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The problem is, i didn't recieve any error messages or anything, it just showed a black screen and "boom" straight to desktop, singleplayer runs fine, and its not a shader problem either, not that i have any problems fighting the AI but i miss the teamwork etc online :(

I've tried FH2 with the firewall off, tried loading an online server and it still crashes me!, please help me :( and my bf2 is the latest version too! :(

i know theirs been many topics like this or similiar topics about crashes to desktop but mine is quite wierd itself, i can play Forgotten hope 2 normally in local game like if i create my own server against the AI in Co-op or singleplayer yet when i try to join an online game, it crashes to the desktop, now i know its not a shader problem nor is my FH2 outdated i downloaded the latest version of FH2 and i have the latest patch for BF2, so i dont know what the problem could be and its definatelly not my specs on my machine either, can someone kindly please help me out here!?.

General Discussion / Forgotten Hope 2 Music & Trailer Music
« on: 13-05-2010, 16:05:56 »
hiya guys.

i was wondering where you guys managed to find the epic tunes for your trailers, as i really like the theme showing the germans parachuting onto crete or the british advancing in the desert!, could you please tell me where you found this epic theme?...

Suggestions / Re: Alternate History Maps Suggestion Thread
« on: 27-09-2009, 03:09:47 »
Operation Valkyrie would be awesome nice battle between werhmact and SS troops (basically if hitler was assasinated :P

Suggestions / Re: M45 Quad mount
« on: 25-09-2009, 03:09:21 »
the only problem with Static AA on most maps, is you must lure the enemy fighter or bomber into your airspace or near your hq where most of your AA is and i know this is a good tactic n all...but who the hell would follow an enemy plane into his Airspace where their flak can get you and possibly other fighters!?.

I really do think the allies should have some mobile AA to at least give them a chance, i mean armoured columns get ripped to shreds by dive bombing stukas by not having any air cover its a tankers worst nightmare hearing that siren first minute your alive, last minute you are dead!, allies must have new equipment in FH2 as the germans already have powerful tanks "which dont bother me by the way!" because they can still be just thinking most people are leaning more towards the germans than the allies :/

Suggestions / Re: Gun Jamming
« on: 24-09-2009, 03:09:35 »
i think you are getting this idea of guns jamming from the pc game S.T.A.L.K.E.R shadow of chernobyl or something, cos that game your weapons jam from time to time...

Suggestions / Re: M45 Quad mount
« on: 24-09-2009, 03:09:19 »
well i know this might sound off topic, but its like on red orchestra "Darkest Hour Mod" (also set in normandy!), that it seems that the germans get all the best stuff and yet when people suggest allied tanks or weapons or even an aircraft immediately people say "NO!", so it seems that most people prefer to see the germans with all the best stuff and only see the allies fighting with sticks and stones in my honest opinion, so im just saying there is nothing wrong with the allies having a mobile AA seeing that the germans have mobile AA themselves!, besides the british converted most of their crusader tanks with Anti-aircraft guns!

Crusader With Anti-Aircraft Guns!

i was only trying to be funny by inserting the radio commands sheeshh not my fault i can't come up with anything funny :/

You know you've played too much Forgotten Hope when....You Shout "MEDIC!!!"

You know you've played too much Forgotten Hope when....You Shout "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!"

You know you've played too much Forgotten Hope shout "TAKE COVER!!"

LOL! amen to that!

i felt really proud, when i was on pointe du hoc and me and my fellow clan mates SOE clan, managed to sneak passed all the german players and locate the artillerey guns and take them out :P

You know you've played too much Forgotten Hope when....You Shout "Requesting Reinforcements!" and yet you don't get any :P

You know you've played too much Forgotten Hope when....You Look Up In The Sky And See A Plane And Shout "Enemy Plane Spotted!"

General Discussion / Re: Best 2.2 moments so far!
« on: 18-09-2009, 23:09:33 »
Playing on pointe du hoc and shooting a german soldier off the cliff and watch him plummet to his death :D epicness! :)

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