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I've now uploaded the new versions of the files, hopefully they should work OK (haven't had time to test them fully). The map patch should now contain fully updated/modified data for co-op as well as SP mode.

Also noted how infantry fire their rifles at a more realistic rate... I heard what I thought was a mauser firing at me, killed the offender only to realise it was  a semi-automatic. M1 Garands and M1A1 Carbines also fire alot slower...

Something to compare maybe, Drawde... Also, in the stock FH2, bots use both the slow and fast fire BAR depending on the range... Another factor to note'

Odd, I thought I'd got the "rate-of-fire cap" for semi-auto rifles and pistols to work properly, I'll have to take another look at this. I'll also try and get the bots using the different BAR fire rates again, this is something that inadvertently got "broken" whilst fixing/adjusting the weapon AI data.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Purple Heart Lane: Testing
« on: 24-07-2010, 19:07:45 »
Is it the map AI mod/patch which causes the CTD, or is it the AI minimod itself? (i.e does the CTD occur if you're running the AI mod but
are using the original, unpatched map file)

If it's the AI minimod rather than the map patch, presumably the problem is a weapon or object which only occurs in this map - but I can't think of any offhand.

Hopefully I should have an updated version of the AI minimod (planes firing rockets, no tank smoke shells, fix for Normandy 25pdr, etc.) and map minimod/patch (with full support for co-op) ready tomorrow - I'll update this thread when it's uploaded.

Once that's done, I'll have a look at more fixes/additions. Clivewil's deviation settings for plane guns definitely look like they might be useful. Couldn't see how to get the Stukas to dive more steeply, but I've now added SP-only versions of the Stuka where the dive horn/siren activates in shallow dives (as in the currently released minimod version) - the siren on the standard MP version now only activates in steep dives.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: 3inch mortar, problem
« on: 23-07-2010, 22:07:02 »
I reversed the elevation controls for the British 3in mortar, as otherwise bots can't aim it properly (not sure why exactly).
Haven't noticed any problems with aiming/firing it myself, but I'll have a look later on to see if I get the same problem as you. I usually leave mortar firing to the AI as they're a lot better at it than me (and don't need a spotter)!

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: About P51DRockets
« on: 23-07-2010, 22:07:15 »
I just played a full game on Totalise for the first time since fixing the plane rockets, and now properly appreciate how much the rocket-firing Typhoons change the balance of the map  :o  Before, the Canadians had trouble even capturing the windmill CP and rarely got far past the bridge; the 88s massacre Allied armour and even when they're eventually taken out, the German tank counter-attack manages to prevent the Allies getting far.

Now, the Typhoons simply pulverise anything that moves with their rockets (which can take out an 88 or other AT gun with a near-miss) - the Allies overran all the capturable German CPs within the first 10 minutes, and most of the counter-attacking German tanks got taken out with rockets before they could do much. It was only after all the Allied planes got shot down (it usually takes a while for bots to bother with using them again on Totalize, though they almost always jump into all 3 at the start of the map) that the Germans managed to make any progress.

I'm wondering if there is any way to add a "reload delay" (maybe a minute or two) after bot aircraft have fired all 8 rockets - currently they effectively have infinite rockets, which, combined with the AI's precision accuracy, seems to make rocket-armed planes very overpowered.

BTW - So far I've never see the Allied 25pdrs in action on Totalize, anyone else seen bots use these?

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: About P51DRockets
« on: 20-07-2010, 10:07:31 »
Not sure what I was thinking  ::) the previously posted file didn't include the weapon projectile files, which are the most important part of the fix.
Here's an updated zip which should work (BTW, the "vehicles" folder in the zip should be added to and the "weapons" folder to

I'll take a look at Clivewil's post later.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: About P51DRockets
« on: 19-07-2010, 21:07:42 »
Here are the fixed Typhoon, P-51 and P-47 files. Don't have time to post any more, but I'll try and get another version of the AI minimod (including the plane rocket fixes) up soon.

Fixed the Normandy 25pdr issue, it was caused by a typo in the .tweak file.

Now plane rockets have been fixed, thanks to Clivewil, I'll try and get another AI minimod version finished soon including this, also a new map mod/patch with full support for co-op maps (which I forgot to include in the current version)

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: About P51DRockets
« on: 12-07-2010, 21:07:51 »
Looks like Clivewil has finally cracked it, tried out the suggested change on the Typhoon rockets and bots can now fire them - finally! I'd never have figured out this fix in literally a million years (I'm not sure what the "PhysicsType" setting actually does!)

This will make quite a difference to game balance on maps like Totalize and Cobra, rockets are very effective at taking out static gun positions (you usually don't even need a direct hit) so the Allies should have more of a chance against the German 88s now.

BTW, the PhysicsType needs to be changed for the projectile, not the weapon! I tried changing the weapon PhysicsType first and got a seriously bizarre result; the Typhoons (unmanned) fly vertically into the air and explode, and anyone nearby gets teleported several hundred feet away :o  ???

Turns out the map patch problem was my fault, I only updated the SP mode files for most maps and forgot to copy them into the Co-Op mode folder as well! - so the co-op files are either unmodified or very out of date compared to the SP ones. I'll fix this ASAP (within the next week at least).

Also will have a look at the Normandy 25pdr issue - I suspect this is a bug with the non-AI/SP version of the gun, as I think the SP one worked OK the last time I tried it.

Only the gunner's viewpoint (and the ranging dials) are elevated, the shots themselves are fired from the barrel as normal. I think the ranging/spotting code also uses the barrel as a reference point, rather than the gunner's viewpoint.

The El Alamein 25pdr is probably just too far away from the enemy lines to fire - artillery gunner bots are still limited by the AI's sight range. If the Germans got as far as the British forward base (they never have when I've played this map) it might fire.

