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throwing a grenade accidentally and killing one of your own team-mates even though you were actually trying to throw it at an enemy or it bounces off a wall and kills some of your team-mates and they punish you for team killing, even though it was accidental!, that is what makes me really angry too!.

Suggestions / Re: More maps like "OP Totalize" :)
« on: 18-09-2009, 23:09:43 »
If any of you have played Call Of Duty 3 for the consoles, it shows you the mace with the polish defending the top of the hill...i think the mace was during the falaise pocket etc....i think Caen would make a pretty awesome map with the british and germans having tank support "bit like arnhem from FH1" where you must advance cautiously through the streets and then you get ambushed, i'd love to play a map like that!. Villers bocage will be good too!.

Suggestions / Re: Flying physics in FH 2.2
« on: 18-09-2009, 23:09:43 »
All i want to say to a pilot is.."DO A BARREL ROLL!" :O!


General Discussion / Re: King Tiger and new Tiger I
« on: 18-09-2009, 23:09:28 »
The maus is not even in FH2 (2.2), it might be added if someone did a "What If?" map like if the germans had loads of secret weapons etc :P but other than that, i dont think its going to happen :P

General Discussion / Re: Motorcycles...
« on: 18-09-2009, 23:09:47 »
The allies had motorbikes aswell!, i remember seeing one in Band Of Brothers, i think they had harley davidsons or something i might be wrong lol....but im pretty sure the allies had motorbikes aswell as the germans did, because my great grandad was in the 8th army in africa and he sent orders to and from outposts etc...

Suggestions / Re: M3 Halftrack=.50CAL
« on: 17-09-2009, 18:09:08 »
i think the british brengun carriers should have armour piercing rounds too, they seem pointless in fights sometimes....i only say this, because you could upgrade them in CoH:OF, etc...but then again i might be wrong, but i did see on a documentry that brengun carriers carried flamethrowers too! and added vickers machine guns aswell!.

I was playing online last nite and i remember killing someone then he says "Fuck You Havoc" and im like, i don't even know this guy!?, either that or he was sooo peed off that i killed him, he was probably a camping whore or spawn killing our team..why can't some people just play fairly and fight for their team and not bitch about losing etc...WAR is WAR, i dont think the germans in real life were moaning that they were losing....or tkilling their own men!.

Suggestions / Re: The war 1939-1940
« on: 16-09-2009, 17:09:40 »
I'd love to play as the british early war years at the evacuation of dunkirk or something like that or Dieppe! those were really sweet maps that i played on for XWW2 for bf1942...

Off-Topic / Re: World War Two Songs
« on: 16-09-2009, 17:09:13 »
Or are you after nations songs like for germany you had the panzerlied song or songs from war movies etc??.

I agree whole heartedly, even i get angry when people don't say sorry for a tk..and those that dont say sorry obviously did it on purpose!!.

Off-Topic / Re: Guess the film
« on: 14-09-2009, 14:09:33 »
Im going to say Independence Day...

General Discussion / Re: FH pet hates.
« on: 14-09-2009, 14:09:15 »
People Grenade Spamming

People Who Bail Out Of Tanks And Not Letting You Get A Proper Kill (noobs)

Riflemen Who Fire From The Hip Even If You Fire At Them With A SMG + You Still Die!

People Who Spawn Rape 1 Flag And Camping It Till The End Of The Game!

People That Steal Your Tank As You Are Looking For Enemy Targets Or Enemy Tanks!.

Suggestions / Re: British Thompson Use
« on: 14-09-2009, 13:09:19 »
i think the canadians had the Johnson Light Machine Gun aswell, which was on liberation of caen map on vanilla BF1942, only wierd thing is, it kinda looks similiar to the FG42 lol...

anyways i would love to see the beach maps that way FH2 will have a complete invasion of normandy maps :)

Suggestions / Re: Speed back the trucks!
« on: 14-09-2009, 13:09:47 »
ya i know, i think in Red Orchestra (Darkest Hour) when your a tank commander you have binoculars at your disposal while you can look for targets from the turret which is pretty realistic...and about my cromewell/tiger engagement it did come up on the kills saying i was killed by a tiger and im pretty sure i wasnt killed by another tiger cos this was on operation totalize the canadian map...because i looked around for other enemy tanks, which there wasn't any so i went to flank the tiger, but it killed me without moving its turret all the way round to fire at me, unless he hit me with a lucky shot from the rear...

what made me feel proud was when i was on operation goodwood and i sneaked up into the church tower thwere 2 german snipers were and i knifed them both without me making a sound, and also where a german was following me and i layed an anti-infantry mine and he fell for it and died! and also spotting for artillery and watching it fall down on the enemy...

i feel so proud when i get kills and helping other people, it gives me that sense of duty and contributing to the war effort by helping my team win :)

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