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General Discussion / Re: Find players, now soldier!
« on: 14-01-2017, 01:01:02 »
Well hell no!

And tonight you were 55 in total. I like to be free in FH2, i dont use VOIP, i enjoy the ambience of the game.

But i'm really worried about the ending of FH2... Sooner or (hopefully) later it'll pass away. And i wonder if any game will be as passionate, as accurate, as epic than our dear FH2...

I think maybe Postscriptum but hey... That's not the topic huh?!

General Discussion / Find players, now soldier!
« on: 13-01-2017, 22:01:53 »
Good evening!

I feel very sad this evening...

As the time goes by, we lose players... And when FH tournament is going on, we are less than 40 (20 per team) to play on common server...

What a ******* shame!

You could have hoped to have full (or nearly) server each evening but now, it's more likely to happen only on saturday evening!

How sad, really!

I'm so pissed by the FH thing! tonight it's 34 on CMP server, 8 on #2, and 55 on FH T!

Splitting the community will ruin it!

FH2 is too great for that! I miss the 50 against 50 mess!

Anyone has ever thought of a way of gaining players or Something?!

Damn, so frustrated!

Modding / MG42 sound
« on: 03-01-2017, 23:01:39 »
Good evening everyone!

I try for a long time now to replace the mg42 sound.

I did it for other MG or SMG but this one is Killing me!

I always have looping issue no matter what timing set for the cue points and regions.

I tried 0.926 (same value than original wav from the mod), 0.897, 0.800...

Each try includes to modify the pattern and I'm getting exhausted and hopeless with this MG42...

So can someone explains me where i'm wrong?

My file is 44100hz, 16bits, stereo (1p) and mono (3p) and my region is set from 0:00.000 to 0:00.926 at the moment but doesn't work.

Please help!

Bug Reporting / Crzay M5 76mm
« on: 03-01-2017, 18:01:07 »
Good evening everyone!

I found a bug pretty hilarious, you could called it Haunted M5.

Here's the video to illustrate it:

Footage shot yesterday on 762 Ranked#2.

Loved it, and even if we lost that 76mm US managed to win that fight! :D

For my part, I think there are some really interesting maps in the CMP, such as Argentan, Battle of Salerno better in PUSH mod though), Bloody Gulch (better with Push), Bloody Marsh (Better with push), Brecourt Manor (better in PUSH mod), Etna line ( with tickets problem resolved when all flags captured by US), Orsholtz Switch, Sidi Muftah and Ste-Mère-Eglise. On the Pacific theater I like Tarawa even if there's the problem of balanced gameplay.

I don't really like the FH1 conversion even if it's fun to have 50 planes in the air in a gigantic mess (Bombing the Reich and Dover one) because I think the main difference between FH1 and FH2 is the realistic approach of mapping. FH1s'maps are fun and somewhat representative of the region of the battle, FH2 are built to be accurate even if the scale is not 1:1. And I really really appreciate that work from the devs.

Finally, I said there was the balanced gameplay problem on Tarawa, let me explain my thought.
In WW2, there were hundreds of soldiers and vehicles at the same time on the battlefield (especially during a landing operation) the defenders were entrenched and often less in number than the invaders. In FH2, and every games for now, the game model is asking you to have 50 against 50 or 32 against 32, there is no place for assymetrical warfares and that's the problem with Tarawa in my opinion. I played it 6 times I think, 4 times the US captured the HQ (last flag far right) by a SL piloting a warbird that intentionally crash landed to be able to bypass the coastal defenses, the other 2 times were actual squads heroicaly made their way at the pier or at the southwestern emplacement.

Overall, CMP is adding to the game, new theater, new enjoyable maps but often are less detailed, less polished (but hey... I tried twice to make a map with BF editor, I know it's hard, and long) but mainly, I don't really like the FH1 conversions maps and I would appreciate the conversion of most of the maps to the PUSH mode and to be balanced without interfering with realism (Tarawa is really well done, a nice job!)

Anyway, thank you to the community to let us enjoy these maps and to add content!


General / Re: Tanks and vehicles
« on: 06-11-2016, 17:11:38 »
Nice video!

I admit that Stuart acceleration rate could be true, but when you see the last jump that the Carrier does in your video, i'm pretty sure that in game it would blow itself up.

I still Wonder if it's possible to reupdate the collision damages and weights of vehicles.

I just played Ramelle as german and driving through craters made me lose 5 or 10% of "health" of the Sdkfz251 and when commanding a Marder, that thing "bounced" and nearly turned upside down.

Can you tell me if it's possible and if yes, are you thinking about it?

I have no agressivity, i just want to know.

Thanks :)

General / Tanks and vehicles
« on: 06-11-2016, 01:11:04 »
Good evening!

I wanted to open a discussion and have the answer of the devs about tanks and vehicles in general.

