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Here is some feedback I have (mainly on the visuals):

Move the artillery somewhere else, so it doesn't shoot into the bush

Paint the ground with dirt texture

Same here

Also add dirt texture under the 88 and make the sandbags higher/bigger
Looks not very helpful as protection if they are tiny like that

Maybe you could add a dirt road leading from the street to the tents

Fix those ugly dark spots on the ground and if possible use multiple different ground textures for variation

The trench is way too bright

Move the wrack a bit, so it doesn't block the AT guns view so much

Maybe add some sandbags in front of it?

Flatten the terrain to fix the floating objects
Paint the ground with dirt texture

The ground should look more brown-ish, it's dirt after all
Also remove the dark spots, which are not acting as shadow

Flatten the terrain to fix the floating objects
Paint the ground with dirt texture

Flatten the terrain to fix the floating objects
Paint the ground with dirt texture

Flatten the terrain to fix the floating objects
Paint the ground with dirt texture

Again remove those random dark spots

Fix it!

The pickup kit is really hard to find in that corner

Move the truck spawn out of the bush

Make the round sandbag part as high as the rest

The church ruins need to be a lot longer, the house shouldn't be right there
There was also some branches sticking into the stairway of the tower

Other than that the map is really gorgeous already and very fun to play!

there are no new models and devs have nothing to do with this test.

In the French Hope forum are screenshots with new models, won't they be included?
And with "Devs" I meant the guys making those maps, not the FH2 mod team.

Still need a password.

 I wouldn't recommend waiting til last minute to reveal it.

 Later you hold back, the less participation.

 This is Saturday.

 This isnt some top secret government project, its just maps for a game.


Well it's not just 2 maps, but also a lot of new models (vehicles, weapons, etc.).
The Devs surely have a reason for the password.

I always loved to play the Germany vs. France maps in FH1, so I can't wait to play this!
And shooting some Polish insurgents should be fun, too ;D

I'm 19 now. Been playing since I was 17. I guess I'm just a youngster  ;D

I started playing FH around 2003 when I was like 13 or 14 and have been playing every single release since then. I'm 22 now. It's quite scary how quickly time passes now that I think about it :/

Panzerkampfwagen II
I love using it to escort other heavier tanks and mow down any approaching infantry or light vehicles. It's low profile and high speed also provide *some* safety. Well, and beside that it's so easy to get hands on one :D

You guys definitely got my vote :)
I really love the Hetzer and this model is so very well done!
Especially the 360° MG34 will surely be a lot fun to use and also save the driver from many rpg deaths ;D

Wonderful update, I really missed those teasing renders already!

And how fast the new car is comparred to the others, since it looks quite speedy? :o

General Discussion / Re: What has been updated?
« on: 11-01-2010, 21:01:46 »
You know what?
I am almost sure that what I´ll say will cause the rage of the players,but I think this update was unnecessary.
It have very few stuff,mostly new skins.Devs should have waited to release it after there were enough stuff in the new version.

I totally disagree.

Either you are blind and deaf or having way too high exspectations.

• The new maps are all very fun and give more map variation for regular players like myself.
• The new sound system is awesome, I was always wishing to have that in FH2.
• The new weapon handling is great, they feel even more nice to use now.
• And the new vehicles, skins and small additions are also lovely done.

So why are you asking for more?

And saying that it adds very few stuff is both untrue and rude to the Devs >:(

I just had my best moment ever two days ago on Anctoville!

I killed a Cromwell that was staying behind a small stonewall with my Panzerfaust 30 over about 100 meters.
It was really so lucky, since I had to aim really high ;D

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 09-01-2010, 23:01:30 »
Parachute FAIL ;D

Awesome update!

I'm so excited to play already with the new maps, sounds, weapon anims (Kev4000 :-*) and everything else ;D

And I wonder if the password will contain another Reichsflugscheibe like the Haunebu III...

Maybe something like /=:V-:R-:I-:L-1=\ ? :P

Suggestions / Re: Explosion Effects
« on: 26-12-2009, 00:12:05 »
It would be enough to make the Effect look like they actually explode (Ammunition Storage Hit?), so the dark Wrackage makes Sense too.

That combined with more realistic soaring Smoke/Dust would be so awesome!

Retexturing all the Wrackage Models would take way too much Time...

Suggestions / Re: Explosion Effects
« on: 25-12-2009, 22:12:15 »
Effects have improved a lot since 2.2, in my opinion.

When vehicles are now getting destroyed they just turn into a dark Wrackage with a few tiny sparks flying around. The effects I just saw in a 2.15 video looked better to me and that's exactly how I remember it...

Suggestions / Explosion Effects
« on: 25-12-2009, 22:12:27 »
I'm wondering if you Guys plan to improve the Explosion Effects any further?

The Vehicle "Explosions" now are less spectacular than the one we had before 2.2 and the Explosion Smoke (NOT the one from the Wrackage!) disappears way too fast...

Also the Ground Shell Impacts are nicely done, but the soaring Dirt/Smoke fades out too fast.

Well that's just my humble opinion of course, but I hope you get what I mean :P

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