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Gaming / Re: BF2 Alpha Project - I need help!
« on: 22-10-2012, 07:10:41 »
Are there ever players on the main server? I got bored to play against 24 bots on 64 maps.

Gaming / Re: Black Mesa
« on: 22-10-2012, 07:10:02 »
It was so sexy!

Tunis / Re: Tunis 64
« on: 22-10-2012, 06:10:44 »
Needs more points where the Brits could attack in the beginning. It's a grenadefeast! British troops get slaughtered half of their tickets from the very start.

Suggestions / Re: Trucks and Halftracks
« on: 22-10-2012, 06:10:00 »
I have really understood the meaning of dropping the ammobox by right-click when on an ammotruck.

You can't, it either has one already or it doesn't.
Thanks for the info. That is all

Tactics & Tutorials / Re: Anti tank rifles
« on: 21-10-2012, 20:10:50 »
DARK GREEN- Engine and the gastank, they just scream HIT ME!

AFAIK that's the only thing that can be damaged on Pz III, note, only from the top (that's reasonable to hit, other weakspot might be the turret top and the bottom of the tank, but good luck in hitting that).
It's not impossible, but as you can see, turret hit is Orange, meaning that it is unlikely to damage OR hit the tank there.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: FH2 will not work
« on: 21-10-2012, 14:10:42 »
Try using Desura. It's a Steam-like place for mods and indie-games. Easy to use and install. I used it, when I re-installed FH2 after my old computer died.

Just wondering, how do I,  for example, mount a Flak on the back of it... or a PaK?

Suggestions / Re: Set standard squad size to 12
« on: 21-10-2012, 14:10:36 »
12 is too much. I think eight would be more than enough...

1. FH1 had a separate flamer for jerries. Will you make one for FH2?
2. Just to point out, that when you are hurt or bleeding, the indication for that are quite bland (compared what they are in Project Reality). Will you make better looking (and more noticable) version.

Suggestions / Re: Minor Nations
« on: 21-10-2012, 10:10:04 »
Finland might make it in the next release, but I think that we'll see them in the post-Russian release (2.55)

Suggestions / Re: Ju52 Improvements
« on: 21-10-2012, 09:10:45 »
Good idea, but I think only one MG is fine, since you'd be still fucked if Bofors is shooting at you.

Suggestions / Re: "Fun" Weapons
« on: 21-10-2012, 09:10:20 »
When Berlin and Seelow maps arrive, I'd wish to see Volksturm-kits

   -Gravity knife
   -K98 rifle (3 clip reserve)

or AT-VS-kit

   -HJ knife
   -Luger (1 clip reserve)
   -Panzerfaust 30m

General Discussion / Re: StuH 42/Cromwell VI/Sherman 105mm
« on: 21-10-2012, 09:10:23 »
Stug is my favourite. Especially if it has a gun-mounted  MG on it so that the driver can use it. Stug IV is extreamly deadly due to this.

The No4 Sniper? It's in Commonwealth Normandy maps.
Thanks for the answer. Perhaps I should just look more harder then for it.

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