I have to say at first that the amount of work is just giant and it's the only game I keep playing because no other game or mod put me in the famous WW2 battles and in a degree of realism for landscapes and material used never seen elsewhere.

But due to the engine of BF2 (i'm pretty sure this is its reason) I feel like vehicles no have the weight they're supposed to have, their handling doesn't seem right.

Let me explain myself,

First example, the bren carrier, it weights 3.75 tons (Wikipédia) but in game, it feels like a car and breaks itself very easily when taking a slope too rapidly and when driving by the craters...

Second one, the Stuart ( works with any tanks really), 14 tons (average), accelerates like a race horse and performing wheelings when getting uphill or any slope.

I think you get the idea of what I want to say, is there any chance to make all ground vehicles HEAVIER so that you really feel its weight and its corresponding handling, in order to have most of the time the tracks or wheels on the dirt and not in the sky?

I appreciate any answer and opinion about it!

Again, thanks to the devs for having created an enjoyable WW2 experience!

Suggestions / M7 Priest
« on: 06-11-2016, 00:11:20 »
Hi everyone! ;)

I often Wonder why there is no Priest in the US Army branch of FH2.

We've got the Bishop for the British, the Marder for the Reich but no Priest for US.

The question of its utility may be asked but I think that it could be great to see it replacing some Howitzers on certain maps like Operation Cobra which is armor oriented and maybe Vossenack, even though the two howitzers have a nice emplacement with sandbags.

If Priest is added to the game, the final push towards the Sexton would be plausible.

What do you think about it? :D

Suggestions / Forgotten Hope 2 Soundtrack
« on: 01-11-2016, 18:11:00 »
Hello everyone!

I always loved the tracks during loading times.

I thought maybe a Soundtrack would be cool.

Even with other WW2 themed songs or music tracks like the Community Map Pack.

I recognized most of them, I have them on Deezer but not in those versions, especially BF1942's theme.

And maybe why not opening a Community Soundtrack? And adding suggestions and additions from the players too!

It's 18:31, time to load the game and to enjoy both loading and gameplay!

I installed it too, works fine.

Enjoy my friend! See you on the battlefield!

Hi there!

I downloaded it and that's a common Reshade install, you just have to drag the content of the rar file into your bf2 main installation location (where bf2.exe is) and it may work also if you put it in bf2/mods/fh2 but only if Forgottenhope2.exe is there, i'm not sure right now.

Reshade, ENB, Mastereffect are MP ready, no problem with that! ;)

I got trouble with Reshade lately, I posted a thread about it on the forum but after some times, my game didn't want to start at all, only black screen with no option but to reboot...

I'll give it a try though, i've got ENB working but I don't like the settings, not as effective as Reshade and Mastereffect.

Good luck and enjoy if it works!

Modding / Editing sound problem
« on: 06-10-2016, 15:10:11 »
Hi everyone!

I've manage to create a sound replacing tank gun sound in 1p by mixing differents sounds taken from a firing range last summer.

But when I load it in the game, the sound goes on a sature level, it's like someone is blowing in a microphone...

When I wanted to edit it in goldwave it suddently didn't recognize the format and ask me if it's raw and what type and so on...

I'm lost, I know 1p is stereo and 3p mono but I can't get it right because of Goldwave not knowing the format.

Anyway when I play the wav sound in WMP, it plays well.

Can someone help me?

Thank you!

FH2 Help / Support / ENB not compatible?
« on: 05-08-2016, 12:08:07 »
Hello everyone!

One simple question, is there a way to get ENB working again? Seems like an update made ENB crashing FH2 when launched.

Thanks again!

FH2 Help / Support / FH2 doesn't start anymore :'(
« on: 14-05-2016, 19:05:33 »
Hi everyone!

Last month i was in a camping because of my work and I had 10A of electricity on my emplacment.

I tried to play FH2, the game started but the game was very very laggy due to battery saving  settings, I tried eveything (modifying battery saving settings, Nvidia graphic profile) that was usely the roots of my problems with lags.

That didin't work so I tried playing others games (COH europe at war) and it worked properly.

I didn't play FH2 during the rest of my stay over there.

I came back last week and my game was still laggy... I checked the Nvidia grahic profile and it was on Intel Graphic 4000 and not my GTX660M. I fixed that and I checked the battery saving settings to "Max performance" but now my game doesn't start at all!!

I open the laucnher, wlick play, and the screen turns black and that stay forever like that... no error message, Nothing.

Please help me!

My spec: Win10 x64
GTX 660M
(MSI GE70)

Suggestions / Re: Suggestions for History sake
« on: 02-02-2016, 13:02:49 »
Thanks for answering that quick TS4Ever and Matt!

I got it for the third person animations. And good news about the passenger thing, no more soldier crouching on the back of the tank, is that so?

And a question for you Matt, do you plan to model infantry units too?

I already love your vehicles stuff and I wrote it in your thread.

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