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Suggestions / Suggestions for History sake
« on: 02-02-2016, 01:02:36 »
Good evening everyone!

Don't want to troll or to annoy anyone but I do have some suggestions or thoughts if you want about the overall ambiance in the game.

1st: Is it possible as Hanley did in the past to have detailed textures of actual units on the right map.

For example, Pointe du Hoc would be US 2nd R Bn.  Omaha beach would be US 2nd R Bn and US 29th I'D with yingyang type on the helmet.
Also you will noticed that I mention only Allied forces because the use of designation markings were obvious at that time with helmet and shoulder patches.  Don't really search about Axis patches though.

2nd: Same thing but with vehicles as [FH2 beta tester] Matt Baker did.

3rd: Updating 3d models of infantry

To explain my thought,  I invite you to look at the stance of a soldier in BF2 in general. Looks like he rolls his back and acts like Quasimodo...
So this is more a question about that, is that possible to cancel that strange stance or at least to reduce it?

In any case, do you think that you can update 3d models in order to add more geometry. More "relief" as I would say in French...

Thanks a lot for reading this and to accept suggestions! Best mod ever! Long live FH2!

Modding / Changing sounds of CMP planes
« on: 16-12-2015, 21:12:02 »
Good evening everyone!

I played CMP maps last time and as I already changed the sounds of the planes of vanilla planes with sounds of recorded engine sounds from IL2 mod, I would like to know how to change the sounds of thoses planes too.

Actually, i'm a user of Watchtower1001 sound mod and I customized it with sounds of other mods or games.

So technically, I don't know how to create sounds or editing them... Basically, I'm just a copy-paster!

My question is how to change the sound called in a certain file to play when the object is used?

In fact, I noticed that some weapons don't have a sound folder which contains wav files. And i suppose that a file calls an other folder to play wav files... (Hope you're not lost..!!!)

So what's the name of that file?

Thx a lot!

NB: I don't share my "sound mod" so it's respecting the terms of agreement of mods used to create mine.

Nice work! Keep up the good work! You make the game better, thank you for that!

Modding / Re: Graphic Enhancement
« on: 05-07-2015, 21:07:27 »
Hey guys,

Yes, I agree, the quality of this "addon" is related to the map.

I sometimes disable it. But on the other hand, it does add some kind of precision to textures, see the image of Anctoville Church or even that staircase with that light behind it. I think it's more beautiful with it for Anctoville in that case.

It does a great job with Normandy maps, Maghreb ones. Winter maps have like dust effect already added and ReShade doesn't work so well if it's the case.

Finally, I agree for 100% that FH2 shader guy did an outstanding work, with depth of field, and some kind of blur. It's just that I just can't help myself trying to enhance even already well-done things! I never get enough!


Modding / Re: Graphic Enhancement
« on: 05-07-2015, 16:07:23 »
HI Hauggy,

Of course I can try to showcase it. I'm running Reshade 0.5 CX from PR forums













The effect on Eppeldorf (and others winter maps) is a feeling of foggy weather conditions, if it bothers you, you can turn off ingame ReShade with Scroll Lock.

Download (and discussion about it)


1- Download it (DL both versions, you can even download presets from ReShade website)

2- Unzip in a folder

3- In order to be able to uninstall it, you should copy and paste that folder in your BF2 directory.

4- Enter that folder, copy and paste everything in your BF2 directory.

(6- If you want to get rid of it, do step 4, but when the copies are done, files are still selected, so press Delete, OK, and you're done)

NOTE: I don't know to insert pictures correctly... If someone could help me

General Discussion / Re: ADS vs Hip Fire
« on: 04-07-2015, 20:07:56 »

Seriously, what the hell?

Dev's did a great job simulating how weapons are actually used (or were used in this case)

I hardly doubt that you already fired a weapon as Light Machine Gun or even a pistol.

I can tell you that HIP firing on full auto a simple rifle from nowadays WILL NOT give you any chance of accuracy even at 25m.

And I personnaly feel firing a pistol HARDER than a rifle,because yours hands do not provide enough stability and your weapon has more chances to sway and miss its target.

I can tell you that FH2 is NOT fully realistic ballisticly, but it may be an engine issue, or a decision for gameplay accessibility.

