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Off-Topic / Re: Militaria
« on: 24-02-2014, 00:02:11 »
No 5 jungle carbine sights fetch twice the price as origenal sights here, so use that to your advantage, sell the jungle carbine sights, and use that money for no 4 sights and the barrel band.

What year/manufacturer is the No4? So that we can determine what sights you really need (The 300-1500meter sight or the dual flip 300-600 meter sight)

Year of manufacture is weird. It says 1944 but there's a 5 over the 4 like if they had committed a typo. And I rather have the micrometer sights than the flip 300-600 because it places limitations, plus the micrometer default setting is 200 meters. I do need the MK1 forend nose cap but the only place I found it, they are out of stock so if you could link more places for a MK1 nose cap I would be grateful.

Off-Topic / Re: Militaria
« on: 23-02-2014, 03:02:17 »
Pics! Strangely, mind came with the Jungle Carbine rear sights, a white painted front sight and the forend metal piece is missing.

Gaming / Re: War Thunder
« on: 23-02-2014, 03:02:50 »
Well finally. Eastern Germany will receive some jets to compensate for the lack of good jets. Now we only need the F86 Sabre for western germany.

Off-Topic / Re: Militaria
« on: 21-02-2014, 08:02:57 »
Enfield NO4 MK1 restoration is complete! I changed the upper handguard with a grooved one and I relieved the wood shrinkage with a delicious mix of raw linseem oil and turpentine mix with some droplets of chestnut stain. Then I also refinished the magazine and the frontal sight ears with some suncorite and then baked for 3 hours.

Pics tomorrow!

Gaming / Re: War Thunder
« on: 08-02-2014, 21:02:40 »
The only thing I want now for Germany is the addition of the F86 Sabre; it was in use with the German Bundeswehr after WW2 and it was the first jet in service, supplied by the US.

The Me262 and the M163 are unsuitable against the late Korean war jets of the Russians and the Americans.

Off-Topic / Re: Militaria
« on: 25-01-2014, 04:01:32 »
it needs a refinish I'm some parts. Gotta clean the bore too.

But man. 303 is harder and harder to find nowadays.

Off-Topic / Re: Militaria
« on: 24-01-2014, 06:01:37 »
Couldnt resist. I just bought another Enfield NO4 MK1. But it needs some Restoration of the wood and get the rust out of the iron sights.

Planning to do it like they did the rifles back then. Raw linson oil, no staining. And the metal refinish it with the british steel paint.

Gaming / Re: Day Z (Survival Zombie Simulator)
« on: 31-12-2013, 22:12:13 »
What sort of evil is this game?

An unforgiving world where supplies lack. Everyone needs to survive, and anyone can betray you or deceive you. But when assholes roam the world (vast majority), they kill you for fun and is shoot to kill everywhere.

IF you dont play with friends, prepare to have a shitty time.

Gaming / Re: Day Z (Survival Zombie Simulator)
« on: 28-12-2013, 23:12:23 »
Its very hard, because they can do as they please. There is not a "punishing system" and there is not a balance in the game. And let me tell you that it was hard for me to find a weapon. I found the M4 in a very badly damaged condition, and the parts were scattered across several military bases so I could find the proper amount of parts to replace the very damaged ones and a new sight that was in okyish condition.

It took me hours of going South just to get a weapon. ANd I found a FNX45 but I gave it to my friend. Ammo is hard to come by.

Gaming / Re: Day Z (Survival Zombie Simulator)
« on: 28-12-2013, 23:12:54 »
I just got this game, while I do enjoy its simulation of being in a semi zombie apocalypse, my only problem is 1.

People are fucking assholes. Who shot people that just spam in for fun. I know its part of the simulation, since in real life scenario, us as human would do anything to survive and we can look just for ourselves, like shooting another player so he cant get more supplies than you.

However, the internet is filled with a shit ton of assholes who enjoy shooting more people than surviving and they have fun with you. Or people who cheat each other.

I ended up helping a guy with a broken leg who was surrounded by zombies. Even after defending him and giving him enough to live. He shot me in the fucking face.

Two days was all it took for me to rage hard at this game.

There should be a system that really punish asshole people, and I am not speaking about just the robber skin either. Hundreds of players are complaining as well.

I started to play with a friend, and I might need more assistance.

I am a very honest player. If I see a noob, I just tell him to keep his distance just in case, but I dont shoot for fun or waste bullets. It's a complete waste of my time. I always go on raids, but I would not rob from a player stash even if it was in front of me. Perhaps I am rare breed of player.

Even so, if you guys want to play with me and my friend, we can team up. I dont have much.

Just food, an M4, drinks, some clothes, bandages and a canteen with water. Should be enough to survive now.

Add me in Steam if you want, Yustax.

Gaming / Re: War Thunder
« on: 27-12-2013, 06:12:29 »
Do I use the p 47 -25 or the p47 -28?

Use both. The only difference with the other variant is just 1 km/h of difference.

Gaming / Re: War Thunder
« on: 27-11-2013, 20:11:38 »
I mostly use the P47 in HB. It's a powerhorse, lots of fire power with over 3000 rounds of 50 cal. It's fast, powerful and can take punishment. However, dont expect to climb as fast as the BF109's.

Gaming / Re: War Thunder
« on: 26-11-2013, 18:11:36 »
If I do remember, the West German army had F86's around the 50s, so maybe they should give the germans one.

Gaming / Re: War Thunder
« on: 26-11-2013, 04:11:59 »
At low levels, I really hated to be stuck with machine gun calibers. Like when I flew the first Spitfires, I despised their weak as hell 7.7 guns, even in the first Typhoon plane, slow as a cow, and weak as hell. It was better off in the later Spitfire versions, at least armed with quad 20mm and the Premium Typhoon, which I bought immediately for increased fire power.

That's why I prefer to fly germans. Just 3 words BF109-G10+Triple 30mm=Ultra Overkill.

I cant wait to unlock the ME 262 with quad 30mm. However, powerful as they are, they arent turn fighters and are just used to climb, dive, boom and zoom.

And their repair rate is the highest in all the nations.

Gaming / Re: War Thunder
« on: 24-11-2013, 04:11:14 »
My best plane at the moment is the G10...monstrous firepower, triple 30mm, a couple of rounds is enough to obliterate B24 Liberator bombers. Extremely fast and agile.

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