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Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day (Other eras)
« on: 19-08-2010, 18:08:20 »
Was that the rooftop ambush in Ramallah were an entire four man scout-sniper team was whacked?

It was in Ramadi, june 2004

American soldiers recovered one the of the sniper rifles taken by Iraqi insurgents two years later,15240,102328,00.html

Yesterday I had a good day. I always play on a 762 server with the most players.

At the beginning of Lutich map I race forward with a 251, but after a while I encounter a sherman so I bail out and run 50 meters. A minute later a US soldier takes the 251 and drives away. I took aim with my K98 and killed the driver with one shot.
After that I took the 251/11 at the german base and started shooting salvo`s at Mortain. Killing 4 US soldiers, for the first time making kills with this halftrack!
A few minutes later i`m clearing the hedgerows around mortain and I see a M10 passing by. I shot a few salvo`s from my MP40 at the turtet and I think nothing of it. Then 15 seconds later I get a kill message and I look at the M10 and its not moving, killed the driver!

A few maps later on Cobra. I`m in a Panther driving along and taking out shermans at long range. Many US airplanes in the sky and one has spotted me. He dives towards me but his approach is behind trees and my MG has to reload. The second the plane came behind from the trees I shot a PzGr40 shell at the plane and it blows up!

Nothing more satisficing then taking out airplanes with armor because I hate it getting killed by a Typhoon or Cobra!

That WW2 on Facebook made me laugh, funny comments indeed.

Off-Topic / Re: South Africa World-Cup 2010
« on: 22-07-2010, 19:07:59 »
Classic interview techniques - treat your guest like a retard, dont prepare, laugh at your own stupid jokes...That was painfull to watch.

Henry is a lying bitch, his first answer is that he is `happy to be here`, yeah sure...mabey his bankaccount ;) So I can forgive him for his racist lies about Europe.

God, that game sucks! But awesome that they put hypnotoad in it.

Off-Topic / Re: Only in america
« on: 03-06-2010, 21:06:34 »
Jesus Camp....LOL. religion!!!!

Off-Topic / Re: Draw Muhammad Day (Thoughts)
« on: 23-05-2010, 23:05:43 »
This goes further then using microsoft paint...

Below is a link to a 6 min clip of a BBC show where a presentor picks the dutch comedian Hans Teeuwen up from Heatrow to give him a ride to his hotel. During the drive they chat. Hans hits the nail on the head in this debate about free speech vs religion. And it is very funny clip. A lot of communities (especcialy the dutch) should be offended by this clip if they where like the muslim community...

Off-Topic / Re: Draw Muhammad Day (Thoughts)
« on: 23-05-2010, 14:05:28 »
"If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people."

I believe the only boundary in a free society is violence so people should paint pictures, talk about and ridicule however they like. If you cant accept that you are not fit to life in a free society.

Good news to start the day!

Drilling, that will be a blast  ;D

Operation Totalize

I drove a panther over the north river bed and took position in the cornfield next to the main road. The first kill was a sherman that was driving on the road towards the crossing and had no idea that there was a panther to the right of him, one shot one kill. Again, a few minutes later two shermans are driving carelessly, one shot and the shell goes true the firts sherman and also takes out the second one! I never thought that was possible but I like it  ;D Got some more kills but eventually got killed by Typhoon...gets me everytime.

b.t.w. I only made this account to brag  ;)

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