In the game, you can run like a thief for 5 min, kneel, aim and be accurate. In real life, you have to be damn trained to be able to do that.

Even running, in real life, running with boots, backpacks and weapons get you really and quickly tired. Walking should be default speed for soldiers, but I understand that it wouldn't be a great idea, people would find it ridiculous in a game.

So Airshark79, I don't know why you're still playing this mod (which is a very good one, the onlly one that could fulfill WW2 fans dreams) if you don't like it. Nobody's forcing you!


How can you handle that, dev's??!!!  ;D

Modding / Re: Graphic Enhancement
« on: 02-07-2015, 16:07:25 »
Thank you hitm4k3r,

I tried reShade 0.5, looks nice!

Didn't know the reShade thing, but no CTD, I suppose ALT Tab would generate one though.

Thanks anyway!

Modding / Graphic Enhancement
« on: 01-07-2015, 17:07:26 »
Hello everyone,

FH2 is the most beautiful mod! Much better than PR.

As I was looking for threads about it on PR forums, I saw ENB configs for BF2 engine.

I tried some of them but it lacks of stability (in my case at least), some were not so realistic as white from walls got me confused as the sky was almost as white as the walls...

So dear comrades, do (did) you use ENB? If yes, which one?

 Or maybe SweetFX (even though I never could set up it right... XD)?

So to sum up,

FH2 is not close to be dead? It will still continue for a decade! :D ;)

Lookin forward that standalone thing in the topic concerned, but still... I have a general question that I would llike to have thoughts about it.

Is FH2 going to be only a mod?
Is FH2 still using engine of an other game?
Will it be possible one day that it'll be developped on its own engine to allow features that devs think interesting to add (like TS4Ever artillery/ATgun tow idea)?
In others words, will FH2 be the project of A life for the current dev team?

Starting from scratch could be demoralizing I understand, but on the other hand, it's exciting for a dev team and his community to begin a project with shared ideas, isn't it?

Hey hitm4k3r

Thanks for the advice, actually I tried to reproduce the best map of Darkest Hour '44 for me that was Maupertus and a real Foy attack map.

I managed to place hard stuff, trees, roads, fences and that's all.

Textures, Heightmaps and Lighnting were so damn complex to me that I gave up ( because I joined real army of my country too...)

But I feel like giving another shot, but not as level designer but as a player modelling cause I often think german soldier of Wermarcht look skinny, I prefer Winter ones... And I like what HanleyUS and MattBaker did with playermodel and vehicles textures, and I would like to help this process too.

Anyway, thank you for your reply, long live to FH2!

Hello everyone,

This topic is dedicated to the devs mostly.

I wanted to thank you, when I firstly played that mod, I wasn't paying attention to details brought by the accuracy of the sceneries, weapons and troops concerned on the batttlefield back in WW2.

The amazing Port-En-Bessin map, as well as Omaha or the WIP Pegasus Bridge one left me "wordless", this precision is outstanding.

Nevertheless as you said in the last stream, you have trouble bringing fresh troops (new players) to FH2 because of the fact that BF2 became an abandonware recently.

What are your thoughts about it?

I have one but it will surely get your hairs dressed.... To become a standalone with your own Engine for example even if it would be a long trip!

I always had that dream where FH2 devs, Darkest Hour '44 devs, Festung Europa and Tractions Wars devs were cooperating to produce a game that would leave EA games and Ubisoft speechless, something that doesn't focuses on DLC and over marketing bullshit, but pure love dedicated to History.

You, Devs, are really what makes me want to model or level design, but I'm a bg big noob.

I would give you those 70€ that I -shame on me- paid for BF3 (i didn't buy the last one).
YOU WORTH IT! You deserve it!

Anyway that was one point.
Don't know if general discussion is the best place for this topic... Anyway...

I've got an other question which is more likely a suggestion..., will you update the sounds of FH2, something more ... percuting, more agressive, more "realistic"?

Last point, can you tell where/when do you imagine FH2 ending story? In other words, what is the final aim, the final addon, the final theater, the final map?
I mean, Darkest Hour'44 was the reason I bought RO, I had a ton of fun hours on it, but now, it's roughly crowded even if RO 1 still in STEAM.

