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I have to admit I also played through the ME series several times. I still think I like the first one the most even if the controls are really cumbersome. Also a great fan of the series. As paragon at least I think the male shep does the better voice acting. Femshep is far from being bad but still.
Also Sovereign and Harbinger have epic voice acting ;D

Fallout New Vegas from me again ^^

I got fallout new vegas as well :D

tell me wich animation mode do you use - give me the download link please

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 11-05-2014, 00:05:56 »
Would you mind if I borrowed you a shovel?

Oh, I see you already have your own. Keep digging, china is not far. :)

Speaking about China - lol, i dont see many people bitching about china's freedom... (cowards)

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 11-05-2014, 00:05:19 »
And now let's get back to the workers, despite the fact it would take them years to finish a single project, they are supposed to get free food, provided by who exactly? Farmers is the answer, and here's the funny part: Farmer's can't work just 2 hours a day, They just can't, if they did, nothing would get done, NOTHING. And if farmers don't do shit, no food = starvation

First: Not everyone would have the same shcedules - but they would be surely reduced acordying to the jobs. ALSO, i said 2 DAYS during a WEEK (not 2 HOURS in a DAY!)

Second: I told that before: THE GOVERMENT WOULD WORK ON TECNOLOGY IN ORDER TO REPLACE AS MUCH MANPOWER AS IT CAN! SPECIALY OVER FARMS, INDUSTRIES, CONSTRUCTION, ECT... since uneployment is not a problem, and the more machines could replace the human work, the better.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 11-05-2014, 00:05:43 »
Nobody will make you leader. Never. If you want the lead, you will have to take it by force. One man alone, how far can you get taking absolute power? And do you understand that such usage of force is called terrorism?

And how do you wanna adress the poor? How do you want to speak to them? Are you planning full-page-advertisements in newspapers? Where do you take the money to pay the advertisement? Are you sure that the poor will read newspapers? What makes you think that the poor will follow you and not the Unions, the communistic party or others?

In order to speak to people, you need a party, supporters, money. So far you have not been very successive in your life making friends and supporters. When do you plan to start with it?

You should also know that people do not necessarily hate you in this forum. People in this forum think of you as a clown who makes their day. And some feel just sorry. Accordingly your ideas are not accepted for other reasons. It is the same reasons that make your family, your classmates and your teacher not accept them.

Your objective is ok, quiet honorable, but you got no plan how to get there. What you call your plan just sucks. Basically, you would bring unrest, chaos and discontinuation to peoples lives. But people do not want that. Actually, many people are quiet happy with their lifes and do not want to change a god damned thing. They would fight you with force. If you would have any supporters you would bring a civil war to your country, if you'd have the power, and you'd still do not see the evil about it.

Instead of hoping that people will support your viewpoint and agree with your ideas, you should take steps towards people and you should adopt and understand their lifes and viewpoints.

Like your teacher who you call an anarchist. She believes in freedom. And you want to take her life and tell her what to do. Of course she is against you. If somebody wants to supress her, and announces that in class, it is considered a threat. On the other side, she would never tell you what to do, unless you come up with these political ideas that supress her freedom.

Ahh, Jesus Christ, I'm outta here.

I dont want to take anyone's life or making civil wars, and i do have suporters sided with my ideals. In my country 65% of the people dont actually care about politics, because they are untrustwortly for the people. If i have to reagroup my suporters and take over the goverment by force so be it.

Also, I DO have a plan to take people's money in a peacefull way. I know what im talking about - and the ones who sided with me, would not regret it.

I have to admit than i lol'd to the first sentence, wen you told than using such force for the good of the nation is called terrorism... im not sure, but i bet you are probably some wealty guy wich sees this as something totaly bad for your name (at least, thats the way rich people would think - good example).

so... are the americans terrorists? what about the civil war over the U.S.A. against the Union Army? are those guys terrorists as well? OH NO THEY ARENT: because they are defending FREEDOM!

what is freedom to you? is it to disrespect the older and hunt the weak? corruption? fuck the police? is that freedom?

