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Suggestions / K98 3rd person (and 1st person?) animations
« on: 14-09-2019, 18:09:04 »
Hello everyone,

Although I think the 3rd person animations of the K98 look nice, it looks weird when a guy is sprinting and suddenly shoots with it. Sometimes, if it happens quick enough, it is hard to even notice the guy raising the rifle to his shoulders for a shooting position. It looks like the shot is fired when he is still carrying the rifle by his side, or as if the guy takes the rifle into both hands and places it onto his shoulder with extraterrestrial speed.

So my suggestion is to bring back the old K98 3rd person animation (and if its desirable for the developers and players, the 1st person animation too, for the animations to match).

Also, I think the carry-weapon-by-the-side style animation could be used for heavier guns like the MG42, which cannot be fired while standing and/or for weapons with carrying handles such as the MG26(t), PzB39, Bren, etc...


General Discussion / Sounds stolen from FH2?
« on: 03-02-2019, 14:02:32 »
Hi guys,

I was shown an ad of a mobile game called Mafia City while I was on Youtube. Something caught my ear: the sounds used in the ad were the same with the FH2 "bleeding" sounds. I did some research and found the ad.

Listen carefully and you shall hear them.


Suggestions / Facelifting old & disliked maps
« on: 01-01-2019, 18:01:33 »
Good evening fellow FH2 people,

Playing on some older (Mostly North Africa maps), I realized that most people on the server feel like "ugh, not this map again" and leave the server once the map comes up. Some maps seem to have lost their appeal to the players compared to the newer Western and Eastern front maps.

The FH2 mappers have obviously improved themselves as they gained more experienced so the older maps lack some cosmetic features. Some things that come to my mind initially is well distributed grass, stones and detailed rubble, etc... Not to mention that older maps have vanilla BF2 statics in them (like BF2 sandbags and buildings) which are obviously of lower quality compared to the later ones made by FH2 developers.

As far as I remember, a few updates ago Bardia received a facelift. It seems that mostly cosmetic changes have been made like lighting and the skybox (the images on FH2 website belong to the old version, you can compare the current version to it) and even this had drastically recovered Bardia's popularity among players. Less people leaving the server, less complaints in the chat.

And I think it is appropriate to state that one of the things that make FH2 still popular is its high quality content, which some of these maps fail to match cosmetically in my opinion.

Here are some maps that pop into my mind:

Siege of Tobruk
Invasion of Crete
Fall of Tobruk
Mersa Matruh
Operation Supercharge
Mareth Line

All these maps could be given a second chance because some of them have a lot of potential when it comes to gameplay. What do you guys think?


Off-Topic / Mystery gun I found at home
« on: 29-01-2017, 20:01:41 »
So yesterday I was cleaning out my late grandfathers cupboard and I found this black box which contained this thing. Gun experts to duty? What is this? Is it a real gun, is it lethal? What are those other pieces of metal? Are those blank shots and what does the green and yellow mean? Basically any info on it would be good.
Here are some pics:

Bug Reporting / Dukla Pass waterfall bug
« on: 18-02-2016, 19:02:28 »

I seem to be swimming though there is no water around me.

Modding / Changing menu music
« on: 10-09-2014, 19:09:56 »
Recently I was messing with a lot of functions of BF2, and trying to mod stuff. I can say I progressed more than I ever did. But some points really got me stuck and changing the menu music is one of them.

I read a few tutorials, and I learned that it has to be a .ogg file. So I converted it from .wav to .ogg. So far, I couldnt get it to play in the menu. Then, I found out that it should be 44kHz. for that, I used a program called Bink Audio-Video Tools. (dont know if I actually managed to do it though) Yet, it still did not work.

Anyone know the proper way to do this? Or any programs you're gonna suggest?


Bug Reporting / Carro Armato M11/39 gunner bug
« on: 26-08-2014, 16:08:50 »
When I got into the gunner position yesterday when I was playing on Keren, this weird bug appeared where I couldnt see the inside of the cupola.

Off-Topic / Your Favorite Camo
« on: 05-08-2014, 22:08:20 »
My top 5 camos would be:

1) Turkish Army's New Type Camo

Standard service model - air force ground units model - digital model (refused by the army, very rare  ;D )

There are also other models like urban, desert, darker colored, snow versions of this camo. If it interests anyone, I can post more of it.

2) ABU (Airman Battle Uniform)

Looks like the tiger stripe camo, but looks much better in my opinion.

