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Hey guys, just a reminder to run the Community Updater and re-install my texture pack after updating to FH2.5.

Once you update to 2.5 it overwrites the texture pack so you need to install it again. It's a quick install.

I will hopefully be updating the texture pack soon with the Pegasus Camo for the PzIV and maybe some other cool stuff. Stay tuned.

on the community updater program when i run it, the 2 buttons at the bottom of the menu are just barely on the screen. any way to make the menu screen larger so the buttons show up?

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Slow Download speed
« on: 09-02-2016, 07:02:31 »
Didn't work for me at all.  Wish I had not tried it.  I had gotten 2.8G downloaded with an estimated 3 hours left.  Now it's resumed and showing 0.0 KB of 982 M with no peers and  0.0 kbps speed.  Ugh.

keep trying. i only had to restart the installer once, lucky me!

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 27-01-2016, 04:01:08 »
I vommited for the first time in 14 years.... Even when i drank alcohol, no booze could destroy me.

But this, surprise flu..that is also gone after a day

I have to place this little nugget right here =

General Discussion / Re: Future of FH
« on: 27-01-2016, 04:01:55 »
welcome (back?)  I remember your screen name!

now I am wishing for more random spawn points on all maps...  I have no problem with the rule change, just now I know certain players that know exactly where the other teams players will spawn will enlarge their e-penis's a lot more now!

 I guess I can lay my s-mine's out like that too though!

Off-Topic / Re: Which kind of music are you listening to?
« on: 12-01-2016, 22:01:11 »
i think the other thread was used for music being listened to the last 2 days  :)

here ya go

i am infantry only, but as long as there are places for me to fire machine guns or aa,  its all good for a map = 30 minutes or so...

General Discussion / Re: FH2 Thursday Reloaded!
« on: 08-01-2016, 05:01:56 »
sorry, but im not usually home till after 7-8 pm  pacific time, and its all over by then usually!  I will see you on the weekends though or holidays!

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 30-12-2015, 22:12:47 »
now would be a good time for a picture photoshopped with a fh2 screen in front of him....

Suggestions / Re: Uncap system
« on: 22-12-2015, 08:12:09 »
and just because you were "reported" doesn't mean much unless an admin is the one doing the reporting :)

set mine to seed before i left for work... 

Off-Topic / Re: The Official Babe Thread
« on: 15-11-2015, 05:11:32 »
i thought it was a magazine about camels,  or maybe the 5 tips of your feet...

i love how he giggles like a little school girl...  (with a deep voice though)

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