How will WE (the 100 to 200 people of the community) will continue this love story to have fun learning and giving life to History?

Thanks for reading, and I Hope to get answers from the Devs I admire.

Take care of you, and come play your masterpiece FH2 more often! ;)

Hello Everyone!

I go often in Normandy because I live not very far from there and I love thoses places of memory.

Last time my friend and I went to Port en Bessin, and we were looking for similarities between FH2's version and reality.

And I got to say, a very good job has been done, but there are eventually some differences and kind of historical mistakes or ommisses because of BF2 engine or 3Ds creations...

Let's begin and you'll find out what I'm talking about.

1st: Trenches on Eastern Hill fortifications

2nd: MG Nests on Eastern Hill

3rd: Possible Mortar Position with linking trenches

4th: Cpt Cousins Bunker

5th: Access trenches from city to Cpt Cousins bunker

6th: Possible Canon position

7th: Rue du Phare's Bunker

8th: Rue du Phare's fortications

9th: Western Seashore

10th: View from below Rue du Phare's bunker towards the heart of the harbour

11th: Flakships

To explain the situation in 1944 there is a map on the actual Rue du Phare's Bunker.
Key locations and fortifications were:
-the Eastern bunker taken by Cpt.Cousins and his men during the night
-The Western Bunker taken after many casualties
-Flakships which came back to port right before the landings and slaugthered the commandos climbing the Western hill.

To conclude,
I would have loved that the elevation in FH2 would have been more accurate (not enough steep IMAO),
to have a deeper depth of view, to have more accurate fortications according to the real place (including flakships, would be amazing).

Anyway, this map is already vvery nicely done, just wanted to point some importants componments that have been important during the real battle.

Some gifts:
Memorial Plaque in front of Cpt.Cousins bunker

And a nice view

Suggestions / Kits Geometries
« on: 19-06-2014, 21:06:35 »
Hi everyone!

I think it ay be interesting to updates US and Wermarht kits geometries.

German ones are fine on winter maps, but US soldiers didn't wear very hot clothes but a minimum. I think Darkest Hour ones are accurate and may be taken as examples.

Also, I think new US Airborne uniform would be enjoyable. With new helmets (fishnets and card signs depending on the unit which fought on the map) and new "gear" like shovels and gas masks on the leg.

It would be A W E S O M E!!

British, Aussies and Canadians ones are good, they look good especially the rifleman one.

But the majority of the time, soldiers in FH2 look skinny or at least not wearing anything on them except their trousers and jackets... Actually, when you look at the models, they're detailed but when you are far from it it's like the coat (for US soldiers for example) is too small and fit too perfectly on the soldier. If you understand what I mean.

Anyway, FH2 is the greatest mod ever done on this planet! A billion hours spent on modding and coding and so on... It's wonderful and is a relief for those like me that love realistic shooters and  - big plus - taking place on every campaign of WW2! Never done before!

Thank you so much DEVs! I want to marry you all and have little modders with you!!!


Suggestions / Re: Explosions from PR:BF2
« on: 14-06-2014, 22:06:31 »
Thanks for the answers!

I don't think that the current particle effects in FH2 are awesome...

If you watch "apacheclips" and see all the JDAMS, artillery and rockets explosions, the current FH2 package isn't realistic.

I mean, i'm a serviceman and when you see real rockets (AT4CS), grenades and rifle grenades explosions, PR ones are quite honestly more realistic than you may think.

So I don't know... I'm sure it's not a priority for the Devs at this time with the Eastern Front comming but PR got the FH2's Enfield model, why wouldn't they accept to share that?

And by the way, I use ENB to "enhance" the graphics and a soundmod to improve the audio part.
That's why FH2 lasts in time, it's moddable and when you want something even if it won't be forever, you can add something and change it again later...

Well... I would really enjoy to see the particle effects changed, but as I can see here, it's just my opinion..

Suggestions / Explosions from PR:BF2
« on: 14-06-2014, 19:06:30 »
Hi everyone!

I was playing PR:BF2 the other day and when I came back playing FH2 the explosions effects were desappointing...

Is there any chance to get the permission from PR devs to have their particles effects?

It would be so damn nice!

Or at least to change them...

See below an example from youtube:

See you!

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