What the hell is this shit? i come up speaking about a way to make everyone's life even greater (wich Obviously implies the end of capitalism) and some capitalist-whanabe shows up and says im a terrorist? than i will never be a leader, than my ideals are sick? hell no: this is totaly wrong.

You speak about freedom - but you just told me to forget about my ideas because they are bullshit - also, you seem to agreed than its good in a FREEDOM DEMOCRACY for ANARCHIST teachers to call students CLOUNDS because they fear such students will take over the power and kill everyone - how democratic is that suposed to be?

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 11-05-2014, 00:05:55 »
So: If i work 2 days per week, Portugal will get a strong enough economy to buy everyone a castle to live in, the best game-rig, a Ferrarri, an Aston Martin and a Jaguar (3 cars), a cinema in everyone's home for who wants it etc.?


Management of the human resourses is something than the goverment should worry about - altough you migh think its incredibly impossible than your job is actually important for only 2 days, it is actually important.

ALSO, i forgott to mention:

Since uneployment is not a problem anymore, the goverment will also work on the development of tecnology, in order to replace the manpower work in the majority of the jobs (energy production, Industries, Farms, ect...) so everyone can take high assets jobs (doctos, police, ect..) and with too much people working as doctors (for example) there is no need for everyone to be working everyday on such area.

EDIT: It depends of the jobs: some can get retired earlier than others. And yes: in a Climaxism, probably you can get early retired than in a Capitalism system - retired people dont need to work anymore. Hoewer, if they choose to keep working, they win bonuses.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 10-05-2014, 23:05:04 »
How about you finish pre-school first.

Working on it - but for obvious reasons, i cant finish it in a couple of hours... so if that was suposed to offend/humilating/beat me down/ ect... i guess its wrongly applied.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 10-05-2014, 23:05:21 »
Damaso, implementing your ideas will upset 99% of all people on earth. But politics live from compromises, agreements, trade-offs. Only those ideas can be realized, that have a widespread acceptance among people.

Your ideas have no acceptance at all. You won't even find enough supporters to supress people in your country, in order to implement your ideas by force. Not even to speak of any volunteer cooperation from the population.

On the day you take the money from people, no matter whether you take it from your family, your neighbours, your hometown, your country or entire earth, you will have a bullet in your head before you can say 'wow'.

At best, you can gather a bunch of criminals doing robberies in Portugal. Being the head of this group would be your only personal climax of power I could ever imagine.

I really hoped you would drop these bullshit ideas of yours, stop developing these insane ideas any further. You are still walking on a thin line and chances are still high that you will discuss you ideas forever in a nuthouse with somebody who considers himself Napoleon.

Eventualy, poor people will side up with me. And we all know than there are way more poor people on earth  (and even on my country) than rich ones.

I guess its pretty sick than some people tell me stuff like you said "i really hoped you would drop these bullshit ideas of yours" - it looks like i want to kill people or something..

"your ideas have no aceptance at all" - because 99% of the people over this forum hate me, so obviously my ideas arent aceptable here. But this happens on this forum, because i used to be a dick sometime ago.. now everyone here hates me... but remember: my "forum life" is not the same as my political one.

Is my objective bad at all? will people be starving to death wen i take the lead? will i make the 3rd world war? i dont think so.

My objective is pretty damn clear: making people's live even more easier and enjoyable than it is rigth now.. if everyone can have big houses for example, why not?

Calling my ideas retarded or bullshit due to the strong benefit than they would have, its just ridiculous.

"you will have a bullet in your head before you can say wow"

^ and this is why one of the first things i would do, is to implement the Legion.

The only ones who would try to kill me, are the selfish ones who want to keep their name up due to the wealtiness than they will surely lose. They know than the only thing than they will lose is money and prestiege... they also know than society would be too much better in such conditions, BUT they want to remain themselfes superior and famous... so yeah: they will seek for me.

If such bastards try to kill me, then they will surely pay hardly the price: i have no mercy for people wich try to screw my projects up due to selfisness reasons.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 10-05-2014, 23:05:30 »
And then, EVERYONE will surely enjoy their lifes for real like they were suposed to be enjoyed :)

Shit, what do you even know about life? You're what, 17? And what makes you think your way is the best way?

btw, say I wanted a private island with my own roller coaster on it, a G6 jet to get there, and maybe throw in some luxury cars while we're at it.. you take care of all that too? I'm getting ready to move to Portugal!