The raised viewpoint doesn't - as far as I can see - increase the spotting range for the AI, it only allows them to see over terrain and obstacles blocking their line of sight. For an artillery weapon which already has a good vantage point (e.g. the mortar on Kidney Ridge, El Al) it makes little or no difference to how effectively the AI uses it.

I'll get round to adding AI versions of deployable mortars sooner or later, this requires a bit more coding than the fixed ones so I left it out for this one. Increased AI priority for deployable MGs is also doable, but will require new AI files for these weapons (not hard to do)

Also, I'm now working on separate versions of the Stuka for SP (with the AIX divehorn activated in shallow dives). As I mentioned before - Do you think the MP version should have the original key-activated horn, or an automatic AIX-style one which only activates in steep dives?

I definitely prefer the AIX Stuka sound to the FH1 one, it's a much longer continuous sound and changes pitch according to the plane's speed (rather than the pitch change being part of the sound file). It sounds a bit odd if the .WAV file is played outside the game, but the in-game effect sounds spot on. I think the volume/distance fade effect still needs tweaking, though.

The US artillery on Cobra definitely doesn't fire, unfortunately, not sure why as it ought to have line of sight to the farmhouse.

I haven't updated the artillery objects on all the maps (Anctoville, Lebisey, Villers Bocage etc.) but all of the standard 2.26 SP maps, plus those added by Remick04, should be included in the 1.0 map patch. Not all of them have fully updated/fixed AI strategy scripts, though.

For the next version I'll make SP-only versions of the Stuka with the automatic dive siren. Not sure if it would be better for the MP versions to either have the original key-activated siren, or use the same AIX code with the velocity threshold increased, so it only activates in steep dives (as it should realistically, but bots very rarely do steep dives - so the threshold needs to be lower for SP)?

To Djinn - It sounds like you haven't installed the map patch correctly (no AI artillery, commander spam on Supercharge, etc.) Hopefully if cannonfodder can make a compiled map mod available, this will make it a lot easier to install.

Thanks for posting the Alam Halfa files - seems to work fine for me, this is the first version of this map I've tried (a) that doesn't randomly CTD and (b) where the German tanks can actually work out how to get through the British defensive line!

One thing I noticed is that the Stukas seem to ignore the British 6-pounder gun in the middle of the first defence line, I managed to more or less single-handedly hold the enemy tanks back with this gun until (literally) I ran out of ammo... the Stukas bombed every other gun position around, but not mine. Tanks didn't seem to bother firing HE at me, either. (Checked the static 6pdr object and it has the same AI armour class as other static guns, so this doesn't seem to be the issue)

I'll get working on a custom AI script for this map, it definitely needs one as the Germans need to be on the offensive all through the game, whilst the British should start off focusing on defence and counterattack once they start losing CPs.

DOWNLOAD LINK - Map tweaks


This contains quite a few fixes since the last version, both large (AI firing howitzers) and small (planes less likely to strafe tanks). It's still definitely a BETA version as there are some serious issues not yet fixed (such as bots not firing small arms at exposed vehicle crew) and I haven't really playtested it enough to check for CTDs and map-specific issues.

Any feedback on CTDs, particularly repeatable ones, would be welcome!

Installing the map tweaks minimod is highly recommended, as you'll need to install it to use the SP-only artillery with raised gunner viewpoint. It also has a lot of changes to the map AI scripts, fixes to the "commander spam bug", etc. It's currently very unfinished, many maps don't have custom AI scripts yet, but all those that do are tested and working correctly (to my knowledge)

Installation may be a tricky job for anyone not used to working with BF2 mod archives (you need to open each map's and add the mod files to it), but I don't really have the webspace/bandwidth to upload a version containing the full archives for every map (really ought to try using a filesharing site rather than my own webspace) If anyone wants to make a "compiled" version available, feel free!

Feedback on the map mod (probably best in a separate thread) would also be welcome - I'd particularly like to know if the commander spam bug is still present on any maps!

I'll release the next beta version soon when I've sorted out the Stuka dive siren settings. There are several values which have to be adjusted to change the siren activation/deactivation speed thresholds, and there's a very fine balance between too low (siren tends to stay on almost constantly once the plane has built up speed after a dive, unrealistic and gets annoying quickly) and too high  (siren rarely activates when bots are flying the plane).

Currently I've got it nearly right but it still needs a bit more tweaking. With the AIX dive sound (similar to the FH1 one IIRC) being under Stuka attack is quite scary now  :o, especially on maps like Crete where you're under almost constant attack. It does give you "advance warning" of your tank/vehicle being dive-bombed, though (and possibly time to bail out + take cover) - previously, the whistle of an incoming bomb was usually the first (and last) thing you heard...

No luck with the rockets so far - tried changing the Typhoon rocket data in the .tweak file to match that in the AIX P-51, including the MultiFireArmTargetComp bit, but they still don't actually fire the rockets. However, they don't seem to use guns on ground targets anymore despite the guns not being disabled - which suggests that they're trying to fire rockets but for some reason can't.
Saw your post in the other thread re. contacting Clivewil - hope he can help out with this! I think I've given up on this problem for the time being.

I have had more luck with the Stuka siren, I've managed to integrate the AIX code into the FH2 Stuka, but currently the siren only activates when in a very steep dive. I'll see if I can lower the activation speed.

Anyway, I'll be releasing another beta version some time this week. It's not really polished enough for a non-beta release, but I haven't had that much time lately to work on or playtest it so I'd rather get a playable version out now than wait weeks more to get everything working correctly.
I've made numerous improvements + fixes since the last beta, but there are still some annoying bugs like bots not firing at gunner positions, and the CTD on Purple Heart Lane.

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