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Modding / No Man's Land: First video!
« on: 18-04-2010, 09:04:14 »
Hello all,
today no news, but something even better, video with planes from our alpha. Still dont forget it is alpha, so there are small mistakes  ;)


Modding / No Man’s Land Update: Paul and Wilhelm
« on: 10-04-2010, 09:04:56 »
News in 2-3 hour, you can guess.  ;)

Modding / No Man's Land News: General Announcements
« on: 19-03-2010, 17:03:46 »
New news today or tomorow, now smaller with administration and dev things.

Hello all,
i am bringing you some small mistakes i found ingame and on website.
But first, one bug I saw only one time, from Totalize windmill 88
(you can see on attached pic down, i have one more if you want.) something weird with kits animation or what

Now those mistakes:
a) Ingame: 1.most of Lewis MGs has 200 bullets magazine (they should have 47)
                         2. most of german pick up kits (panzerfaust etc.) dont have bajonett as on rifle but as knife.
                         3. Not at all maps were knives for MG men replaced with Spade! For example in Lebisey is still knife.

b)website: 1. Why is  Mount Olympus in Normandy list?? (I think it fits more for Mediterain campaign in NA, or  make new front on website.)
               2. I cant find High Power pistol for Canadians

Suggestions / Radetzky´s weird more realistic suggestions
« on: 20-02-2010, 09:02:39 »
I hope you will not kill me  :) , those are only suggestions

-remove that non aiming cross (dunno how to say it right) from all expect SMG and Pistols

-remove tank health

-remove running bar

-remove kill messages

- divide tank man into driver and gunner

-remove all people from minimap (  :) realistic, but more TKs) and grey abandoned vehicles too

-have those motorcycles ingame

-have commander table on more normandy maps.

-and i found another Citroën, 7CV, often used by civilists and germans, made by Blackjack for DODS

this should be all what can i remember now.

Modding / NML news
« on: 13-02-2010, 10:02:09 »
Maybe you asked yourself what happened to all old NML news. But today or tomorow, we will have new great news, so you can look forward to more historical infos, teamlist, what do we want in first release, etc.

Bug Reporting / Weird halftracks in Anctoville
« on: 10-02-2010, 15:02:48 »
I dont know, if anybody didnt posted this too, but sometimes in anctoville, sdkfz. 251 cant be stopped. Still moving forth or back. Do you have it too?

Off-Topic / Question about upload
« on: 05-02-2010, 14:02:53 »
I have problems with uploading big files (NML files) on Megaupload (slow and sometimes fail), so do you know some better server? I hope yes.

Suggestions / Some suggestions
« on: 24-01-2010, 15:01:22 »
Hi all
I am making this list, I hope it isnt bad, that i have 2 suggestions and 1 question.

1. Make new manual. Old one is only for North Africa.
2. I have idea about stealing enemy tanks and planes (sadly i think, that BF2 engine cant do it)
            - be near abandoned enemy tank
            - hold some button for stealing (maybe E)
            - after some time (maybe 15 secs or more) will be same tank there but with friendly marking.
               and you can drive it.
3. Is there possible to close/open tank cupola? I read it in manual.

General Discussion / Very high ping and lagg problem
« on: 08-01-2010, 18:01:33 »
I have no reason why, but today, when I play on all servers, i have so big ping and all laggs. But often i had only small ping and it lagged only in Totalize and just a little. What I have to do?

Off-Topic / If someone will be interested in-WWI mod
« on: 30-12-2009, 19:12:43 »
After looking list of BF2 mods on Moddb, I saw, that there are no WWI alive mod!!!

There are : BF1918/2 - dead now, they are working on 3.1 BF1918 for Bf1942
               Dawn Patrol- only partly from WWI, based on dogfights, totally dead.

So I have Sugestion- Idea:

It will be nice to fight in trench system with SMLE an G98 and Lebel on big maps, above your head dogfights of Nieuports, Sopwiths, Albatroses and Fokkers, with support of MGs like Maxim and Vickers. Then many other fronts, maybe russian civ. war, Mosin-Nagants, Mannlichers, MOUNTAIN warfare, On late front Surmtruppen, tanks like A7V, Mark, FT-17.......

So would somebody of you like to help me and support this idea?
It is naturally only idea now.
And if it will be succesfull, it will need lot of work mainly in modelling, coding and mapping (you can see on FH2)

And one please: If you dont like (or hate) this idea, please dont write insulting or spamming posts.

As another topics here in General discusion (fav AT gun, fav map, fav weapon), just write your fav. building or static.

NA: Fall of Tobruk: Churck and house complex between church and admirality houses
      Giarabub: Whole fortress and mosque
      Sidi Rezegh: Really cool HQ buliding
      Mareth line: African houses at Matmata
      Tunis: Prophets Gate, small bazaar near mosque.

Mediterrain: Sfakia: whole map is nice, monastery, open mill, bar, etc.
                 Crete: Chania, monastery

Normandy: Falaise pocket: Only one open mill in Normandy maps
               Lebisey: Very nice chateau
               Goodwood: Cagny is nice, also Cagny trainstation
               Totalize: Water mill, whole map is good.
               Pointe du hoc: Observation bunker, very enjoyable to defend/attack
               Purple HL: Orchard

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