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Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 23-05-2012, 07:05:49 »
The things people talk about make the events that are happening, or will happen way down the road, much more significant.

I really cant say anything more that wouldnt spoil something or another. As it is HBO leaves out and blows through a lot of dialog and content and events just so they can get to the VITAL stuff every season. Trust the ones who have read the books, it's worth it to enjoy and take in every moment.

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 22-05-2012, 23:05:37 »
Sorry guys, call me an unbeliever, a heretic or a witch, but the second season has too much talking to my taste. They talk and recollect past and exchange threats and glares and talk again, and it prevents something from happening. I think all events of 8 episodes could be easily packed in 4 episodes, with each episode focused on fewer plot lines.

Yeah...the thing is A Song of Ice and Fire is primarily about the characters; how events are set up by people, and how they impact people. All of the talking is the mortar that holds together the bricks of major events. Without the talking and slow bits the show would be a shakey wobley heap of stones that couldnt hold up to curious children let alone Dragonfire.

Why has my well-constructed metaphor gone rambling about Dragons? Because a few episodes ago some of the characters were talking about Harrenhall (Where Arya and Tywin are) once holding the title of impenetrable, until the Targaryens melted the towers and shattered the walls with Dragons. This gives you some history, enhances the scenery and tone of the location, and builds the reader/viewer's respect for the power of these creatures.

Several times Littlefinger and Catelyn's childhood together is mentioned, alluded to, and brought up. What happened back then and the way they talk about it makes these characters into people. Then in later scenes, confrontations and arguments make more sense when you understand some of the thoughts that must be going through their minds.

The things people talk about make the events that are happening, or will happen way down the road, much more significant.

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 22-05-2012, 23:05:44 »
You mean they dont exist at all, or they arent as prevalent per capita?

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 22-05-2012, 23:05:29 »
How's your Bran new leg Theta?

Suggestions / Re: Offroad vehicle mobility
« on: 22-05-2012, 23:05:10 »
This is actually a great idea. Too bad if it's enjinbinatation.

I wonder if random bits of wood or rocks or debris lying around in these fields could be coded like the fences, but only allow halftracks, tanks, and citroens through unhindered. The trucks could still run full speed, but there would be a high chance of hitting one of these and rolling/bumping around and generally making it difficult to drive off road.

They could be pretty simple low poly objects.

Or long, invisible, speedbump-like objects.

Infantry could possibly walk over unhindered as well for gameplay.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 21-05-2012, 21:05:59 »
1) Riding the delightfully drunk high? Check (4th rum'n'coke)
2) Just watched some great TV? Check (Game of Thrones)
3) Listening to some awesome music slightly too loud? Check (Florence & The Machine)
4) Body feels slightly worn out? Check (~2h of sunbathing & working out on & off during the day)

Life looks good tonight. Even though it actually is quite shit :-/

Checklist for the next few months: Find a job & Find a girl. Neither of which will prob happen :(

Florence & Just Cause 2, make me feel better!

I spent the weekend busy with a family bbq so I missed Thrones last night. I am inspired to follow your lead tonight with A Song of Rum and Thrones.

Dont sweat the small stuff (job and girl) or youll miss out on all the important stuff life has to offer. : P

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 17-05-2012, 23:05:54 »
That made me tear up Mudra, I hope you can find some peace yourself. Seems like you gave your cat a home he was happy to stay in for years and years and years. His owners should take some consolation from the happiness he left this world with.

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 17-05-2012, 01:05:43 »
If you were working on a nuke, trying to cut your foot in half would mar your employer's saftey record and get the whole company kicked off the job. : P

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 16-05-2012, 14:05:59 »
These next five day should yield some interesting conversations from theta methinks.

Also, does FH2 Forum Rehab include opiate treatments?

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 16-05-2012, 00:05:55 »
If you were in a shop they have those shells that wrap around the whole top of your foot. Of course, you never wear them when you dont expect it. I never wear them myself, but field work can be...casual.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 15-05-2012, 23:05:50 »
I hope you had thick shoes. >_< I scream like a bitch when I stub my pinky toe, that's like stubbing your entire foot...

Edit: If I may ask, what were you doing that involved steel plates and racks?

How else will he get out of the window safely when they guy scared him? Makes sense.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 15-05-2012, 23:05:36 »
Ouch. Did it hit the top of your arch (center of the foot) or did it hit the top of your toes? Regardless ouch. I twisted my ankle once and not walking on a foot sucks. I hope your cast lets you put weight on it. At least you have the rum, eh?

Announcements / Re: Call To Arms
« on: 15-05-2012, 19:05:06 »
Isn't Poland part of the Second Wold? Seeing as it was part of the Soviet Union's domain back when the phrases were coined. First world is the west, second world Russia and their iron curtain etc, and third world countries that weren't (directly) involved.

Anyway, back on topic, I'm glad to see some movement with this issue. I wonder if some people could see it better if say every game that have had a version of the FG42 were compared side to side. This would make the copying clear and similarity separate.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 15-05-2012, 16:05:44 »
still sick as fuck

But look what i finnaly found in BELGIUM

Finally me mateys!

Yarrrr ye be in fer some good times, cap'n. I favor the black spiced variety meself. A delightful mouthful straight from the bottle!

Edit: Your new theme

Or everything Alestorm

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