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Modding / I cant install BF2 Editor
« on: 10-08-2014, 12:08:11 »
I downloaded it started and it said Can install only on Win XP?What to do

General Discussion / Re: What map contains...
« on: 10-08-2014, 12:08:30 »
Haahahahahah i watched the video of Norway map THere is a nuke in it!!!! ;D America has borrowed Germany few nuke just in case

Suggestions / Re: One Yugoslav/NDH map in Eastern front
« on: 10-08-2014, 11:08:39 »
Uhh,yes but is that hard to make  ??? :-\

Nice work :)

Suggestions / Re: One Yugoslav/NDH map in Eastern front
« on: 09-08-2014, 20:08:18 »
Ok thanks for help

Suggestions / Re: One Yugoslav/NDH map in Eastern front
« on: 09-08-2014, 14:08:32 »
I woud like to someone  conntact dev about this because they are looking for forgotten battle,battles which were important but not popular in public

You dont need to only need to start your FH2 Lancher(where you go in the game) and it will automatic start updating.This is the best way to do that

Suggestions / One Yugoslav/NDH map in Eastern front
« on: 08-08-2014, 20:08:45 »
Im from Croatia and know FH2 dev team is small but i would like to see one forgotten battle/map BREAKTROUGH AT SRIJEM.In 1944 Red Army was attacking Bulgaria,Begograd in Serbija and Hungaria.They needed to flank Hungaria south so only way was trough NDH and the best way trough Srijem.With that attack they will also help Tito's partisans and destroy German Army E at Balkan.German build 8 defensive lines at Srijem .They had 2 weak german divisions and lot of soldiers from NDH(3.division HOS/NDH).The battle last 6 months when Red Army and Partisans manage to break germans defensive lines.The main battle played in winter1944/45 when NDH(HOS) 3. division  manage to stop enemy atline Zupanja/Negoslavci and fight one more month which other divisons used to retreat.

MAP:i think not hard to make because Srijem is dead level,plain(maybe railway and river can be difficult)
ARMY AND VEHICLES:Red Army already  had been made by devs for Eastern front
                             NDH Army:They used Germany and Italian guns,tanks(in case of this map german had PanzIII/IV) ,planes.Only they had their uniform( Army of the Independent State of Croatia/cro.Hrvatsko Domobranstvo)So in this area you only need to make their uniforms

Im huge fan of FH2 and i would like to see one map which happened in my homeland during WW2.

Thanks for reading(sorry because of my bad english)

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope Weekend Highlights
« on: 06-08-2014, 09:08:39 »
Im happy because there are still 60-70 people in this mod like me

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Please need help with Forum
« on: 06-08-2014, 09:08:18 »
Thanks for help i asume  between [ and ]

FH2 Help / Support / Please need help with Forum
« on: 05-08-2014, 21:08:19 »
Im trying to put image on my posts but when i click on INSERT IMAGE then just shows up but i dont know what does that means.I was trying to find blog about this on forum but didnt found.I put this pole for only 6 days.Please help(sorry because my bad english) AND dont know how to delete poll or how to not make poll and make new topic

Suggestions / Re: Bring back the stamina bar ?
« on: 03-08-2014, 21:08:06 »
Yeah but think if you are soldier(you are trained or not) and you are in danger you can run hole battle to save your life

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