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There used to be official stats at but I guess the devs pulled the server down since 762 ranking proved way more popular (and basically had a monopoly on FH2 playerbase for a long time since the death of HSLAN)

Agreed, I think the main issue here is the lack of spots...

That should be focus of the fix, not encouraging players to "game" the system.

I feel this is the kind of a situation where giving back some "gimmicks" to the commander might be a viable solution.

After all, in vBF2 the job of the commander was to strategically shell the flags after gathering info about enemy movements via the minimap/UAV/sat scan.

In FH2 commander has lost most of his purpose and has been reduced to providing situational arty and support on larger maps.

Being a commander is probably the most boring "role" in FH2 today (besides the "medic" but nobody actually plays that...) because you're reduced to staring at cooldowns, especially since there's the "no fighting commander" rule on most servers...

Now, I'm fairly sure this can be done relatively easily:

Replace vehicle drop with "spot drop / Artillery recon mission". Spawn (invisible?) vehicle that shoots one a "spot projectile" at the ground.

Then it's just a matter of balancing the cooldown on different maps...

I think there might be a way to use the UAV instead of vehicle drop for that but I can't really remember if PR has something similar...

Operation Hyacinth / Re: Operation Hyacinth 64
« on: 06-07-2019, 22:07:14 »
I think the Italian planes are now too easy to destroy on this map. I've seen whole rows besides the ones in hangar taken out by the Allied jeeps before Italians even had a chance to react...

Suggestion is to increase their health a bit, and maybe reduce the amount of explosives available to LRDG (they should now try to split in 2 groups, the north one should take sapper kits and try to bomb the tanks while the south one should take vehicles with MGs and try to destroy the planes).

Also, maybe the Italians should not have a spawnable AT grenade as they can TK their own planes/tanks with it...

Seelow Heights / Re: Seelow Heights 64
« on: 06-07-2019, 22:07:57 »
I second the opinion Allies need a bit of a buff on this map. Either stop the bleed when one of the last flags is taken, or reduce Axis tickets by 100-150 to give Allies a fairer chance of winning even if they fail to cap the whole last sector.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 30-06-2019, 21:06:10 »
is there a technical reason why deployable MGs don't have the freelook feature?
Yes, they have crouch ability instead, so you can hide when under fire.

Ah, I see your point, got confused for a bit because freelook used to be activated by the Shift key in BF1942 whereas it's Ctrl in BF2/FH2.

Maybe consider giving the 3rd person camera back to the deployable MGs? Or would that make them too OP because they would be too hard to take out?

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Advice for Private LAN Play
« on: 27-06-2019, 22:06:11 »
Basically, no. Most newer WW1/2 games are very multiplayer focused and bot support is often an afterthought.

Besides, nothing out there quite matches the scale and quality of FH1 or FH2.

There is a community made downloader for FH1 called the FH1 toolbox that should be you go-to point for anything FH1 related (fixes, mappacks, texture packs):

Don't know if it works on Win 10 as I haven't used it for a few years... But it worked quite good on Win 7.

Unfortunately they don't seem to provide an easy link for the server files so unless one of the devs or some server admin from CMP / old Forgotten Honor (the tournament communities) knows where to find them as a direct download you'll have to try to find it on you own.

Edit: there's the official dedicated server files on this site but I have no idea if the links (or even the files) still work:

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 27-06-2019, 22:06:11 »
is there a technical reason why deployable MGs don't have the freelook feature?

I'd love having the ability to look around without turning the whole gun (very slow with non 360 degree tripod mounts)...

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Advice for Private LAN Play
« on: 26-06-2019, 18:06:48 »
Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but you don't need to setup a dedicated server to host a local LAN game. Just select coop game mode and chose the map rotation and other computers on the same network should be able to see it.

However running a dedicated server might give you better performance and stability as you can set the affinity of the server process to run on separate cores than your game client.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Advice for Private LAN Play
« on: 25-06-2019, 18:06:24 »
1. They should probably do fine. Make sure you put the server on the one which has the highest single core frequency, as the old engines don't care about number of cores, only speed.

2. I find bots a bit smarter in BF2 but it's not really that noticeable. They still get stuck often and are lousy in following commands.

3. Both FH1 / 2 are quite stable up to Windows 7. On 10 I crash much more often but it might be the fact that I haven't reinstalled Windows in like 4-5 years on my current PC.

4. No idea about this. You probably don't need to install anything extra.

5. I believe there was / is a sound and texture pack for FH1 somewhere (check, the last home of FH1 community). I know there's one for FHSW and it's quite good, but FHSW doesn't have bot support so I'd recommend you bring your kids to the FHSW server on the weekend fight nights - 40 - 60 people gather there at times). For FH2 there's only some sound packs but I think they're all outdated. You can try installing ENB with some presets ... For vBF1942 there's this, if you can get it to work:

6. FHSW has a LOT more content than FH1 if you don't mind secret weapons and historical inaccuracies. It also has quite a few different gameplay mechanics including: angling affects armour penetration, different ammunition types, ability do duck when manning a mounted/stationary MG, working bomber bomb sights, working altitude meters for planes and many more I can't recall right now...

