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Guess what, I can access the website (I am on my home internet right now.)

What was the problem?

Thanks for fixing it, whatever it was!

Absolutely.  We use Comcast Business at work and it works fine, but not on Comcast Home at home.

I did the trace tests and apparently it was on the server/host's end, according to Mayhemic.MAD.  According to him, it did not appear to be a problem with Comcast, or on me end.

Very strange, I have never had an issue like this before with a "foreign" website.

I have tried my laptop, no good.

Phone can access on 3G but not while on wifi.

Still unable to access the website, except at work.

No difference when I switch to using Google's DNS versus Comcast's DNS.

Strange thing is that it works here at work.  Just a few miles away.  Essentially the same Comcast servers.

I will try that.  I am utilizing Comcast's DNS servers at home, but I am not sure what DNS server they are using here at work.

What I do know is that it WAS working at home, using the exact same DNS servers that I am currently.

I have submitted two screenshots to Mayhemic for the traces that he requested.

I will check this tonight, and then reply tomorrow with an answer.

General Discussion / Re: Cry Engine 3 = Forgotten Hope 3
« on: 17-12-2014, 15:12:05 »
Nope, game monitor's forum does not work for me either.

I see that the 762 #2 server is being played on now.  Odd how it goes back and forth between the two servers.  Both located in Germany for 100 players each.

General Discussion / Re: Adjust brightness through console?
« on: 16-12-2014, 23:12:00 »
No I have not, but I am in OK shape now.  It was just an old monitor that didn't get....very bright.....anymore.

General Discussion / Re: Cry Engine 3 = Forgotten Hope 3
« on: 16-12-2014, 19:12:59 »
Still, there have been many times I did actually log in to the game and found all of the servers empty, which is why I started to rely on the server monitor.  Even so, one server with ~30 players isn't exactly much of a community, unforunately.  I'm not sure what happened.  The FH1 days were absolutely booming.

I mean, Medal of Honor still had a large community.  I have not checked in since the Gamespy shutdown, though.  I'm sure that pretty much killed it.

General Discussion / Re: Cry Engine 3 = Forgotten Hope 3
« on: 16-12-2014, 16:12:50 »
Yes, but since I learned about the server monitor, I have been relying on that.

I never realized that it failed to show both #1 and #2 762 servers.

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