spawm  - drive 5 m forward and you are able to jump out

- just general note - this games has VERY less bugs ! maybe not everything what is a bug in your eyes is a bug in our eyes- try the things out better :)

damm, the update im looking forward to since the 2.25 update is coming in the week im on my little vacation back in my home town, where i dont have propper pc to play this


General Discussion / Re: FH Game Night #9
« on: 20-09-2010, 11:09:15 »
problem with the password will be that the server may not fill - because many non forum readers joined the event - sadly the tks too -

instead of a password i think it would be better if Forum Mods, Beta tester and such well known players get admin rights for the one day - 

and a autokick function is a must, and a ban after the second kick, should work enough -

but i think for I think, only one admin online the map turned out very well for german side :)

its not about a singel person being the best - its the person together with his squad what makes him best !


General Discussion / Re: FH Game Night #9
« on: 19-09-2010, 01:09:42 »
yeah the simultanly capping of point 213 and villers city was just awesome good job !

i edited the name !

thanks for good gameplay - FoT was really funny, capping all flags without last 2 ones - then my tank was down and we lost all flags xD

General Discussion / Re: FH Game Night #9
« on: 19-09-2010, 01:09:11 »
thanks for the games !
Thanks for the perfect squad play to: Flippy, Slayer, ultimate, ultibadninja, graf_radetzky,  Kelmola  and the 1-2 others guys which i remeber very good, but I forgot how to spell their name.

Was really fun - the troubling guys at the begin of the game where banned fast, and then the real fun started!

Thanks for setting it up - looking forwar to October game, alwayss a joy to play with you.

Best moments:
the neverending attempts to break through german tank lines with jeep at villers
- killing 5 tanks in a row with that cruiser on siege
- building up the squad with players that stayed all night at the church in port en bessin
- getting repaired all time at everymap by my brave fellowers

best maps for me were: port, cobra and alma halfa

ssee you next time  

PS: any screens of our squad?

because i want it to be off. :D

i want an arrowbow for brits - there was a crazzy soldier killing Germans with that -

FH -goes medieval xD

there will be new Mg42 system :D look at the first pic. there it says : deployed, like at BAR / FG42
hrhr - looking forward to a new way of Mgs - i dont like the "lying down effect"

40 secs  ;D

General Discussion / Re: hslan got another bastard.
« on: 16-09-2010, 17:09:48 »
just my 2 cents to that topic:

When people form vannila BF2 starting playing this mod they are thrown into cold water - At normal Bf2 it was almost impossible to shoot at long distance  - here every weapon is much more accurate, compared with higher change to a one-shot-kill
Example: Giarabub: shooting from the roof to the east gia. flag is no problem, you can land one shot by another   
The va. bf2 player dont see you what sometimes automaticly makes you a cheater in his oppinion.

Another worth mention statement is, that clans often use TS, and Voip. First persons goes through a door - dies - says that on TS, second one knows that the enemie is behind door. You go in aiming behind door, shooting him and the standart BF2 van. players then things you go wallhack or so ...

but you will get better and better each time you play :)

and yes 22. flat screen + highest graphic makes you see more  -


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