Seriously, how the fuck do you not realize that shit would never work?  ???

I see were you are trying to reach: "how can a 17 year old kid have such a thinking like this? why doesnt he wants to be like normal teens who whana get rich? and his plan actually makes sense, but is too damn revolutionary and good at the same time than is still doubthfull if it works..."

But like i said before: there would be some restrictions. No one could ever have 100 lamborgini's, because, in common sense, no one hangs around in 100 cars. But maybe, you could have 2-3 cars AND acordying to the job you choose, you can have diferent oportunities (everyone gets a maximun of 3 cars by default... but if you are a medic, you could get yourself 6 cars for example)

Its still better than working an entire life for having only one car... but stuff like going traveling, going to the cinema, hang around everyday would be totaly free-to-do.

Interesting than you refered an private island... well, i never tough about that, but it would be possible as well. Also, the construction of infraestructures would be very fast actually, since the goverment would manage to get good numbers of workers (and would give bonuses for those who would participate in such activities)

And yeah: my way is obviously better than any other way even token by the mankind - just check the advantages, and compare an normal citizen life during the Capitalist system, Nazist, Anarchist, Comunist, ect..with one during the Climaxist system.

You came to life to enjoy it - not to waste it working for money, and use it to enjoy your life.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 10-05-2014, 22:05:48 »
So tell me, how does it work when I want to buy new house and build nice swimming pool. And maybe orded nice home theater system from japanese manufacturer?

I just get mansion for free if I want? How would I earn luxury things like pool? I just call pool guys to build me one and they do it as long as I did my 4 hour shift at office? How would I buy my fujitsu TV from aboard? Surely whole world wouldn't follow same ideology...

The Goverment takes care of that. (Yes, you have private property, but you dont need to pay for it - you choose what you want, and the goverment gives it for free to you.)

You want a big house? why not? choose one, and then you are good to go. (as long as you keep doing your job of course.)

You want some German manufracturated car? Germany is a capitalist country? so make an request of goods to the goverment, and the goverment will buy from the outside the stuff than people want. (obviously, there are restrictions - you can have everyting, but not too much of only 1 thing unless you exange it with other goods wich you dont want.)

This is also good for the economy of a country: because there will be no waste! Portugal for example, wins too much money with tourism, but the money is wasted in payments to the people... if we could make tourism even better, and putting it in low prices BUT with quality, more people would come to visit Portugal and consequently leaving money here.. that money, would go for goverment pockets, wich would be wasted ONLY in the outside goods for the people's requests. ALSO, the goverment doesnt waste money paying to employed people due to the fact than people learned to live winout money.

Then the country just keeps growing up... people live even better - if today it wasnt possible for people to have 2 houses, now they can! and more countries will see Portugal as an example, and will follow our trail...

And then, EVERYONE will surely enjoy their lifes for real like they were suposed to be enjoyed :) (and this is why i call it an Climaxist system - because the growing of such nation is until the Climax.)

Carpe Diem.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 10-05-2014, 21:05:25 »
I'm just wondering... how do you force people to work then?

Creating new laws aiming for the suport of climaxism. People have no excuse to avoid working in a Climaxist system, since they can have everyting they want, AND their work shcedule is incredible low. People only have rigth for free services (as well as food, medical assistance, ect..) IF they colaborate and do their job as well. If they dont, well, then they will not receive such services. (OBVIOUSLY exept those who are sick and have problems, and cant really make any job properly.)

Money is indeed an convenient method of exchanging goods.. but nowadays, it just became an problem, winout people even realizing its actually due to bad money's management nowadays, than we have such problems... but money's corrupt management will always prevail in mankind.

I have actually a point on this - but until you get the WOLE plan, it will be lots and lots of typing on this forum, and lots of questions/controversial comments about my plan.

Lets see:

Musty, you are an doctor, and McCloskey, you are an policeman.

Doctor Musty doesnt get payed for what he does... hoewer, he gets free food, free of paying taxes, and a very low work schedule (as well as free security from Mister McCloskey.) And all of this is controled by the Goverment in order to ensure everyone good management of human resourses.

