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Gaming / Re: Battlefield "1"
« on: 08-05-2016, 23:05:31 »
I think he means all the colorfilters (EVERYTHING IZ BLUEEEEEEE), the blurring, and, my personal favuorite the always-blinding sun. Other than that the game really looked (or rather still does look) brilliant.

This. Since i do not wear glasses i hate that there had to be dust ALWAYS on the googles and LENS FLARE was everywhere.

Gaming / Re: Battlefield "1"
« on: 08-05-2016, 13:05:49 »
The problem i had with BF3 was that my eyes would hurt after a few minutes playing due to the colors and effects.

Gaming / Re: Battlefield "1"
« on: 07-05-2016, 14:05:53 »

A what did you miss video.

Gaming / Re: Battlefield "1"
« on: 07-05-2016, 00:05:20 »
Changing the theme music from the epicness that was in 1942 to fart sounds in BF3 and now to 7 nation army. The whole thing reminds me more of WW2 setting rather than WW1.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 03-05-2016, 23:05:30 »
Where? Is he inside that bush?

Off-Topic / Re: The Great Firearms-Thread
« on: 01-05-2016, 17:05:54 »
You should definitely invest in some better glasses for the shooting range  :P

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 01-05-2016, 15:05:30 »

Ehhhhhhh.... Nah, not really that much. Must be the larger trigger guard space and the extra room on the grip but no. Not really.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day (Other eras)
« on: 29-04-2016, 10:04:26 »
just how that reflects on the Iraqi military.

Based on what I hear from Dutch soldiers who've been on tour to Iraq recently (training missions) the Iraqi armed forces are a bunch of lazy cowards. Luckily there are the Peshmerga who are actually motivated to train and fight.

I watched this a while back. I think it explains it all well.

Off-Topic / Re: FH2 players' age pyramid
« on: 27-04-2016, 10:04:34 »
December 19th 1993
I am two days older than you.

Ha-ha, jokes on you. You're going to die 2 days sooner!

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 13-04-2016, 09:04:13 »
Also try and tell her about your masterplan of creating a dictatorialshipment in Europe funded by robots and hookers.

Off-Topic / Re: The money-game
« on: 07-04-2016, 01:04:04 »
Couple thousant Euros on saving in bank, just in case and the rest goes to trips around the world. Since i still live with my parents imma take full advantage of it and do the things i would regret not doing.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 05-04-2016, 23:04:56 »
I did not use the word stealing now, did I? No need to get your panties in a bunch. Yes your pistol is the most specialest snowflake around  ;). Happy now? My point was the same as yours, if an idea is good more people will follow using their own means and ways.

Off-Topic / Re: Post something happy that happened to you
« on: 05-04-2016, 00:04:01 »

Hickok45's video about a romania made Tokarev. Didn't know it had some similarities with the M1911.

C-can we nuke em again? Maybe that 'll fix 'em.

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