3) US Navy BDU

Another very nice digital camo, I enjoy the blue tones a lot on a uniform, and the fact that it takes the same color of an airbase runway is a big advantage.

4) German Flecktarn

Has a beautiful Fall look to it, very useful in forests. Also has desert variation.

5) "Duck Hunter" camo

I like it very much with its paleness. Also used by TAF for a long time.

So, what are your favorite camouflage patterns? Write 5 of them, with reasons why you enjoy them, and be sure to post from your collection too, if you have some! ;)

Hello guys,

So recently I have thought of making a simple book which gathers the memories of the veterans of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict. First of all, we have a lot of men who have served in the south-east of Turkey since 1984 (which is the start of the conflict).  The cashier in the grocer, the vice principal in our school, even my neighbor has some experience from their service. All I have to do is to interview the veterans, gather and put the dialogues in order, and send it to print. I can also do the page alignment and cover, I have all these opportunities to make it an actual book (but I wont register it and there wont be a lot of copies, it will be something like a personal project)

But then I came up to a tight situation. I allready read a lot of books and websites on the subject, and know a lot about it. So I couldnt come up with any questions. So I was gonna ask, what would you, -a normal person found in every society, with a curiosity on military and war history- like to know about the conflict? If it were you to speak personally, what would you ask them?

So basically I am asking for question ideas. It could be anything, anything ranging from life in outposts to operations in North Iraq...

I think this project of mine will turn out to be awesome and its products will be really good! Thank you for your help!  :)

General Discussion / MOTY 2013
« on: 02-12-2013, 17:12:14 »
To all the loyal fans of Forgotten Hope 2!

The time has come, once again. It is the time to pay for all the stuff FH2 devs did! Now go out there, get a ModDb account, scroll down and VOTE FOR FH2! It is our duty to get FH2 another honorable mention on the awards page, go go go! duty is calling!


Off-Topic / Madrid Travel Guide
« on: 06-10-2013, 20:10:43 »

There is a holiday starting from the end of this week in Turkey (religious holiday, probably doesnt exist in Europe/Christian countries) and I am going over to Madrid, Spain to see some Flamenco, taste some Tapas, practise my Spanish and ,you know, be a tourist  8)

So I was going to ask, if anyone has been to Madrid before, can they give me some suggestions of Quality restaurants, places to visit, etc...? I'd like to learn the least touristic places if possible, where the local people prefer. Those places are more quality. :) Thanks in advance :)


The petrol bomb, or so called molotov cocktail was used a lot during the Continuation war, and generally the Eastern Front, and since we have the Eastern Front upcoming, what are the chances we see the petrol bombs in selected or pick-up kits? Or will it stay as a weapon exclusive to Ramelle-Neuville?

Also, I think more flames should come out when it bursts, just 2 isnt enough and looks unrealistic.

After the riots here in Turkey, I got the chance to watch a molotov explode close by (not a good thing, extreme heat bursts toward you suddenly) and I can say the molotov effects in FH2 are rather unrealistic. The flames should be more, or the fire should look like its a liquid that caught fire on the surface. That might be hard to implement in the BF2 engine, but at least more flames could be good.

What's you guys' opinions?

Off-Topic / Turkey needs your help!
« on: 01-06-2013, 15:06:21 »
Hey guys,

For 4 days we as the Turkish people have been fighting the Islamist government to re-establish the Kemalist, Secular and Democratic Turkey!! I uploaded a video on youtube:

Please watch this, like and SHARE! We need FH-community's support! Its horrible here with pepper gas and polci tanks we have allready 30+ killed by police! Army supports the people and hand out gas masks but thats nt enough this has been on for days! We need the foreigners ot share this and support!

Thank you!

Suggestions / CMP Truck for Canadians
« on: 21-04-2013, 20:04:41 »
Hey ho!

Well, I tought all countries under British control which fought during ww2 has almost identical equipment to the Englishmen. It would be cool if we could have something unique. Something like the CMP army truck:

I think it looks pretty cool.   :D Also XWW2 has one, not top quality but its worth showing since its in another BF2 mod:

Now most of you will say I'd rather have more Eastern Front content. But well, as far as I observed FH2 devs also add a little of more little stuff to the existing factions in every release, and this would be pretty neat to have.  :)

Opinions? (please no "what a sucky suggesting fuck u TC007 herp derp")

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