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Give us a Barbie PII in a cage or a Barbie KT in a bottle on a desk. Would be awesome. They don't deserve such hard treating. They're legendary, no matter whether Lobo like's that or not.

Tunis / Re: Tunis 64
« on: 01-04-2009, 02:04:22 »
Every single MG on this map works in favour of the germans as a serious chance to stop allied progress. Even the british ones are suggestive to hesitate and to camp. But obviously the germans don't need to be favoured. The S-mines are removed from the scout class but brens are given. That is not very consistent, I think.
Shouldn't the brits get some special equipment for their last assault on the african continent? I'm not quiete sure about the historical facts though.

As a player the situation is desperate. As german you're supposed to win with ease, everything else would be a shame. And the brits got no hope and usually fall back after they capped the central square or even before, only trying to kill the germans by setting up a defense.

There are only a few small passages leading to even smaller bottlenecks, all in a bent tube. No wonder somebody called it Unreal Tunisment. No hard feelings please, but that describes the map best. If you want it that way, then it's all fine, isn't it? However, I don't see big chances to make major changes with minor fixes.

What came to my mind was to open the area between british and german HQ, adding statics and stuff, abandoning the idea of a push map. But this is nothing I pondered long about. But just to show how big the changes would have to be.

Sidi Rezegh / Re: Sidi Rezegh 64
« on: 01-04-2009, 01:04:16 »
i m not sure but i think the apper had some chnages in mind
like 1 88 at the blockhouse
1 panzer III j for germans at map start
1 more panzer 4 as reinforcement for the counter attack

and some other stuff
honestly i m not sure if the changes were made yet or IF they will ever be made

That is good news.
Currently germans can't win. Usually they won when the allied team was incompentent. But time passed by and brits usually know what they are supposed to do. I think more than once there were situations on a full server lately where the germans kept the airfield with success, keeping the allies bleeding to the end. And the game ended up about 0:120 for the british. So even with constant enemy bleed the rape around the building in the south was too strong, as half of the spawns lie somewhere in the open. Those are really easy picking for the britsh tanks. And I don't even think that germans recapped the blockhouse in these cases, especially as they don't got tanks. So the most easy solution would be to reduce the tickets for the british about 100 or even 150 to give germans a chance to win at all with the current setting.

And, well, especially when it is a 64 player map with only about 40 or 50 players, the high number of allied tanks available in base appears to be a buffer stock. Even after the bleed shifted in favour of the allies, they can often send fresh waves of tanks into battle that have been ignored before because those were either slow( Matilda, Valentine) or weak armoured (stuart). And in this situation the germans get these lousy short barrelled tanks. I've seen matildas survive for hundrets of german tickets holding ground at the airfield. Together with the AT guns that is a strong defense.

So, any fixes are welcome.

Sorry to say, but that dancing plague is so famous, I can't believe you haven't heard of it. As mentioned in the link, it correlates very strong with the Tanganyika laughter epidemic.

Maybe not the smartest reply.
But even carriers are getting old someday.
That is almost a 'I pwn you' classic.

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