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Suggestions / I would like to join FH2 Development team
« on: 19-08-2012, 22:08:17 »
Hi everywone, my name is Henrique Dâmaso, i have 15, and you can tink this is absoluty impossible, but i would like to join FH2 development team, because i spend most of my time in computer, (like 24 hours a day) so i can be helping developments of FH2

I would like to make maps, like an Omaha Beach map for example, and Battle of Britain, i just need to know what programs do you use, and how to become multiplayer maps, i dont care if takes too work, i can handle it, and if i need to make some veicles and stuff to that, i will do, just need to know how to download the programs, getting the programs is my only problem.

I also would like try to start working on pacific stuff, like veicles and tings like that, im  also an WW2 geek so i know many tings about ww2 armys, ect...

Just put me in the rigth way, and you will not be disapointed, cause i will do my best, obviously i dont pretend any economic source with this.

Just give me someway to i get the rigth programs for free to start modding, and then i will work hard on it!

Please tink about it... and tanks for reading btw  ;)

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