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FH 0.7 Help / Support / Re: No more FH0.7 servers ?
« on: 01-02-2015, 21:02:39 »
Right now :
31 players on Pixel-Fighter custom map
38 players on FHSW server.

Enough to have loads of fun ;)

You are forced to use 100% quality textures if you want to avoid this problem.

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 14-01-2015, 11:01:03 »

A whole squad died yesterday in that trench on Gold Beach... thanks to Churchill not so friendly fire.
I'm the only one who survive the shot lol.

General Discussion / Re: BATTLEGROUP 42
« on: 09-01-2015, 12:01:14 »
Is Forgotten Hope 1 still active ?

Afaik yes. Ik there's some active servers on the weekends. Pixel fighter still gets a few people a night iirc too.

Yesterday on pixel-fighter you had at least 40 ppl the whole evening (19:00 to 23:00 berlin time). You might find even more players during the week-end, although there are less players when they run their custom maps. FHSW-europ's server has also a good ammount of players at evening during the week-end, and the japanese server is always full near 11:00 AM (Berlin time again).

FH2 Help / Support / Re: New copy of BF2, trouble installing
« on: 04-01-2015, 12:01:43 »
Yes download the game on P2P, as long as you have bough the game it's legal, and see if it works.

General Discussion / Re: Nationalism and attacking mainbase
« on: 29-12-2014, 00:12:58 »
Say this on server frogeater.

Now this if funny , you accuse a guy of bashing your country, but you do the same lol.

FH 0.7 Help / Support / Re: Can I get Battlefield 1942?
« on: 21-12-2014, 12:12:55 »
You can get the game here :
And the two add-ons aswell. Scroll down to see the links.

How to play Battlefield 1942 ONLINE :

¤ Install Battlefield 1942, CD/DVD version or the Origin version

¤ If you have the CD/DVD version, make sure patches 1.6 and 1.61b are installed :
1.6 :;23189
1.61b :;33702

¤ Install the Battlefield Gamespy Patch :

¤ Profit ! If you wanna play Forgotten Hope 0.7 mod, you will find it here :

Alam Halfa / Re: Alam Halfa 64
« on: 23-11-2014, 15:11:46 »
That bug is not specific to Alam Alfa, it can happen on different maps.

Tactics & Tutorials / Re: Teamwork point/score
« on: 26-10-2014, 01:10:43 »
Try the Tiger's MG gunner position on Ramelle, really boring but I suppose it's the best way if you want to farm teamplay points.
As for as I'm concerned, I pick scout kits over assault kit most of the time because you get lots of kill assists thanks to artillery.

Gaming / Re: Europa Universalis IV
« on: 16-10-2014, 17:10:52 »
If you use the Conquest CB you have to occupy provinces, however you can use Holy War or Trade Dispute CBs, where the goal is to show superiority, aka win more than 80% of all battles. Although you will have to occupy the provinces you want,  you are not forced to occupy lots of them.

General Discussion / Re: Coincidences are fun(ny)
« on: 04-10-2014, 13:10:14 »
Nice one, it reminds me the scene :

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Can't underSTand it V
« on: 26-09-2014, 15:09:53 »
V stands for Panzer Mark V, aka Panther chassis.
It's not the fifth version, if it was so, I guess it would have been called Ausf.(insert a letter)

Gaming / Re: Europa Universalis IV
« on: 23-09-2014, 14:09:42 »
And who wiped out the Ottomans?

The Mamluks obviously :)

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 14-09-2014, 23:09:32 »
I think they are simply referring to the german government, which was nazi at this time.
It would be retarded to say that all germans were approving all the decisions taken by Hitler.

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