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Hi Michael, I play over a LAN with my two friends and regularly play for the full two hours on Ogledow, Villers Bocage and Breakthrough at St Lo. The maps that have been released ( Russian front Maps ) recently all seem to work flawlessly.
Have a try.

Thanks. Are those user made or the official maps ?

But what I was really asking about is the CMP maps released on this thread.

Great stuff. This could bring back to FH gaming ;D

Which maps are stable ? Nothings worse for me than getting really stuck into a game only to have a CTD half an hour into it.

Yes. I was just being a pedantic arse really  ::).

Announcements / Re: Shush - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 07-08-2019, 15:08:57 »
Yes. Just my fantasy of turning FH into Sniper Elite 4 :D

Announcements / Re: Shush - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 04-08-2019, 21:08:11 »
How about selectable sub-sonic/normal ammo on the usual auto/single fire mode key ? The normal ammo wears out the silencer quicker but has increased range (should it be a "suppressor", or maybe they were called silencers in the 40's, anyway I'm being very pedantic). When the silencer wears out using normal ammo the weapon makes a lot of noise and you have to pick up a new one for a new silencer.

That's just silly. Look at the way Darman has done it.


I've played through every single FH map. Official, unofficial and everything else. I've noted down which one's are stable and which one's crash. Now I need to start debugging.

I have downloaded the Linux dedicated server with the version that matches the debugger.

So I start my Linux server on one machine and the debugger FH2 client on my Windows machine. I can see logs being generated on the Windows machine but only client logs.

If I start the debugger and begin a map from within the client it starts THEN I see server logs being generated.

I'm trying to debug by running the map on the dedicated Linux server as that is how most coop players would probably run it.

But does that matter ? Is the server client side basically the same ?

In fact Advance on Foy plays for ages when started on the client. When started on the dedicated server it soon crashes suggesting to me that there are some differences, but I don't know how much this matters.

I can test the map entirely by starting from within the Windows client (the debugshell), yet the problem for me is that I get all these buggy horrible psychedelic coloured corpse textures. I'm going to try installing a seperate BF2 installation patched to 1.3 (which is the debugger version) which should fix the issue.

Just want to fix these coop maps !

Developer Blogs / Re: Animation Content Update
« on: 02-08-2019, 10:08:34 »
Now I can crawl around in the dirt, while trying not to die, in style !

Michael Z Freeman, Copy the existing Ogledow to another folder. Delete it from your FH maps directory then. Copy the new one to your maps folder.

This is OK for solo players but not for people who play online and need the official map installed.

I did temporarily rename the official map to "ogledow_original" and played it but the dedicated server crashed after about a minute. Looks good form what I saw !

Looks great but, unless I'm doing something wrong, I have a name conflict. There is already the official directory for this map in there. I don't want to overwrite it and I don't think its as simple as just putting it in a directory with a different name. The name has to be different in the game menu as well. Darman usually names the directory "<original_name>_coop" and alters the in game menu name in some way.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Freesync and still screentearing
« on: 30-07-2019, 15:07:36 »
Can also other confirm for me that Freesync works for them in FH2 ? If this is true then I need to look at this problem again as I have tried multiple methods to get it working. I eventually assumed it was one of a few games that just don't work with Freesync for some reason, although according to the above this does not seem to be the case.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SUGGESTIONS FOR THE AI DEV(S)
« on: 30-07-2019, 13:07:25 »
They occasionally do IIRC. But yes, it is quite irritating.


Another thing is the repeated (automatic) firing of many tanks and AT guns ONLY in dedicated server games (not in games started in the client). I have still not got to the bottom of this and if its only an AI only thing. I've heard reports of this from people who play on internet servers but I'm not sure if those were coop or exclusively MP. There is some discussion about this on the BFSP forum

I'm slowly moving in on map fixes. I just found out that the FH2 debugger can be run as a dedicated server which I did not know. I thought it was client only. It's important to fix the maps in a Coop context in a MP focused game.

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 29-07-2019, 18:07:43 »

Door to Hell.

I've been finding it very frustrating playing as it's really a game of Russian Roulette with so many of the newer and "forgotten" maps. Just when you start immersing in the game ... BOOM ! CTD.

Really irritating.

So I suggest any new and even veteran players stick to the older maps. Especially the Africa maps which are rock solid. Then at least you get a full game rather than a CTD slap in the face !

It's difficult to have confidence in so many of the maps unless you really know they are rock solid. There really needs to be a list of confirmed good newer maps.

I'm marking CTD maps as I go along and will endeavour to use the debugger on them when I get to it.

EDIT:  I've been doing a lot of testing and most of the official maps are stable. See the list on this page. Many but not all of the custom and unofficial conversions, according to my tests, are not stable and need fixing. But now I've narrowed that down the task seems less formidable and I should have some fixes over the next few months, maybe sooner.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SUGGESTIONS FOR THE AI DEV(S)
« on: 26-07-2019, 21:07:00 »
I know there is now no official AI dev but I'm slowly playing through all the navmeshed maps marking the one's that crash. Eventually I will play those one's using the debugger to find out what is wrong.

Another problem I'd like to fix is bot's not firing from the shoulder with rifles. It just looks kind of silly and there must be a way of fixing it because other rifles such as the Thompson do get fired from the shoulder ...

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