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Gaming / Re: Day Z (Survival Zombie Simulator)
« on: 26-12-2013, 00:12:55 »
so you have to buy early acces for Dayz standalone?
Yes, to sort out bugs and whatnot ;)

Can you like, upgrade my conscripts a little? AT nades, AT rifles?

Gaming / Re: Day Z (Survival Zombie Simulator)
« on: 25-12-2013, 08:12:35 »
I play it daily, it's freaking awesome and will only get better!

Also, wiggles!

Damn these flamethrower tanks reap through those forests!

Gaming / Re: WinSPWW2 Long campaign as Soviet Union
« on: 23-12-2013, 06:12:57 »
Awesome shot with the mosin! My favorite weapon  ;D

What's the status of my conscripts? Casualties and experience.

Gaming / Re: WinSPWW2 Long campaign as Soviet Union
« on: 22-12-2013, 22:12:08 »
My conscripts are always taking the heavy stuff for the rest of the army!  ;)

I hope to read about them doing heroic weird stuff!

Gaming / Re: WinSPWW2 Long campaign as Soviet Union
« on: 19-12-2013, 22:12:50 »
I want to be a leader of conscripts! First wave!

LHeureux - Infantry - Conscripts

I take vitamin D in the winter, it really helps to start your day on compensate for the lack of sun.

Winter is more depressing, it's true..

       ╭╬╮           ◢
▁╭▅▆▇□□█▇▆▅▄▃▂▁(╳)█╮  Air support is here,Bob. 
  ╙O ╙O

Gaming / Re: The forest
« on: 14-11-2013, 03:11:34 »
The DEV version is 300$, the consumer version will most likely cost less. The creators of the Rift said that if they could, they would make it free (impossible of course) because they think it should be the new way to game.

“The lower the price point, the wider the audience,” Iribe told the magazine. “We have all kinds of fantasy ideas. We’d love it to be free one day, so how do we get it as close to free as possible? Obviously it won’t be that in the beginning. We’re targeting the $300 price point right now but there’s the potential that it could get much less expensive with a few different relationships and strategies.",23547.html

Gaming / Re: The forest
« on: 13-11-2013, 22:11:43 »
Off topic but for the people who have played with the Oculus Rift & TrackIR. Is the Oculus worth it? Better than TrackIR? or not comparable?
AHAHAH what? It's not even comparable, it's like 9001x better. See, with Oculus your head is inside the game, you can look BEHIND you in the game by turning your head. If you did that with TrackIR you would be looking at your room and lose the screen. Way better, and it's in 3D too!  :)

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