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Suggestions / Re: Speed back the trucks!
« on: 10-09-2009, 12:09:26 »
In all honest, i think that players should use lorries and jeeps to transport troops to a friendly flag or at least close to one aslong as you know what your doing, but nobody in their right minds would drive a jeep or lorry/Truck in full plain view of an enemy tank or Anti-tank gun!, especially across a field where the enemy has a good killing field...i'd place a truck or transport in a woodland area at least your not spotted by enemy planes and also semi-camouflaged from enemy tanks and if you are spotted you can use the terrain to your advantage, especially useful for anti-tank infantry!.

What makes me mad, is when you actually hit an enemy player with say...5 or even 10 rounds and he doesn't die!, i know it could be that BF2 issue with the erm..hitbox thing...but it still makes me mad...

Also i hate it when you get teamkilled and the other guy doesn't say sorry, i mean when i teamkill someone its not intentional or on purpose, its only by accident but at least i say sorry!, i bet most of you might agree that some people are just downright mean and ignorant or rude when they accidentally tk you and never say sorry!?.

Tactics & Tutorials / Re: Being a "sniper"
« on: 10-09-2009, 12:09:25 »
Heres another tip, if you want to avoid being spotted or even killed try going into the long grass and use your binoculars to call in artillerey, i used this tactic on operation goodwood to some effectiveness, also use your smoke grenades and throw them in the direction of enemy fire so you can place yourself in a different position!, just becareful of enemy marksman or other snipers in towers..if your lucky the enemy sniper might not spot you..its a 50/50 chance of you surviving or dying!, but anyway i used this on goodwood to good effectiveness and managed to get to cagny East i think the one that has the church tower etc!..i used potholes (crates) to my advantage too!, also it helped when an allied armoured attack went into action to, so i guess they were kind of a diversion and helped me infiltrate cagny :P

im pretty sure some of you on the forums were in that match that saw this armoured attack happen? :P

Tactics & Tutorials / Re: being a "grunt"
« on: 10-09-2009, 00:09:17 »
i also don't like being infantry that much, i love my tanks too much! lol, but im not bad as infantry either, its just i get alot of deaths most of the time, either my tactics aren't right or im in the wrong place at the wrong time, but i still get some pretty decent kills though

also another tip if you are infantry, before entering a trench or a buildingor even crossing roads use grenades to kill whatever is inside the house/trench and use smoke grenades to help you move from A to B more safely, you probably already know these tips but i just thought i'd suggest them anyway :)

Tactics & Tutorials / Re: Being a "sniper"
« on: 10-09-2009, 00:09:55 »
Isn't turning the graphics down on BF2 kind of cheating abit, that you can see where enemies are, i mean 99% of the time i have my graphics on High because i like FH2 in all its glory, i think its stupid turning your graphics down just so you can kill enemies more easily, why can't people play the mod/game properly?.

Its abit stupid if your a sniper  and your hiding in a bush or near a tree and someone has his graphics turned down to Low, that means hes going to spot you...

Suggestions / Re: Hobarts Funnies?
« on: 09-09-2009, 15:09:05 »
well clearly normandy needs more maps?, i mean in real life these tanks (funnies) were used quite alot especially the DD tanks on the british and canadian sectors of the beaches and they were used to great effect!, it is only on the american sectors that they failed because the americans launched there DD tanks out too far from shore, thus sinking all of em except 6 which quickly got knocked out by enemy fire...and as for mine clearing tanks, i think it would prove effective ingame since most roads/bridges are mined by enemy infantry, i reckon a mine clearing tank could help friendly armour move up much more quickly to support their infantry colleagues...its nice to see that the AVRE will make it ingame, but how many times will this tank be'd need a map that has bunkers or a helluva lot of buildings for it to be effective, and it'd need alot of infantry and friendly armour support...

i have a few angry rants too!

I was sniping on luttich and goodwood, so i thought to stop germans coming up and killing me i'll plant some Anti-infantry mines, all goes well until one of my squad members spawns on me and then walks into one of my mines and then punishes me to a tk!, even if i didnt do anything wrong!, then he goes ahead and blows up the 2nd one i planted and punishes me for that aswell!!, same happend on both maps i was playing on!, also i accidentally shot one of our own guys (blue tag didnt show up) so i thought he was an enemy then it came up that i team killed someone, so i apologised because it was an accident and i get punished for a tk!?

i have to agree, why are most people in FH2 morons or noobs that punish you for anything that is clearly an accident!!?.

General Discussion / Re: Best 2.2 moments so far!
« on: 09-09-2009, 15:09:48 »
I really like the canadian/british achilles tank destroyer, its pretty awesome when your laying in wait for enemy tanks to go across your gun sights then you pop them in the ass with your 17 pounder anti-tank cannon, and then you can just withdraw and hit em from a different position, i wish people could put tanks into barns and ambush enemy tanks that way, but i suppose the drawback is, is that enemy infantry with anti-tank weaponry would kill

Suggestions / Re: medic ! ....medic ! ! ! ! !
« on: 09-09-2009, 15:09:23 »
Tbh medics in todays armies only carry a weapon to defend themselves, they donot use it to kill and fight on the frontlines...

also, most medics in normandy were sometimes shot by the enemy especially by the SS and sometimes the werhmacht, but i agree that medics should make an apperance in FH2, because if you look at Project Reality the medic is a pretty good class and has all the equipment he needs to revive and heal you!.

Suggestions / Hobarts Funnies?
« on: 09-09-2009, 15:09:05 »
While i was playing on FH2 2.2 i was thinking, why not come up with specialised engineering tanks to help the allies get over difficult obstacles?.

theres the churchill crocodile (flamethrower tank)
churchill AVRE (bunker buster)
Flail tank (good for blowing up mines)
DD Tank (could be used on a beach map such as gold or sword or even juno)

i was going to say a Churchill ARK which is a bridge laying tank but i doubt this would work with the BF2 engine, however i think the other suggestions i have suggested might work with the BF2 Engine..

So what do you guys think??

General Discussion / Re: Best 2.2 moments so far!
« on: 09-09-2009, 14:09:44 »
my best moments were in fh2.2 is when i camouflaged my sherman firefly on goodwood and took out a king tiger, and on operation totalize in a cromewell bagging a tiger from behind (some reason he didnt know i was there even though i kept shooting at his rear)

i also love the lee-enfield/springfield sniper rifles i managed to shoot a guy who was about to panzerfaust a friendly sherman :P

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