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Modding / Re: Moddeling
« on: 21-04-2010, 23:04:58 »
1 unit in max is 1 cm in bf2.

AFAIK 1m in max is 1m ingame.

1m is 100cm

100cm in max is 39,37 units

and 1m in max is 1m in game?

so could some one say me real how meny metters cm or units in max is in bf2.....

Modding / Re: Moddeling
« on: 20-04-2010, 15:04:09 »
could you say me name of this plugin or some link to it?

Modding / Re: Moddeling
« on: 20-04-2010, 15:04:38 »

AFAIK 10m in Max is 1m in game

AFAIK 10m in Max is 1m in game

AFAIK 1m in max is 1m ingame.

so 1meter max is 10 or 1 meter ingame ?:P

and its unbelievable there is no plugin to MAX to support BF2


Modding / Moddeling
« on: 19-04-2010, 23:04:24 »
Hello :)

From 3 or even more month i playing forgoten hope 2 i even bougth bf2 special to just play it :)
And today because my ping got bad day :P probobly i need buy him chocolate and start up 3D's Max and then

brilliant idea
meby i gona do some static model for my lovled mod !!!

because im lezy men i gona ask you for plugin to 3D's Max (10) to i could export after i end it to bf2
and could you give me some tutorials about exporting it etc.

about some scale/size how big 1cm or 1meter on 3D's Max is on game

Modding / Re: error unsupported
« on: 25-01-2010, 22:01:07 »
heh thx i can i say i have some skills in mapping because i do maps to wacraft 3 some like 10 ?

for counter strike 1.6 some like 100 ?!

and for source engine 5 :)

now is time for bf2 engine:P

but this editor is very very strange :P

do some one have some page or materials with some operesions, battles with fully plans ?

Modding / Re: error unsupported
« on: 25-01-2010, 11:01:08 »
ye i try but i dont help

but i fix
i instal editor on second notebook and then copy it to my main notenook

but right now i got other problem

i start loading seting for fh2 and after is probobly end i get error

and when i click yes or now i get


probobly i fix it but now i got other problem when i want load all mod content i dont have enything

ok i fix it :) now i can start mapping :)

Modding / error unsupported
« on: 25-01-2010, 04:01:49 »
when i try stary editor i get error

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