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Modding / Graphic Enhancement
« on: 01-07-2015, 17:07:26 »
Hello everyone,

FH2 is the most beautiful mod! Much better than PR.

As I was looking for threads about it on PR forums, I saw ENB configs for BF2 engine.

I tried some of them but it lacks of stability (in my case at least), some were not so realistic as white from walls got me confused as the sky was almost as white as the walls...

So dear comrades, do (did) you use ENB? If yes, which one?

 Or maybe SweetFX (even though I never could set up it right... XD)?

Hello everyone,

This topic is dedicated to the devs mostly.

I wanted to thank you, when I firstly played that mod, I wasn't paying attention to details brought by the accuracy of the sceneries, weapons and troops concerned on the batttlefield back in WW2.

The amazing Port-En-Bessin map, as well as Omaha or the WIP Pegasus Bridge one left me "wordless", this precision is outstanding.

Nevertheless as you said in the last stream, you have trouble bringing fresh troops (new players) to FH2 because of the fact that BF2 became an abandonware recently.

What are your thoughts about it?

I have one but it will surely get your hairs dressed.... To become a standalone with your own Engine for example even if it would be a long trip!

I always had that dream where FH2 devs, Darkest Hour '44 devs, Festung Europa and Tractions Wars devs were cooperating to produce a game that would leave EA games and Ubisoft speechless, something that doesn't focuses on DLC and over marketing bullshit, but pure love dedicated to History.

You, Devs, are really what makes me want to model or level design, but I'm a bg big noob.

I would give you those 70€ that I -shame on me- paid for BF3 (i didn't buy the last one).
YOU WORTH IT! You deserve it!

Anyway that was one point.
Don't know if general discussion is the best place for this topic... Anyway...

I've got an other question which is more likely a suggestion..., will you update the sounds of FH2, something more ... percuting, more agressive, more "realistic"?

Last point, can you tell where/when do you imagine FH2 ending story? In other words, what is the final aim, the final addon, the final theater, the final map?
I mean, Darkest Hour'44 was the reason I bought RO, I had a ton of fun hours on it, but now, it's roughly crowded even if RO 1 still in STEAM.

How will WE (the 100 to 200 people of the community) will continue this love story to have fun learning and giving life to History?

Thanks for reading, and I Hope to get answers from the Devs I admire.

Take care of you, and come play your masterpiece FH2 more often! ;)

Suggestions / Kits Geometries
« on: 19-06-2014, 21:06:35 »
Hi everyone!

I think it ay be interesting to updates US and Wermarht kits geometries.

German ones are fine on winter maps, but US soldiers didn't wear very hot clothes but a minimum. I think Darkest Hour ones are accurate and may be taken as examples.

Also, I think new US Airborne uniform would be enjoyable. With new helmets (fishnets and card signs depending on the unit which fought on the map) and new "gear" like shovels and gas masks on the leg.

It would be A W E S O M E!!

British, Aussies and Canadians ones are good, they look good especially the rifleman one.

But the majority of the time, soldiers in FH2 look skinny or at least not wearing anything on them except their trousers and jackets... Actually, when you look at the models, they're detailed but when you are far from it it's like the coat (for US soldiers for example) is too small and fit too perfectly on the soldier. If you understand what I mean.

Anyway, FH2 is the greatest mod ever done on this planet! A billion hours spent on modding and coding and so on... It's wonderful and is a relief for those like me that love realistic shooters and  - big plus - taking place on every campaign of WW2! Never done before!

Thank you so much DEVs! I want to marry you all and have little modders with you!!!


Suggestions / Explosions from PR:BF2
« on: 14-06-2014, 19:06:30 »
Hi everyone!

I was playing PR:BF2 the other day and when I came back playing FH2 the explosions effects were desappointing...

Is there any chance to get the permission from PR devs to have their particles effects?

It would be so damn nice!

Or at least to change them...

