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Hey I just installed bf2 and FH2 fresh again.. After installing and spending 2 hours now getting everything downloaded and settled the servers keep kicking me for punkbuster issues.

This happened before and I just downloaded pbsetup.exe from punkbuster's main site.. Well, I downloaded it and I have updated my bf2 file to the most current version and I am still getting kicked. Do I have to choose the mod folder and update that as well or what?

I'm not entirely sure, but from what I can see from that screenshot and error message, it seems like you might be trying to install the 2.1=>2.15 patch.  If it is your first time installing FH2, you need the FH2 2.15 Full Install, not the incremental patch.

On this page, try downloading one of the "Full Download" files.  If you used the torrent, download the first one on that page.  The password for the .rar you get from the torrent is >>important-=-read-=-the-ReAdMe<<  You shouldn't need a password if you download it directly from one of the other links.

Hope you get it up and running soon.  I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with us on the battlefield.

I am pretty sure I downloaded the full files but I will try again.

And yeah, I was actually really looking for a WW2 type of game. I have been playing bf2 for 4 years and needed a change from Project Reality and vanilla... This way.. I can do it and have the great graphics of bf2 with the setting of bf1942. I will reply again if it doesn't work.

Edit: I just checked my firefox downloads.. I do in fact have 1.4.1.. but I downloaded the 2.0 to 2.1 patch :P

Hey I just reinstalled bf2 for like the 50th time lol... I patched to 1.4.1 (or whatever the most recent was, it wasn't 1.5).

I downloaded this mod loaded it up but I have a problem whenever I try to install it I specify the BF2 folder, I get an error "Patch failed the root directory doesn't exist" .. I have also tried specifying the mod to install itself in the mods folder.. same thing happens.. It errors out at 100% loaded.

What should I do?

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