7. FH1 and FH2 are different beasts. The only common thing between them is the love for history. I'd say FH2 is a more polished, aestetically pleasing version of your first high school crush (FH1), you know the one you actually managed to marry and it has been a perfect marriage ever since  :D

As a Pole I'm against reusing old 2.0 map as it is a rather cheap move IMO (Poles thought against Italians in different sector).

Fair enough but given current manpower issues I'm certain many would happily overlook this "slight" inaccuracy.

Besides, how many variations of "defensive rings in mostly flat desert" can you think of?

I was actually thinking about it, as it should be a fairly easy map to make indeed, but I was convinced people would hate another African map (and another Tobruk to add to that!).

I believe people hate Africa maps because they're open, often bland looking and tanks and planes absolutely dominate them. Let's face it most people in FH2 play infantry, whether by choice or by force. And infantry fights are often boring in Africa. I'm sure people wouldn't mind a slightly more infantry focused Africa map ( but not a shoebox level like Tunis )

And why are you surprised exactly? I love most of the Africa maps and absolutely adore seeing often underrepresented nations featured in FH2  ;)

Suggestions / New maps made as variations of the old ones
« on: 25-06-2019, 15:06:01 »
It has recently come to my attention that FH2 features a few maps depicting locations where the battles spanned several months, sometimes even years.

Over the course of that time the battlefield often changed significantly, new units were brought to the front, as well as new equipment.

One notable example in FH2 is Siege of Tobruk. The map is not a very loveable one, because it features a frontal assault against very well prepared defensive lines. Leading to a very unique flavour of constantly being bombed by artillery and tactically retreating for the defenders.

I would like to suggest making a  variation of this map with reversed roles.

The Australians were eventually relieved in their trenches by, between others, the Poles, several months after the battle depicted in FH2.

Their uniforms can basically be made by reskinning the current British North Africa uniforms.

I suggest making it a night map focused on close quarters trench fighting. For example make the Italians dug in on the opposite side and maybe even an Objective mode map where the Poles need to destroy some radios in enemy territory?

It would be a welcome change from the currently often hated Africa maps with nowhere to hide from the "laser guns" from the sky.

It seems to me this kind of map should take less time to make as most of the assets and statics are already there, just need to strike a good layout for interesting gameplay.

What do you guys think? Opinions, suggestions are very much welcome!


Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SUGGESTIONS FOR THE AI DEV(S)
« on: 22-06-2019, 12:06:05 »

MY SUGGESTION: Add this python plugin to Coop/Solo to restore artillery and supply drops -

Excellent idea! I have recently reinstalled BF2142 and SP is much more fun when the commander is active

Sorry if I came out as too negative. I just wanted to state the fact that human communities die, with the passing of time. Both the physical, as well as the "virtual" like this one. It's inevitable but natural.

That's nothing to be sad about. In fact it should be a call to cherish what we still have, a more than 10 year old mod still being actively enjoyed by a decent number of people, while many others have perished (this includes both the mods and sadly, the people behind them).

But while there are still us, who hop on from time to time and enjoy the splendid work they've made they will never be truly forgotten.

So, keep playing, keep creating and keep remembering!  :D

I think the issue is... FH2's fate was sealed when it stopped "evolving". When a mod is "done" (talking in terms of gameplay, not actual content) it will only ever attract players already familiar with the games that offer similar gameplay (usually older games, as players will naturally try to find the next-gen game that offers the same / similar gameplay they are already familiar with).

That's how mods actually became popular in the first place, as previously new sequels of games from the same franchise did not come out almost every year and the only way to get "the game you love, but better" was to install a few mods to make it better).

Now in FH2's case that pool of potential newcomers has shrinked to a minimum. BF1942 / FH1 / BF 1943 / RO1 and its mods are all effectively dead and there will seldom be anyone new coming from there.

Unfortunately I have recently realized the "window" where FH2 can experiment with new gameplay options (introduce new game modes / refocus on different mechanics / try to attract a different audience) has closed.

Any changes now could potentially be devastating to the existing playerbase because "old fans" will not agree with them, and besides that the potential dev pool has also shrinked to nothing, which means there is effectively no manpower that could bring FH2 into the "next decade".

I believe the last chance was about 4 years ago when PR went standalone. That was the "last blaze of glory" of the good old BF2 engine. The devs missed that opportunity because they didn't want to risk having legal issues with EA. And somehow the cross-promotion with PR was also not very successful (or taken advantage of), although it did provide a small boost to player numbers.

So FH2 is destined to become the next FH1, eventually the community will take over and focus just on adding new fronts / maps and rehashing old content in previously rarely seen / unseen combinations.

Of course, it will still be religiously played (eventually only on weekends) just like FH1 / FHSW by a small contigent of die-hards and nostalgia seekers.

The only way out would be for someone to start working on FH3 and eventually attract new devs and new audience... That way the old community could move on, the old fans would come back and potentially new players would flock to the "next iteration" of the gameplay they all know and love.


Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 13-06-2019, 22:06:49 »
^ All I see is:

Damn this Rebel Nazi scum! ;D

To stay on topic:

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