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Off-Topic / Re: The money-game
« on: 06-04-2016, 01:04:30 »
I know it´s not very popular, but I´d like to talk

Now that I graduated from university, found myself a steady, well-paying job with good future career opportunities I´ve come to the point where I save more than I spend. Unfortunately the old "save it, put it in the bank account, enjoy high interest rates"-scheme doesn´t work anymore. Even fixed-term deposits only give meagre interest rates that barely beat inflation.

Alternative investment schemes are highly popular these days: real property, gold, natural resources, "ethical investments", crowd financing and what-not: all try to entice people with high interest rates and supposedly low risks.

Now my question is: how do you guys, from different countries, all walks of live and from varying age groups, handle your finances: your inccome, your expenses, any investments?

I´m currently running a giro account which covers my monthly expenses and contains one months worth of net income. Another savings account, which pays just enough interest to cover the current, very low inflation rate, contains my "iron reserve" of three months worth of net income incase some larger expenses arrive.

Now since these basic necessities are organised I´m struggling with how to turn the rest of my (future) savings into something more profitable which would enable me to create a nice bonus for my later years. So therefore I´m looking forward to hear about your money strategies and how you plan your finances (or how and why you don´t) and would like to talk about your experiences, plans and ideas, whatever they are.

so your saying you are not married with kids yet.... correct?

rental properties!

Off-Topic / Re: How would you prefer FH2 to be?
« on: 05-04-2016, 05:04:45 »
you forgot the last option   *  merge with traction wars    :o

my only guess is the direct x  install is messed up somehow.

i had an issue like this when i used the battle log  type bf2 installation.
system specs similar to yours

Close friend of my sister was in the subway. She's in coma (not sure if artifical)

Last week she was protesting against the bombings and the war..

hope she recovers fully.   i wonder if her tune will now change?

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 22-03-2016, 19:03:35 »
Just got a new 4g internet modem and net provider

On 762 server my ping now (32ms) VS old internet (ping 70-115ms)

See You on the battlefield  ;D

damn, another person that will be shooting me first  ;D

Lol, i am trolling but i was right in between the 2 bombings. In Schaarbeek. I am alright though. ( 5 minutes from the airport, 15 from the subway station that blew)

Its my second terror attack, the last one was the London bombings. I even passed the exact spot the bomb went off with only a few days in between.

there narrowing in on you!   keep your head on a swivel!

at distance headshots from pistols   :'(

but only 1  and make it 5 seconds to deploy and then you have to go find an ammo box      :-* :-*

seelow,    more cover for inf. to advance!

You are wasting your time........


conspiracy theory thread?

That helped immensely, Sgt-ToTheHoly. Thanks! Hope this brings a few more into the Forgotten Hope flock. ;D
im glad i can help.i hope the devs will make a youtube video what shows it step by step how to download bf2/key changer and then FH2 launcher and make it working.becuse for some people its still a challange how to do it.and show it on the front page of the website

sounds like a job for jan!

Developer Blogs / Re: Gameplay changes in FH 2.5 explained
« on: 13-02-2016, 07:02:47 »
but then the nade spamming sub machine gunners would complain about too many mines :)

Developer Blogs / Re: Gameplay changes in FH 2.5 explained
« on: 11-02-2016, 04:02:52 »
nerfing ap mines = damn you!   nerf the scout class hahahaha  big priority i bet!

here is an example 

they are even lower when actually going through the update process

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