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Modding / Re: Idea of a map, but so hard to do it.
« on: 16-11-2011, 00:11:16 »
Thank you S.Lainer,

But I've changed high.tga, low.tga and steep.tga with HD texture of snow and dirt (for foxholes) from Google and It's beautiful!!

Modding / Re: Idea of a map, but so hard to do it.
« on: 15-11-2011, 21:11:45 »
Copy that, are you available tomorrow evening?

By the way, I've restarted my map (size was too important, and because of the texture)

Now, I've got a white white snow (maybe too white?) and a great forest.

Modding / Re: Idea of a map, but so hard to do it.
« on: 15-11-2011, 14:11:36 »

I finally fix BF2 editor. Foy is in progress now, Bois Jacques is finished.

I've got some trouble, it's about the texture...It's my frist snow map, and this is a little bit more complicated with bf_tpaint.

Layer 1> fh snow detail (something like that)
Layer 2> meuse_dirty snow
Layer_3> Bastogne_3

When I use Bf-tpaint and SetLowDetailTexture then Generate Low Detail Texture it gives me some orange snow, and brown other one... I can't get white snow??? How did you do that on Bastogne and Meuse River?

Some pictures of my early work:


Modding / Re: Idea of a map, but so hard to do it.
« on: 14-11-2011, 23:11:43 »
That's correct!

But now, BF2 editor sill crashing when I save. I've got to restart from the beginning everytime and that's really anoying me!!!  >:(

Suggestions / Battle of Foy map
« on: 14-11-2011, 17:11:29 »
Hi everyone,

I try to make one but someone told me Dev's were working on it.

If it's true, i'm glad to know it.

Anyway, I've got some ideas maybe "undoable" (I'm French so forgive me if it doesn't exist).

First of all, a general point of view.

Then, defense and counter-attack on Foy.

Here's the assault on Recogne with Germans panzers reinforcements.

Attack on Cobruand the combined assault (502th and 506th) on Noville.

Finally, a idea for a new maps which allows you to play the entire Battle of Foy, the last stand at Noville.

So what do you think. I'm trying to do it, but I can't create a realistic terrain even with L3DT. Anyway, I still trying to create it.

Modding / Re: Idea of a map, but so hard to do it.
« on: 14-11-2011, 15:11:01 »
Hi jan_kurator,

I already done some easy maps, but they are not realistic...

I want to create that map because it's a challenge... It seems so hard, I want to do it!

I didn't know that Foy was in production.

If I can't success, I'll write on Suggestion topic.

Modding / Idea of a map, but so hard to do it.
« on: 14-11-2011, 14:11:26 »
Hi evreyone,

I want to create a map of the counter-attack on Foy by the 506th PIR.

I've got some intel:

So it would be my first map and BF2 Editor still crashing when I want to save.

By the way, I've got some questions:

- Is there a free software which allow you to create a map using google maps or any geo data?  ???

- In BF2 Editor, there is no snow in ColorMaps but I've got Bastogne snow types in DetailMaps or something like that.  ???

- I really want to create that map, I've got some really good ideas, but I'm stuck on really stupid things! I'm loosing confidence...   :-[

I'll have some further questions later...

PS: If my english is not really english sometimes, forgive me...

Modding / Re: [WIP] Hanley's Historical Texture Pack
« on: 13-11-2011, 03:11:50 »
Please, tell us Hanley didn't give up...

It would be so nice to see those textures in game.

Modding / Re: [map]FH2.2 sp map"omaha"download!
« on: 13-11-2011, 03:11:12 »
Did anybody reach those flags behind the 88?

I can't win a single time...

It's so sad, too many deads, too many blood, it's horrible.... :'(

Modding / Texture pack
« on: 13-11-2011, 02:11:34 »
Hi everyone,

I wonder if there is a texture pack released for FH2?

I got two sound mods working together and it's amazing espacialy the M1 Garand and MG42/MG34 sounds. But during a game on Bastogne a guy of my fireteam told me he was using a "Brawurst" texture pack from FH1.

I only found a FH1 version and I can't even download it because links are dead.

Thanks anyway...


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