Mister McCloskey isnt payed for what he does.. hoewer, he gets free food, free of paying taxes, and a very low work schedule (as well as free medical assistance from Doctor Musty.) And all of this is controled by the Goverment in order to ensure everytone good management of human resourses.

If eigther Doctor Musty or Mister Mc. Closkey refuse to work, they will not have such rigths than they had before, and so they migh pass hungry and eventualy die due to the fact than the Goverment will not care, or eigther assist those who simply refuse to work because they think they win nothing with it.(even if you do it for only 2 days).

Way better than having workers getting low payed by working everyday, and uneployes wining "uneployment subside" wich can sometimes be even bigger than the salary of a worker.

Well, it's easy, remove money and magic happens! I still don't see how that helps, but I guess I'm not a genius.

Also, its not that easy to just show up and take everyone's money - but i have already an peacefull plan for that (instead of just showing up and ask everyone to give up their money.)

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 10-05-2014, 21:05:29 »
No, it's exactly the same, same old bullshit story that promises a lot. How does exactly lack of currency fix everything?

Its a long story... but yes, i can try to give you some tips.

If you think about it, money can be the cause of most of our problems:

why dont you have time to go with your girlfriend? (need to work - for money.)
why cant you have an big house? (i can - if i waste half my life working for it.)
why do you need to wake up everyday in order to go work for an miserable tax? (need money to survive.)
why is there less assets in a work? (the boss lacks of money for new employees)
why are cars still moved by gasoline? (because big oil bussiness will make everyting to keep up alive)
why are there criminals? (because they see crime as the only way to get money)
why is my mother an prostitute? (guess what: because of money.)
why did hitler raized in germany? (because germany lacked of money.)

Sometimes, you need to go straigth against what surely seems to be an unthinkable solution, so you find out than thats actually the best solution.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 10-05-2014, 20:05:02 »
I'm pretty sure I heard that one somewhere, And It didn't end that well.

Climaxism is diferent from Comunism (altough people think its similar - but they are both diferent things)

Basic Comunist Ideal: you win the same tax, and pay the same taxes as the guy next to you. people have the same rigths and are given the same money. people dress the same, and need to keep working for the society. (but MONEY still exist - thats the problem)

Basic Climaxist Ideal: you dont actually have currency in your country, and as a consequence of it, problems like uneployment, paying taxes, ect... dont exist anymore. Due to uneployment extintion, its actually possible to put everyone working, and as a consequence of that, the schedule of the people can be incredible low (like working only 2 days per week, instead of working everyday for a week payment at the end of the moth).

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 10-05-2014, 20:05:53 »
Well, since i am still looking for the topic for my masters thesis in political science i would be very interested in such a theory :D :D

I am actually thinking of making an thesis also about my ideals wen i get myself to University, and start by there with my "Political Expansion"

I dont have any problems for outsiders to know about such plans, since i would also like other nations in the world to follow the same steps as Portugal will.

(btw: just by curiosity, what was your professional aim in order to get yourself in Political Sience?)

I still have not read any actual thoughts on how your cool new way of shaping politics and economies would work besides establishing "educracy". You gotta come up with more than that to persuade people ;).

You know, on a serious note, if you are really interested in politics and how and why states form you should start at the very base. Lots of very intelligent people have thought about that stuff in the last couple thousand years. I would recommend, in the following order:

Platons Politeia. The basic political thoughts of Aristoteles. Hobbes Leviathan. Lockes Two Treatieses of Government. Rawls Theories of Justice. Nozick may be worth a read too, for all you anarchists. Buchanan is nice too, though more from an economic perspective.

There is tons more but these are very important in my opinion. Should get your mind off of that nonsense you produce.

Educracy is the (lets say) "Political System" (like Democracy, Dictatorship, Despotism, those are Political Systems afaik)

Then theres the "Social Economic System" - Climaxism (like Capitalism, Comunism, Nazism, those are "Social Economic Systems afaik)

(this migh be wrong, but its from were we can start - also, it would be better to create an diferent topic about politics for this one)

For example: is it possible to have an Nazist Democracy? yes it is - if people actually find nazism something good, it can be possible even on a democracy.

