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Suggestions / Re: Kitens and tread
« on: 22-08-2010, 20:08:08 »
I support Djinn +1. But for the kits I don't know. Yes for a special kit for heavy tanks, but wich heavy tanks? Only the Tiger? US don't have a heavy tank.

Yeah was going to play Giarub but it crashed  ::) . Will play soon, but like always the server will be almost empty. I hate that  :(

I guess its that, will see. Btw how do you play and go on the forum in the same time Ts4ever? I just killed you some 15mins ago on Hslan haha. See you later, going to eat and will fix the problem, thanks for all  ;D

Hi, I have a problem. I explain it. I have 2 computers, on one I can run all the profiles without problems. Pvt.L'Heureux works, and all the other ones too. BUT, on the other computer only Pvt.L'Heurex works. The problem is when we connect to a server with any other profile than Pvt.L'Heureux we can't move the mouse cursor and the keyboard dont respond when we hit "enter" or "escape". That's quite annoying  :-\ . If someone can help me, would be appreciated.

Modding / Re: A call to modders and a poll
« on: 21-08-2010, 19:08:39 »
luftwaffe - That's a cool idea
Slayer - Where can I check the gamefiles? I guess with Bf2 editor no?

And I know some about mapping, I tried to map for PR but I rather map for FH2.

Modding / A call to modders and a poll
« on: 21-08-2010, 19:08:48 »
Hello there! I tough about something. I would like to make some winter maps. I said myself that to map those, I would need some camo for germans (I don't know if allies were using too?) and winter textures for other things (like barbed wires, flak 88, etc). So if I can have a modder support on texturing assets and statics for me when I need some, I would launch me in the mapping of winter maps! Exemples : Bastogne, Battle of the Bulge, etc.

EDIT : I'm talking about those kind of things :

lol everybody say things like "would not be codable blablabla" then the devs make it. Like everybody were saying that mobile arty was impossible and BAM the Devs make it.

Suggestions / Re: Suggestions List.
« on: 18-08-2010, 17:08:01 »
Ok. So what kind of suggestion do you accept?  ;D

Suggestions / Re: Suggestions List.
« on: 17-08-2010, 23:08:08 »
Gameplay suggestion

Medics : Maybe include them, its to see.
Because nobody has answered this one: there are medics in FH2. They are pickup kits which you can recognise by the helmet with the red cross on it. They are not on every map, but several maps have them. The kit for the medic has a pistol and a load of bandages.

I know that, but by medics I mean a whole system with the ability to revive, with like a morphine shot.

Ciupita - you made my day hahahaha  ;D

Suggestions / Re: German Vehicles....
« on: 17-08-2010, 04:08:28 »
Hahaha yeah I found the M30 many times and me and my bro did a Farmer squad one time and started to protect Silly-sur-seules with our M30. Devastating in Close Quarters  :)

Suggestions / Re: Suggestions List.
« on: 17-08-2010, 00:08:50 »
You're right. I tought you were talking about the AT one. My bad.

Suggestions / Re: Suggestions List.
« on: 17-08-2010, 00:08:40 »
Yes its my problem. Yeah I'm using IE8. So will switch to Firefox.

- Thorondor123.

I'm ok for the Bolt-action rifles accuracy but at least make them less inaccurate when we go prone to avoid dolphin-diving snipping.

I didn't know for the M10. Keep it like this so  ;)

- Ts4EVER Thanks for all. I jusr learned some things :)

For the Puma, I tough it was an AA version of it. But I personnaly think it would be great to have the  SdKfz 234 version of it with the 2cm cannon.

Suggestions / Re: Suggestions List.
« on: 17-08-2010, 00:08:01 »
Thanks!  :)

Suggestions / Suggestions List.
« on: 16-08-2010, 23:08:40 »

I'm new to the mod and play for about 1 week and noticed some things that would need to be changed. So I put all my suggestions in one list. I guess that all those suggestion are possibles. I gathered some other suggestions by other members too.

So I start with the weapons :

Decrease a little bit the accuracy of the bolt action rifles and Semi-rifles (G43, Garrand, etc) to make the firefights longer. Or at least make them not so accurate when you go prone. Dolphin-diving snipping is too common. A Lee-enfield is not accurate like an M16

Maybe decrease the submachineguns recoil. Just to be able to shoot a target to 50m. But not make them too much accurate.

I heard that it wasn't coddable or hard to do, but include a deployed mod for the MG42 and MG34 like the Bren and BAR . So you would be able to shoot by windows or just near a wreck, fence, etc. I know that it can bring problem of people using them like an SMG like some do with the BAR and Bren

Vehicles Suggestions :

Upgrade the turn speed of the M10/achille turret. It has the same lethality than a Panther, Firefly or Hellcat but it turns is turret reallyyy slowly. Its just unfair. The hellcat turn is turret quite fast compared to the M10

Make the tanks/APC to be uncapacited. Like getting the main gun destroy or losing a tracks so they dont move or shoot anymore. Seing somebody bailling out of his tank and running in the field to a house is not enought common in the mod. Maybe its not coddable, but I know that they did it in PR ( I know that FH2 =/= PR). Maybe its not possible for FH2.

Include an AA version of the Puma to make it usable against infantry or against planes ^^ (like in CoH)

Gameplay suggestion

Medics : Maybe include them, its to see.

That's all for now. And I have a few questions about the forum,

1. When I type the text is always making me go up to the middle of it, really annoying!


2. Is the Teddybear in many members signature a tribute to RAD?

Btw. Tell me what you think about my suggestions. Thanks!  :)


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