See below an example from youtube:

See you!

Modding / Personnal Modification of Watchtower soundmod
« on: 05-02-2012, 00:02:11 »
Hello and welcome to this topic!

First of all, i used Watchtower sound mod and it's really amazing.

But, when I watched FH1 movies, I realized that I wanted to have some rifle's sound changed anyway.

So I used Band of Brothers soundmod for Call of Duty, Day of Defeat and Explosives' sound from Brothers in Arms game.

Here are new sounds used:

M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, MG42(3p, no 1p changed), .30cal (1p and 3p), K98 (1p and 3p)

Whizby, Impacts, Ricochets ...

Mortar and grenade explosions.

(Note: I will upload a gameplay video on Meuse River 1944)

Sounds not working (looping issue):

Bar 1918, M1A1 Thompson.

Ok, now questions:

-How can I solve looping issue?

-How can I hear more bullet-crack, bullet-fly? Because, I think I hear:

1-Explosion (Bass) and Heartbeating (explosion nearby/shock)
3-Whizby, Ricochets, bullet-crack ...

Thank You, and see you soon for a gameplay video.

FH2 Help / Support / Can't play MULTIPLAYER at all
« on: 28-01-2012, 01:01:32 »

I've got thhis problem now...Don't know exactly why.

Well, I was mapping, I tried my map on local server. Since this time I can't join any MP server, only SP game.

I didn't find any solution.

Last things I did with FH2:

- Installed FH 2.4 using Desura (why? Because of a problem that occured when I used Torrent files. FH2 won't install even if I used compatibilty options on W7.)
- Install Watchtower1001 soundmod
- No problem since may/june last years.
- Mapping, Testing on local server.
- Unable to join MP servers.
- Because of this problem, I've reinstalled FH2*.

Note: FH2 and BF2 are installed on another HardDrive. (D:/Jeux/EA Games/Battlefield 2)
Note 2: Jeux? Yes, I'm french.
Note 3: I can't play on PR and BF2 MP servers too... Interesting... It's an external problem obviously!

Suggestions / Battle of Foy map
« on: 14-11-2011, 17:11:29 »
Hi everyone,

I try to make one but someone told me Dev's were working on it.

If it's true, i'm glad to know it.

Anyway, I've got some ideas maybe "undoable" (I'm French so forgive me if it doesn't exist).

First of all, a general point of view.

Then, defense and counter-attack on Foy.

Here's the assault on Recogne with Germans panzers reinforcements.

Attack on Cobruand the combined assault (502th and 506th) on Noville.

Finally, a idea for a new maps which allows you to play the entire Battle of Foy, the last stand at Noville.

So what do you think. I'm trying to do it, but I can't create a realistic terrain even with L3DT. Anyway, I still trying to create it.

Modding / Idea of a map, but so hard to do it.
« on: 14-11-2011, 14:11:26 »
Hi evreyone,

I want to create a map of the counter-attack on Foy by the 506th PIR.

I've got some intel:

So it would be my first map and BF2 Editor still crashing when I want to save.

By the way, I've got some questions:

- Is there a free software which allow you to create a map using google maps or any geo data?  ???

- In BF2 Editor, there is no snow in ColorMaps but I've got Bastogne snow types in DetailMaps or something like that.  ???

- I really want to create that map, I've got some really good ideas, but I'm stuck on really stupid things! I'm loosing confidence...   :-[

I'll have some further questions later...

PS: If my english is not really english sometimes, forgive me...

Modding / Texture pack
« on: 13-11-2011, 02:11:34 »
Hi everyone,

I wonder if there is a texture pack released for FH2?

I got two sound mods working together and it's amazing espacialy the M1 Garand and MG42/MG34 sounds. But during a game on Bastogne a guy of my fireteam told me he was using a "Brawurst" texture pack from FH1.

I only found a FH1 version and I can't even download it because links are dead.

Thanks anyway...


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