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Off-Topic / Where did you get your avatar and signature?
« on: 12-06-2009, 01:06:36 »
I'm curious where people got the stuff that identifies them on the forum.  For example, I got my current avatar from a commercial for an energy drink (  I made the signature myself in GIMP, specifically for these forums (although I've started to use it elsewhere as well).  You can also post why you use the stuff as well (I use the squirrel because I laughed my ass off at that commercial every time it came on TV) and why you use the the little caption underneath all your forum stats on the left over there ("Do the Squirrel Dance!" was something Natty said about me [kinda] in a topic and I stole it).

If you recently changed your avatar or sig, or used a different one for a long time before switching to your current one, you can post about that one as well.  For instance, my old avatar featured a character from one of my favorite Animes (Julia, from Cowboy Bebop) and something meaningful she said.  I decided it was too gloomy, so I changed back to the squirrel thing that I've used before (I had to crop the squirrel because the forum squeezed it in a weird way).

Old avatar (it was squished by the forum, another reason I wanted to change it):

So, where'd everyone get the stuff that identifies you to other people on the internet?

FH2 Help / Support / Vanilla Problem
« on: 11-06-2009, 12:06:09 »
My brother wants to play BF2 vanilla, for whatever reason.  However, there's a problem.  When he joins a server, after the whole thing loads, and goes through the "Verifying Client Data" phase, the "Join Game" button pops up in the lower right, but he immediately get disconnected with this error message:

I couldn't care less about BF2 Vanilla working or not, but apparently he does.  I don't know if FH2 messed something up (I doubt it) or something else.  He'd like to play BF2 and he refuses to play FH2 until Normandy comes out.  Any help would be appreciated.

Also to preempt a suspected "fix":  Will un-installing and then re-installing BF2 delete FH2?  As in, will I have to re-install FH2 as well?

Also, I launched through BF2.exe, not FH2.exe.

When you pick up a German Sniper Rifle, non-spawnable AT rifle or non-spawnable MG (the "extra" kits that lay around on some maps), the little icon next to your name in the squad screen and score board doesn't reflect the right weapon.  It shows that you have an SMG kit.  If you pick up the British equivalent of these weapons, you do get the proper icon (little sniper rifle, ATR or MG).

I'll try to get screenshots or more information up soon.

Everyone knows you can use the "Hatch Open/Close" keys (default Arrow Up/Down) to close the armor slats on the Hanomag's view ports.  The problem is that people can still fire directly through it and hit the driver with small arms fire, regardless if it's open or closed.

The Dorchester also has this function, but it seems to actually protect the driver when the hatches are down.  This leads me to believe it is possible in the engine and it was just an oversight during the testing.

Hanomags are already death traps because of all the Tanks, AT Guns and AT Rifles all over the place.  Being able to snipe the drivers out regardless of whether or not the armored hatches are closed is just overkill.

Also, a slightly related question:  Are the Hanomag's MG's traverse correct?  The rear one seems unnecessarily limited in it's traverse especially...  If it's historically accurate to the vehicle, I don't mind, but I really can't figure out why the Germans would make the MG's field of fire so limited.  I can understand the armor on the forward MG restricts movement, but the rear one is just on a pintle mount...


So how the hell did that happen?  Why hasn't it been fixed yet?  Does anyone have a brute that can smash that guy over and over?  A higher level brute can fight lower level brutes within a certain bracket.

Are people really that desperate for pupils that they will hijack a website to get them?

General Discussion / About the boards...
« on: 06-05-2009, 15:05:09 »
Right now, the current system for user titles is that Special people (Devs, Forum Mods, and Admins) have special User Titles.  I'm not saying that we all need user titles, the little space for a comment (in my case, "Whatever happens, happens.") is enough for me.

The other issue is that there are currently only two tiers of "Member Titles," the ones tied to post counts.  Currently we have "Newbie" for anyone with less than 50 posts and "Jr. Member" for anyone with more than 50 posts (all the way up to Fuchs with over 600 posts, that dirty little spammer...).  I'm not sure, but I'm fairly certain the guys in charge (Forum Admins or whatever) can change the amount of posts needed to "advance" to the next level, as well as change what the actual names of the different levels are.  Maybe we could change the "tiers" to 25 posts->100 posts->250 posts->500 posts->etc (or whatever the guys in charge decide) and change the names so that they have something to do with Forgotten Hope.  I suggest the names of the tiers (at least a few of them) be FH inside jokes (like one tier could be "Grass Ninja," another could be "Ridable Wolf," maybe "Maus Hunter").  Or it could go more serious and maybe be Military ranks or something.

I just think the system needs to be refined from what I assume to be the impersonal defaults.  I know we're pretty well established here, but it wouldn't hurt to make this place feel more like home, right?

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