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For me it's teamkilling. On urban maps for example, one grenade can wipe out an entire friendly squad.

Yeah, it's the main theme of "Where Eagles Dare"

Many thanks! 8)
I knew it was a movie theme but could not remember which one.

Fantastic trailer. Looking forward to the release very much.  8)

Does anyone know what is the name of the music theme in the first part of the video?  Many thanks.

Thank you very much. I will be signing up soon. I played in a Campaign few years ago and I loved it.

I am thinking of signing up. However, truck driving keeps me very busy and my participation would be quite limited.
Are the battles every Friday?
Hoping I could attend every 3rd or 4th battle in a month. Not sure if that is enough though.

Fantastic work! Many thanks.  8)

Downloading now.

Developer Blogs / Re: Omaha Beach - Defenses Explained
« on: 07-04-2014, 00:04:52 »
Looks fantastic! Thank you very much Ts4EVER.

Announcements / Re: Bloody Omaha - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 07-04-2014, 00:04:02 »
Amazing update. Keep up the fantastic work Developers!

Developer Blogs / Re: I am the one who crocs!
« on: 14-02-2014, 15:02:35 »
Fantastic work! Looks amazing. 8)

Developer Blogs / Re: Tanksystem Update
« on: 14-02-2014, 15:02:43 »
Splendid news! Keep up the fantastic work Developers.  8)

Thank you very much Flippy for the playlist link. I love FH2 music themes.

Looks amazing! Keep up the excellent work Developers.

Off-Topic / Re: Which kind of music are you listening to?
« on: 14-07-2013, 22:07:53 »
"Aase's Death" by Edvard Grieg. Also in War Thunder (menu music number 5).

Developer Blogs / Re: The road to Prokhorovka Part 3
« on: 14-07-2013, 22:07:31 »
Fantastic update as always!  8)

Developer Blogs / Re: FH2 T-Shirts
« on: 14-07-2013, 22:07:17 »
Wow! That is an awesome looking T-shirt.  8)  When and if it gets available to purchase - I will more than gladly buy several.

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