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Suggestions / Re: Will we get an Arnhem map in 2.4?
« on: 09-09-2010, 13:09:18 »
Also, Operation Market Garden wasnt about Normandy invasion.

You are right, but market garden was the aftermath of the Normandy invasion and I dont think that the FH Team will give us an extra patch just for 3 bridges ;) So I think it would be topically best fit in addition to the Normandy theme due the great connection.

Suggestions / Will we get an Arnhem map in 2.4?
« on: 09-09-2010, 13:09:30 »
Hi lads,

recently I saw A Bridge Too Far and I can remember so much hours of playing the bf42 market garden map and - of course - the fantastic fh1 arnhem map.

Well, I am happy with the 3 new maps in 2.3, but can a normandy theme have no market garden map? I dont think so. may be this operation is generally overrated in the flow of the allied war machine, but I was one of the greatest known operation in WW II.

Therefore my question and ask for the FH II Dev Team: Are you (still?) working for an Arnhem map?

(I know that this question was asked many times before, but I feel that the Normandy theme is slowly "covered" by two major updates and I think the next great update will focus some other theaters like eastfront or pacific, so it would be nice to have an actual feedback ;) )

Community Polls / Re: What FH2 is/should be about?
« on: 21-07-2010, 14:07:31 »
I like the good mix betwenn history acc. and fun :)

Well, I dont need a tank with 3 guys just to roll somewhere (5 were realistic, werent?) , one guy is enuff. I want to have a good rifle and some explosives and then I am happy :D

FH1 was the greatest mod conversion I have ever seen (btw: it's not dead! every evening at least one full server!). Flying was fun (in FH2 it's not so much fun), battles at sea were fun (I really really miss this in fh2).

Realistic... that's a high aim. Realistic means you are sitting in a trench and are waiting for the enemy 96 hours... or you are just walking the whole day... that's the real face of war.

Map design is always non-realistic, but it's BF! We dont need a realistic map of some battles. Flags as important places are very unrealistic. Spawn system is very very unrealistic. But I dont care! I like the BF-way of war!  But I dont like the vanilla way of BF.

FH (1/2) is the perfect balance between arcade style and historical content. That's the way FH has to be :)

Tactics & Tutorials / Re: Is flying in FH 2 too difficult?
« on: 29-05-2010, 00:05:39 »
Zeimer's tactical doctrine =>
1. Stay high, dive deep, fly sideways or upside -down - for better view and unpredictability.
2. Strafe enemy stationary arty whenever possible.
3. when escaping, make jerky, unpredictable manoeuvres, that 7/10 lets you escape the pursuit, 2/10 lands you on a tree, 1/10 kills you, because your pursuit is just as drunk

That 1/10 is for me almost 5/10... the worst thing: if I try to escape I often dont see the real horizon and flying head-over... a horizon indicator would be good ;)

Tactics & Tutorials / Is flying in FH 2 too difficult?
« on: 12-05-2010, 03:05:05 »

in FH1 flying the planes was really easy, even with keyboard. You had a third-person-view behind the plane.

In FH2 I havent seen much good pilots; even in BFE-WaW our pilots are almost the same guys (for years now)? There are not much guys who try the planes for combats.

Sometimes I tried to test my pilot skills (desert maps), but even when I didnt crash my plane, it's not much as fun as in FH1. You have almost no view because of the realistic cabin view and the missing third-person-view. Dogfighting is a pain.

May be FH2 misses the right planes for newbies; being good at Stuka is not easy at the beginning, but I am just wondering about this "issue" since the start of FH2. May be I am just too bad? ;)

Port Bessin is looking A W E S O M E!!!

Is there a map with flags available now?

actually I miss for Normandy Omaha Beach, Arnhem + Market Garden and Liberation of Caen.

I just love city and big assault maps :D

Suggestions / Re: Spectator Mode on full servers
« on: 12-02-2010, 14:02:52 »
Yeah, this was a feature I missed very much at the bf2 start...

But there is a mediacore alternative: We at BFE-WaW use the BF2 spectator for our battles so everyone who's in the waitingroom can watch the battle from "outside":

General Discussion / Your favorite maps in 2.2?
« on: 06-09-2009, 15:09:36 »
Hi guys,

I am really surprised about the richness of details in the new maps. Beautiful normandy landscape, realistic cities, good melee fights, so much new house structures, so many many trees...

On many maps tanks arent anymore the overpower factor of all (like in the desert), infantry is again the queen of the battlefield (finally with piat etc) ...

   Falaise Pocket


   Operation Goodwood

   Operation Luttich

   Operation Totalize

   Pointe du Hoc (omaha-like)

   Purple Heart Lane

Announcements / Re: Forgotten Hope 2.2 Released!
« on: 05-09-2009, 22:09:47 »
Ionizer, after waiting years for fh: yes, I would wait another week!

This release is totally screwed up... release party? playing fh 2.2 at weekend? ...

even our bfewaw team couldnt give for waw members a good download... that's the way to annoy the fanbase to the deep.

well... according the torrent display I can play fh 2.2 in 8 hours... may be then I will have a better mood

Announcements / Re: Forgotten Hope 2.2 Released!
« on: 05-09-2009, 22:09:35 »
I am very disappointed. This wasnt a good start of a release!

One Day Annouce, one day torrent to the release. Why didnt you announce the release date with torrent file one week before? (like 2.1, 2.15 etc) There is no news at the RSS feed?

And only 2 direct links... omg... why not bigger plattforms?

I like the idea of torrent, but torrent is bullshit when nobody is seeding because of the short forerun... :-(

by the way: Why are there two (!) torrent files? very suboptimal!

Would you be mad? Honestly? I think Omaha has to be in for player counts sake. Normandy needs Omaha nuff said.

Normandy without Omaha... strange feeling ;-)

I dont like Pegasus. If you were unlucky this is a fucking spawn killer festival. Omaha is okay, you have many ways to destroy the bunkers or go into the valley. But Omaha depends on its realisation. May be we see another Omaha than the FH1 Omaha?

I am very ambitious for new maps. Remaking old maps is okay, but the focus should be on new maps :)

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