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General Discussion / Re: It's almost like Normandy :-)
« on: 28-04-2009, 22:04:57 »
Hmm ..... Husky in Road to Rome.. those were the days.
Might have been a tiny bit historically incorrect, but man what was that map FUN !!

Excellent update. Those screenshots, it is really amazing how good they look. Yam yam...
Congrats to the new Dev Herc.

Off-Topic / Re: BF2 1.5 patch discussion (beta released)
« on: 23-04-2009, 01:04:06 »
Filling test report:

- There is an 1680 x 1050 resolution option available in the ingame menu. I used Widescreen fixer while having set my ingame res. to 1680 x 1050 and there was no difference in my POV when switching widescreen fixer on.

- Hitdection was never a problem for me so I can't comment on that, plus vBF2 is to much SMG spraying to really notice it. I am sure there is NO netwerk code tweak done though.

- No DVD in Drive needed to play BF2. Saves a few seconds

- I now apreciate even more what a wonderfull job the Devs did with texture and other graphics tweaks. vBF2 is a big step backwards in that area.

- I also understood why there is an elitsm on these boards, compared to vBF2 WE ARE the elite. At least in the gameplay department ;). I played 2 rounds and it was more then I could stand.

--------------------------------End of report---------------------------------------------------------

Off-Topic / Re: Movement for Life
« on: 17-04-2009, 19:04:58 »
I am interested too Barney. What did he do for you?
Off course I don't think you are nuts, I have seen your replies on these boards and they sound sane and agreeable too me.
I have also read some of Rath's stuff and to me he seemed nuts.
Maybe he said some good things too but I have yet too see it.

Suggestions / Re: Malta
« on: 16-04-2009, 11:04:21 »

But ye, a Malta would be cool.Would be a chance to see the Italian airforce doing their thing 

Would be quite boring..... Italian bomberplane flies to Malta, sees heavy flak, drops bomb way to early, kills some unfortunate fishermen, flies home and eats pasta. ;D

Malta by the way is very interesting to visit, take a tour around the Valleta Harbour and Sliema, it is riddeled with WWII history.

Off-Topic / Re: Movement for Life
« on: 15-04-2009, 23:04:04 »
Dr. Rath has been in the news before, at least in Holland.
To sum it up for you, Barney, the guy is nuts.

Has has a crusade going against the Pharmaceutical industry ever since his pill against cancer was proofed to be a fraude. After that Dr. Rath had a two page advert in the Dutch newspapers claiming why the industry was wrong and how his pill against cancer really worked yadadadada.
You really should not take this too seriously.

Off-Topic / Re: Update on 1.5 patch
« on: 09-04-2009, 13:04:17 »
For fixing keybinds.
Go to  \My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\0001\Controls.con

I will assume you have everything default installed and don't have multiple BF2 Accounts:

My control.con looks like this:

ControlMap.create InfantryPlayerInputControlMap
ControlMap.addKeysToAxisMapping c_PIYaw IDFKeyboard IDKey_D IDKey_A 0
ControlMap.addKeysToAxisMapping c_PIThrottle IDFKeyboard IDKey_W IDKey_S 0
ControlMap.addButtonToTriggerMapping c_PIFire IDFMouse IDButton_0 0 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIAction IDFKeyboard IDKey_Space 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIAltSprint IDFKeyboard IDKey_W 1000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PISprint IDFKeyboard IDKey_LeftShift 0 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIWeaponSelect1 IDFKeyboard IDKey_1 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIWeaponSelect2 IDFKeyboard IDKey_2 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIWeaponSelect3 IDFKeyboard IDKey_3 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIWeaponSelect4 IDFKeyboard IDKey_4 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIWeaponSelect5 IDFKeyboard IDKey_5 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIWeaponSelect6 IDFKeyboard IDKey_6 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIWeaponSelect7 IDFKeyboard IDKey_7 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIWeaponSelect8 IDFKeyboard IDKey_8 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIWeaponSelect9 IDFKeyboard IDKey_9 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIPositionSelect1 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F1 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIPositionSelect2 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F2 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIPositionSelect3 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F3 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIPositionSelect4 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F4 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIPositionSelect5 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F5 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIPositionSelect6 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F6 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIPositionSelect7 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F7 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIPositionSelect8 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F8 10000 0
ControlMap.addButtonToTriggerMapping c_PIAltFire IDFMouse IDButton_2 0 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIDrop IDFKeyboard IDKey_G 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PILie IDFKeyboard IDKey_Z 0 0
ControlMap.addButtonToTriggerMapping c_PICrouch IDFMouse IDButton_1 0 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PICameraMode1 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F9 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PICameraMode2 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F10 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PICameraMode3 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F11 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PICameraMode4 IDFKeyboard IDKey_F12 10000 0
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIToggleWeapon IDFKeyboard IDKey_F 10000 0
ControlMap.mouseSensitivity 1.6

The text in bold is the part where you allocate the key to crouch. I use the right mouse button for crouching.

Before making a change to the control.con, make sure you back it up somewhere.

General Discussion / Re: Walking Stuka
« on: 09-04-2009, 12:04:19 »
Oh god .... I can't wait to get my hands on the nebelwerfer.
Such good memories from Battle of Foy .. :'( they are tears of joy.

Suggestions / Re: Aeroplane Gun Convergence
« on: 02-04-2009, 16:04:31 »
Historically, pilots could set their gun convergence at certain distances (only before lifting off I think, not during).

In that case I would prefer Eat Uranium adjustment. Strafing will be fun again ;D

Suggestions / Re: Aeroplane Gun Convergence
« on: 02-04-2009, 14:04:20 »
Is you're adjustment to the gun convergence more aligned with what is historically correct ?

General Discussion / Re: Welcome home Sanitarium...
« on: 30-03-2009, 21:03:27 »
Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi  ;D

(the king is dead long live the king)

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