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Suggestions / Re: Give SL points when squadmembers spawn
« on: 28-03-2010, 14:03:57 »
Of course there shouldn't be one point per spawn but perhaps one point per ten spawns.

That part makes me like this idea.  :)

Suggestions / Re: SL spawn-point locker
« on: 28-03-2010, 14:03:20 »
The only thing I`d like to change in Squads is incerase the number of members from 6 to 8.

Very good idea too ! ps: But you would have to give one of the SLs the opportunity to be commander at the same time ...

What about sneaking Sl?: coward.


Its about tactic as well. Do you even play to FH2 as squad leader on public server ?... Between the SL spawn and the mark, everyone takes the SL spawn. If you want your squad to defend a flag while you are preparing the next attack, you just would have to lock your spawn instead of writing something noone will read, loosing your flag, and eventually getting shot in the process. Lock + mark = more teamplay.

Besides, there is absolutely no cowardness in hiding in a bush too small for your squad. If sneaking SL are cowards, the SL spawn is cowardness itself.

Suggestions / Re: SL spawn-point locker
« on: 27-03-2010, 23:03:48 »
Agreed. I play most of time as SL and there really is some sensitive situations where I would rather act alone for moment. For example, trying to crawl over open terrain with very little cover, it's bit bad thing if someone spawns on me and starts running around. Or even if he stays low, he will anyway be on standing position for millisecond and so exposing both of us. Ofcourse I always say about it, but there are always people who don't listen or read chat.

But I think this feature should be with timer. It would prevent idiots from keeping their spawnpoint always locked.

If this feature is put into place, than there should be a notification that it is on somewhere, if possible

Yeah, but not too big. Maybe the lock would look blue instead of red (when you are wounded), or something like that... As for the timer, I realy dont see how someone dumb enough to forget his lock for an entire round would have the mind to put it on in the first place, so imo there is no need to make it that complicated. The lock would be used rarely and for dangerous conditions in which that kind of player never finds himself into.

Suggestions / SL spawn-point locker
« on: 27-03-2010, 19:03:06 »

I think the (public) squad would benefit a lot if the leader had the chance to lock his spawn-point from time to time... What do you think ? If you agree, can it be done without too much work ?

General Discussion / Re: Discussion bout (future) Eastfront
« on: 26-03-2010, 03:03:54 »
... which leads to what I want to see on the Eastern front : 1 vs 2 (or 3 :P) scenarios ! I don't believe that has already been done before ... Why is that ?

Modding / Re: Mamaev Kurgan
« on: 19-03-2010, 18:03:48 »
do it for FH2 instead  ;)

 ;D Yeah, why not ?
All my mapping projects so far have moved to FH2, but this one is 75% done so it would realy be too bad to let it unfinished... Besides, it is a rather experimental map, not the kind of accuracy you could expect from an FH2 version...

I guess you will ppsh the trenches sooner than you thought !

Modding / FH1's Team SPs
« on: 19-03-2010, 13:03:25 »
Hello there,

I am making an other Stalingrad map for FH1 and I would like to introduce a part of the battle for Mamaev Kurgan in it. The basic idea is to make a cod's Hill 200-like in a russian landscape, but I am having a hard time finding images or videos showing this area in those days (it may appear in several images you can find, but as I don't realy know the place, I can't realy tell). This is all I have for sure :

So please, is there a Volgograd citizen or a WWII expert that could give me a hand ? I need at least three or four identified pics closer to the battlefield. Thank you in advance.

Let's make this thread useful :

... reminds me of a silly movie ;D :

General Discussion / Re: Please join me in promoting FH2.
« on: 07-03-2010, 16:03:12 »
I bet the Forgotten Hope Channel on Youtube can realy help :

I hope you'll get a good catch !

Anctoville / Re: Anctoville 64
« on: 05-03-2010, 12:03:28 »
I really think this should have squadleader spawn, many seems to dislike this map because of the unorganized BF42 deathmatch feel. Also what's up with M3a1 requiring 2 panzerfausts to kill when hanomag takes one piat?

It's a map with potential, but at this point it is just total chaos. I think the map would be better of with spawning enabled on the squad leader. You also might want to move the spawn points closer to the flags their related to.

And maybe it's an idea to think about removing one of the "Secteur Nord" or "les Fermes a l'Est" flags. Often I'm just running around to capture a flag the enemy has just taken only to find the flag undefended. It's a real capture the flag game then, but without the fighting.

I realy don't know about SL spawn. It's worth trying I guess. Nobody came up with a good argument to keep the "classical" way so far...

But I think "les Fermes à l'Est" should be the farm (with an mg 42 in the window just like FHT's version of the map) and not the field. The field is too close to Mairie : sometimes, you just have to make a few steps from your spawnpoint to shoot the ennemy's :P ... And It would make it easier for the germans to defend the farm and "les écuries"... The map would then become a real defensive arm-wrestling match with some epic battle at Mairie or Church to inflict the bleed.

... and by the way I think the minimap shows water where there is not, at the right of Mairie and below the farms i'm talking about...

Suggestions / Re: What about a whistle ?
« on: 04-03-2010, 13:03:52 »
Sorry it wasn't clear, I was thinking two things. It would scare the ennemy (tanks and squads, useful sometimes) AND it would make him turn around. I don't like to shoot backs, that's the main reason.

Suggestions / What about a whistle ?
« on: 04-03-2010, 12:03:07 »
I've been watching Once upon a time in the West yesterday night and playing FH2 this morning and I thought why not ? It would be fun to be able to make some sound to scare the ennemy, wouldn't it ?  ;)

Nice work devs  :)
When can we expect the 2.3 release anyway ? Rather like monthes or an entire year ? Will there be a fanmap contest ?

/remembers the "I want Russia please make Russia now" thread  </21 gun salute>

I don't get it. Its not a thread, just a post.

Nice work devs  :)
When can we expect the 2.3 release anyway ? Rather like monthes or an entire year ? Will there be a fanmap contest ?

General Discussion / Re: FHSW 0.4 Coming soon!
« on: 08-01-2010, 14:01:41 »
Hello everyone,
How could I get in touch with FHSW devs, since their blog is in an asian language ? Because I am working on map projects for FH1 that might interest them, so ... Is anyone of this thread a part of the dev team ?
Thanks a lot for answering.

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