Nowadays, the majority of nations has (what i call) the "Capitalist Democracy" (obviously, some countries are diferent from others, but this is in general speaking)

So my plan to take my country out of the trash, is to estabilish an Based On Resourses economy. I could type up my entire plan here, but it would take A LOT of time and writing so you could get it 100%... basicaly, Portuguese people (after all the goverment eforts and measures) will live in a Climaxist Educracy.

Climaxism (word comes from Climax) - System in wich the people dont use any kind of currency, but their quality of life is actually great due to the fact than they dont need to waste their life working/paying taxes, ect.. in order to have an big house (for example) - because such conditions are already given by the goverment, wich has the money of everyone in the country, and uses such money in outside countries in order to keep improving is own country by buying ouside goods, tecnology, ect... (considering than outside countries remain capitalists, but will soon change to Climaxist nations due to the example of Portugal in the future)

Its vital to keep an Climaxist Educracy, so the ones who keep leading dont screw things up and return the country to an capitalist system. I hope you got the general idea of what im going to do in the future..

I wasnt specific here as well - if you want to know how i designed Climaxism, and the plans do put it in pratice as well, PM me, and then you will find out than i have actually a point (altough i dont remember of ever posting all of this in this forum)

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 10-05-2014, 17:05:30 »
Here is the challenge:

Complete school and proof at least you are good at something. Forget about "hoes." Having a prostitute mom is bad enough for you. At least, be something useful before you become politician, that's how you attract people.

Can do

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 10-05-2014, 16:05:15 »
i never opened a book during school years and have never failed a class. My degree from mandatory school system was 14/20. I had teachers tell me that if i read some i could speak Ancient Greek fluently. Now its not that i hated learning, i loved to hear the teachers talk about and discuss about the subjects and most of the time i was the spirit of the discussions. I just could not read the fucking books. Some homework is excluded from that obviously, homework is homework after all. People who scored more than that spent an entire day on off school assistance paying money i did not want to take away from my family. I had trouble in math and since the in school assistance never started (nobody cared) i lacked behind and that lowered my overall grade a bit.

But indeed the school system is fucked up, everyone is measured on the same basis even though we are all different. If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spent the rest of its life thinking its a failure.

And Damaso, how you think you will be able to run a country when you cant run your own life? Failing classes and life (your economy and social life systems) makes your mother (EU) sent some help of two friends (IMF - EU Central Bank) To try and guide you to the right path. Set some goals, standards and morals and stick to them. Guide your life to success 1 step at a time.

Btw is your crush 2 years younger than you and you still havent tapped that? SHAMEFUR DISPRAY

Not my crush anymore - i followed theta's example and took the balls i had to take in order to forguet her.

btw: professional life doesnt have anything to do with personal life. I can suck like hell in my personal life, but wen i do something at a professional level, and if i really enjoy such activity, i can do exelent things.

Its ridiculous than i coulnt be an polititian just because im not sucessfull at school, or good at my personal life (altough it could help a lot)

Thank you.   8)

PS: Im 31. In my time no one would ever reprove 2 years in 9th grade in a Portuguese school, which might the easiest in all of Europe nowadays. Thats a major accomplishment for you.

Oh really random? 2 fails in 9th grade? who told you than i reproved 2 times in 9th grade?

It was one time at the 6th grade, and 8th grade, i typed that in a post before.

31 years and still doesnt read in order to get his facts straigth before arguing against someone, makes me think you got 31 years in body, but 14 years of common sense.

Also, with 31 years you should be more civilized with the people around you - that means not insulting others during a game in his own language just because what they post on a gamming forum.

At first, i tough you were 18 or something close up to 20, but now than you have 31, its pretty damn questionable why did you insulted me wen i showed up and tried to be nice to you in-game chat, saying things like: "I dont speak with retards" and "sorry, i hate dumb people". You also asked me if i enjoyed to be joked by people over the forums, and told me than it was due to people like me than Portuguese reputation is ruined. Thats purely sick bein said from someone who seems to have 2 fingers of chest.

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