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Suggestions / Royal Scots Engineers - faction
« on: 15-06-2010, 22:06:40 »
I was playing Company of Heroes the other day and I was rather touched by the RSE troops. Rolling mainly on Cromwells and Churchills, having commando troops (silenced Stens) and sappers....

Was wondering if it would be possible 2 apply them 2 the game as a faction? I know it would be map-constricting or map-wise.

General Discussion / Aircraft and their guns
« on: 10-02-2010, 16:02:58 »
It's probably my fault but I can't seem 2 figure out the various fire-weapons on board the aircraft. Every plane has 2 or 4 Machine-guns fitted on the wings. Some have, as they are referred 2, auto-cannons that are basically better machine-guns of heavier caliber OR do they have AP capability also? Cause I have tried, and always am using them on a strafe-run while attacking a tank and 50/50 it says that I damaged the tank. No matter which one.

So I just wanted 2 know, can I bring down a PZIII or PZIV for xmp. with a Hurricane with Auto-cannons? Can I damage a Sherman and Crusader with the 20 MG FF/M from the Trop and Focke Wulf?

Suggestions / Another idea for wepons:late WW2
« on: 31-01-2010, 04:01:57 »
If we are gonna be using later scenarios as in Berlin or something like that, I went over the TOP 10 Combat Rifles and seen the M14 was used in 1940s. U could flame me by saying "Hey it was rarely used and is semi-auto and full-auto so it wouldn't be much balanced". But then again maybe you find the idea interesting. Ofc. we all that are members are always welcome 2 come up with ideas, am I right?

Suggestions / Maybe remodell the Kettenkrad to BMW
« on: 27-01-2010, 03:01:32 »
I was thinking, ofc it's just an idea, if we could somehow do the BMW Sidecar Motorcycle (with MG34 maybe). It would take just to remodel the Kettenkrad rear passanger into the side passanger, and the driver position wouldn't have to be touched.
I know they were using BMWs in WW2 so my opinion is that it would fit greatly. The only backside is I couldn't do it since I'm not a programmer or modder.

EDIT by Flippy: Fixed a typo in name of the topic.

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